Mothers and Sons
Original Airdate: November 25, 1985


(the court is looking at security camera photos on a screen. A bearded man in a trilby and with a big scarf is threatening a young girl with a gun)
CHRISTINE: We compared the surveillance photos to mug shots of the defendant, Toby Carruthers, which we had on file. We then concluded that the subject in both photos was the same individual.
JASPER HUBBELL: And may we have the next photo, please.
CHRISTINE: Here we see the defendant striking Miss. Preminger across the left temple with his gun.
JASPER HUBBELL: Thank you, Sergeant Cagney. No further questions at this time.
OWEN KESSLER: What you're saying then is that my client here, Toby Carruthers, and that heavy set dingo slob we saw beating the defenceless teenager we saw in that indistinct photograph are the same person?
CHRISTINE: It's been five months since Mr. Carruthers was arrested. Anyone can lose weight and shape.
(Mary Beth looks across at Toby, clean-shaven, in the dock. Later)
MRS. CARRUTHERS: And Toby picked me up at seven to take me to the ice show. We went out to coffee afterwards. And we didn't get home until almost midnight. He was with me the whole time. ...I've even saved the ticket stubs.
OWEN KESSLER: Your honour, I have in my hand the very same ice show ticket stubs to which Mrs. Carruthers made reference. I would ask that they be marked as defence exhibit number three for identification. I have also provided Prosecution with a copy of these stubs.
JUDGE THOMAS: Mrs. Carruthers, are these they very same tickets that you were referring to?
MRS. CARRUTHERS: They certainly are.
JUDGE THOMAS: Thank you. Please mark as defence exhibit number three.
(Toby turns to look at Miss. Preminger who is sitting in the courtroom. Later)
MRS. CARRUTHERS: Toby's a good son. All I can think is that somebody made a terrible mistake.

[Courthouse corridor]

CHRISTINE: The mother. She blew us out of the water.
JASPER HUBBELL: Oh, I was ready for that, but our witness falling apart faster sliced bread. That's what surprised me.
MARY BETH: Maybe she saw Toby Carruthers at the defence table, and all she can remember is the thirty-eight smacking into her cheekbone.
JASPER HUBBELL: She was an Asian officer. She had all her emotions in check. New the details. We've got a good 'un.
CHRISTINE: Yeah, but she's the one that came off like a liar.
MARY BETH: She's a mother! We gave it a good shot, sir.
JASPER HUBBELL: Well, yes, er... Officers, you're gonna have to excuse me. I've gotta go and prepare for another trial in the track and field of justice. And then home for a little dinner and a round of gin rummy with my wife. It'll be better the next time, I hope. ...I always hope.
MARY BETH: Good night, sir.
CHRISTINE: Night. (after Hubbell has left) Let's hear it for the criminal justice system. Once again more criminals than justice.
MARY BETH: Oh, look on the bright side, Christine. At least tonight we'll finally get to experience that Harvey Lacey has greased the wheels and finally mastered spaghetti sauce.
CHRISTINE: Oh, Mary Beth, I can't...
MARY BETH: Oh, not again!
CHRISTINE: I'm tired. I'm not up to a family night tonight.
MARY BETH: Yeah, you never are. You've already cancelled this same date three times.
CHRISTINE: Well, I'm tired, I'm angry, I'd snap at the kids. I think I'll just go home...
MARY BETH: Oh, this is wonderful. Harvey has spent all day slaving over a hot stove. The sauce is already on the burner.
MARY BETH: He keeps saying... Thinking how happy he's gonna make his wife's partner.
CHRISTINE: Would you lay off?
MARY BETH: When I go in. When I say she's not coming. He'll say 'She hates our kids'.
MARY BETH: Atta girl.
CHRISTINE: I don't hate your kids!
MARY BETH: That's because you don't know them.

[Outside the Laceys' apartment]

CHRISTINE: They had been to an ice show?! Why didn't she just say they'd had an audience with the Pope?
MARY BETH: (knocks) Honey, we're here! ...She's gotta defend him. That's her son. (she knocks again) Harvey!

[Laceys' lounge/kitchen]

(the duo comes in. All the lights are out. Mary Beth switches the lights on and they look around)
CHRISTINE: Maybe he thought it was at my place.
MARY BETH: Ha. (looking in the bedroom) Harve?
CHRISTINE: Harvey maybe could have, maybe, ordered out.
MICHAEL: (coming in from outside) Mum! Hey, Mum! They done Harvey.
MARY BETH: They what?!
MICHAEL: The boy had a whip. Harvey took him! Started thumping him! The boy went boom! (indicating Harvey Jr. falling backwards) Just like that!
(Harvey comes in with his arm round Harvey Jr.)
MARY BETH: Oh my God! What happened!
HARVEY: He's fine! Fine! He's just got a few bruises!
(Harvey, Harvey Jr. and Michael all talk at once)
MARY BETH: Will somebody tell me what happened?!
HARVEY: Harvey Jr. was mugged. Lost a couple of bucks, but thumped it out until the other kids pulled a knife.
MARY BETH: Knife!!! (putting her hands round Harvey Jr.'s face which has the right eye blacked) My kid got...
HARVEY: He's all right, babe!
MARY BETH: No! No! This does not look like all right to me, Harvey!
HARVEY: I said that's where he took the punch. They put in a couple of stitches at the Emergency Room.
MARY BETH: (to Harvey Jr.) You took this kid on over money?! Are you crazy?!!
HARVEY JR.: It was only five dollars. It was mine! He didn't have a right to it.
MARY BETH: Right!! What right?!!! You could be dead!! You stupid, stupid thing!
HARVEY: Christine, would you like peace and... (to Mary Beth, taking her by the shoulders and moving her into the kitchen) How would you like it done to you?! I am so sorry about your spaghetti. Now tell me, how is the baby?
MARY BETH: The baby is fine! My oldest son, however, almost got himself killed today! (to Harvey Jr.) You are staying in this house for one month!
HARVEY: Honey, that's a little tough. The kid handled himself like a man. Bottom line is that he is all right!
MARY BETH: Bottom line, he could be dead! Well this is perfect. There's no clean dishes here! Perfect!
(meanwhile Chris is with the boys in the lounge. Mary Beth rants on. There is the sound of crashing pans)
CHRISTINE: (to Harvey Jr.) Are you gonna tell me how bad the other guy came off?
HARVEY JR.: I don't really know. I just feel dumb.
MICHAEL: Harvey's gonna get back at him.
HARVEY JR.: Shut up and leave me alone!
(there is another crash from the kitchen)

[The boys bedroom]

HARVEY JR.: Mum, I told ya, I never saw this guy before.
MARY BETH: Good. Even then, if you never see him again, tomorrow morning, first thing, I want you to go to the Principal and report what happened. Do you hear me? And from now on, you will never, I repeat, never ...put up a fight for money.
HARVEY JR.: Hey, come on, Mum. Do you mean I've gotta be chicken?
MARY BETH: No, I mean you've gotta be smart. You hide your money different places. That way you don't lose it all. (Michael comes in and sits on his bed) Michael, I asked you to go in the other room.
MICHAEL: Dad's in there. He's asleep on the couch. (as Mary Beth gets up to leave) Mum, where's the baby gonna sleep?
HARVEY JR.: Where do you think? With us.
MARY BETH: Wrong, Harvey. The baby will sleep with me and your father.
HARVEY JR.: (looking at Michael) Oo! He's lucky.
MARY BETH: 'til he's older. And then ...when we get a bigger place. Later. Then he'll have a room of his own.
MICHAEL: Me too?
MARY BETH: Yeah, you too. (to Harvey Jr.) Now you finish your homework. And remember what I said. There's things you have to fight for in your life, but money's not one of them.

[Lacey's kitchen]

HARVEY: Yeah. A little self-defence is good for the confidence. I was thinking of taking him down to The Y.
MARY BETH: You're going to teach him how to box. Is that it? A little right jab here. A couple of left jabs there.
HARVEY: Yes, that's right. A little confidence is good, when you're gonna handle a bully.
MARY BETH: This is a mugger, who uses a knife! He's after money. What are you gonna teach the kid? How to hold his guts in? When his belly's been split open? I've told those kids before. You give it up, you stay alive.
HARVEY: Ah ha. You keep on giving it up every day for the rest of your life. You know the way you talk, it sounds that you think it's the kid's fault.
MARY BETH: No, of course not! I'm saying you don't fight for money at all.
HARVEY: You fight for what then? Honour?! ...Territory?! ...The American way of life?!
MARY BETH: I can see where you're going with this, Harvey, and I'm not joining in.
HARVEY: Wait a minute. You are not talking logic here, Mary Beth. Our child's territory was invaded. Just like a country. You don't think America fights for money? Well what about those big oil companies' interest in Vietnam? What about bananas? You think we'd be sending our troops into Latin America if those big companies didn't want to hang onto their fruit trees?
(Harvey goes to the sink to resume washing up)
MARY BETH: And now are in outer space, pure and simple. I'm talking about our kids' survival in Queens, not American foreign policy! If the kid listened to you when he walked out the door, he wouldn't know if he was going to school or joining the Marines!
(there is a crash in the sink)
HARVEY: Well, you can really hit the nail on the head sometimes. I'm here standing here doing the dishes and it hits me. What do I know about this, huh? You're the cop. You deal with crime every day. Me, I potter around, waiting for somebody to want a new wall-to-wall, new-look kitchen. You know how a man should behave on the streets. You do it every day! So, look, I will stay out of the way! You teach the kid how to become a man! If he listens to me, he is gonna wind up unemployed, with an apron around his waist!
MARY BETH: Harve, you're between jobs, that's all. There'll be another one.
HARVEY: (walking away from the sink) I'll finish these in the morning.
MARY BETH: Oh, hey, honey, we know better than this. Harve Jr.'s all right. That's the important thing. Right?
HARVEY: Right. Good night.
MARY BETH: (shouting after him) You're not unemployed!

[Detectives' Squad room]

COLEMAN: You should have gone sooner.
PETRIE: I couldn't go sooner.
COLEMAN: I was thinking of taking my wife to Miami. Now I can't afford Coney Island.
ISBECKI: (seeing Newman coming in) Nice jacket, Newman.
NEWMAN: (indicating the jacket) You can touch it if you like. You guys have paid for it. Sharp style. Howard Roballo'll be wearing it in a couple of years.
COLEMAN: Somebody should warn Roballo.
NEWMAN: Anytime you high rollers want another game, please let me know. I could use another winnings count.
ISBECKI: (to Petrie) Do you believe him?!
PETRIE: No. I never thought I would meet a worse winner than you.
CHRISTINE: (coming in) Good morning.
MARY BETH: How ya doing?
CHRISTINE: OK. Petrie's still marching through Georgia. I'm all right. How's your family doing?
MARY BETH: OK. A little quiet maybe. He went to school as usual.
SAMUELS: Cagney. Lacey. Sorry to hear we lost the Carruthers case. You two did a lot of good work down there. But I've got another one here for you. No complaints, please, Sergeant Cagney. The Apollo Messenger Service is missing a couple of bicycles. This looks like a ticked off ex-employee has copped them. Check it out.
CHRISTINE: Oh, Lieutenant, we've gotta catch up after a couple of days in court. Can't we have another case that's a little more, I don't know, uplifting?
SAMUELS: Uplifting? You want uplifting? Take an elevator. Look, this guy's business may not be important to you, but to him it is a very big deal. He doesn't care whether you're stimulated by your work today or not! He wants his bicycles back! You got that?
So go get 'em!
MARY BETH: Yes sir. As soon as we've filed the last of the Carruthers report, sir.
ISBECKI: (coming up) Can I talk to you, Cagney?
CHRISTINE: Not right now, Isbecki. I gotta crack a big bicycle ring.
ISBECKI: I've got a proposition for you. It'll just take a minute.
CHRISTINE: No. Take a second. No.
ISBECKI: (sitting down) Hey, Chris, we really miss you at the poker game. (she looks at him) No, I mean it!
CHRISTINE: Sure you do. I wiped all of you out.
ISBECKI: We didn't have a foursome. We had to resort to Newman.
CHRISTINE: That creepy little jerk?!
ISBECKI: Yeah. I've never seen any... Look, I've been thinking about the first time you played with us.
CHRISTINE: (smiling) Yeah. Good game.
ISBECKI: Yeah, you were terrific. Pretended you didn't know how to play the game. You really suckered us.
CHRISTINE: Yeah. Great game.
ISBECKI: Do you wanna do it again? You can sucker Newman. You turn on that wide-eyed, innocent look in the first game. ...After that. Bam! You sting him.
CHRISTINE: Let me get this straight. You big boys want me to hit on a little twelve-year old over there with the fat fingers?
CHRISTINE: You gonna bankroll this?
ISBECKI: Sure. We'll even throw you down some extra dough.
CHRISTINE: I want thirty percent of all my winnings.
ISBECKI: Thirty percent!
CHRISTINE: Fifty percent if I let you live it down.
ISBECKI: (as Chris goes to get up) OK. OK. Thirty percent. You got a deal. (Isbecki moves off. Chris gets up with a smile on her face. Isbecki comes back) Coleman told me to tell you, there's some guy out in the interview room. Says it's urgent. Something about the Carruthers case.
CHRISTINE: What happened to business first?
ISBECKI: Business was first.

[Interview room]

(Chris comes in. Mary Beth is already there with the man who is talking to her)
MR. CARRUTHERS: People don't care about consequences anymore. They don't care about other people.
MARY BETH: Yes sir. Wouldn't you like to sit down, sir?
MR. CARRUTHERS: A man tries his hardest to make a good life for his family. He sacrifices whatever he has to, and it all blows up in his face. Turns to garbage. You know what I mean?
MARY BETH: Yes sir.
CHRISTINE: Excuse me. You wanted to see us about the Carruthers case. Is that right?
MR. CARRUTHERS: That's right. That's right! It was awful, him being let off like that. (finally sitting down) Set loose. It shouldn't happen. He'll never stop. He'll never learn like that. He'll just keep on hurting other people and I can help you change that.
MARY BETH: Well, that would be good, sir. Bur maybe we should start with your name.
MR. CARRUTHERS: Carruthers! Jacob Carruthers. I'm Toby Carruthers father.
(the duo looks aghast)

[Samuels' office]

(he comes in looking at two files and followed by the duo)
SAMUELS: He was cleared by a jury. He can't be touched. Double jeopardy.
MARY BETH: Jacob Carruthers is ready to testify that his wife lies habitually for her son.
CHRISTINE: Mrs. Carruthers covered for him in a fruit stand robbery two years ago, the father said. The Grand Jury judge threw out the trial for insufficient evidence!
MARY BETH: The Leo Burnett case, sir.
SAMUELS: Now you two are talking about an armed robbery that happened ...two ...years ...ago. That trail's cold by now! On the other hand Mr. Joseph Farazi, the owner of the messenger service had his bikes ripped off last night! How about him!!
CHRISTINE: How about giving it to Newman?
SAMUELS: What!!!
CHRISTINE: Well, why not? Lacey and I, when we were green, we got all the boring cases.
SAMUELS: Forget it, Cagney! (to Mary Beth) Why don't you sit down? (to Chris) Now where was this conscious stricken father when you needed him?! Huh?!!
CHRISTINE: Apparently he thought his son should be thrown in jail for the case. Imagine that.
MARY BETH: With due respect, sir, Toby Carruthers is a violent man. He broke three bones in that girls face on this last job. The father coming forward is a gift, sir. Now with the old case, it looks like we have a witness. Please sir, maybe we can lock this man away. ...For a long time, sir.
(Samuels nods his head)
CHRISTINE: Lieutenant, I think...
SAMUELS: (holding up his hand to Chris) Please!!! (picking up the files) I'll tell you what, I'm gonna give you three days, and that's it, no matter what you get, it's over.
MARY BETH: (as he gives her the files) Yes sir. Thank you, sir.
SAMUELS: First I want you to see this man about his bikes. If that's all right with you, Sergeant Cagney.
CHRISTINE: Of course, ...Lieutenant Samuels.
SAMUELS: That's reassuring, ...Sergeant Cagney.
MARY BETH: (as Chris walks out admonished) Thank you very much, sir.

[Detectives' Squad room]

CHRISTINE: (when Mary Beth has closed the door to the office) Oh, thank you so much, sir. Pathetically smug in there with 'Oh please, sir', 'Why it's like a gift'...
MARY BETH: Good manners, Christine, never go out of style. (handing Chris the files) Especially when you want them.

[Garment District premises]

(Mrs. Carruthers is pressing a garment)
MRS. CARRUTHERS: I've got nothing to say to either one of ya.
MARY BETH: Mrs. Carruthers, we understand your loyalty to your son.
MRS. CARRUTHERS: My son is innocent. The jury said so. You've got no business bothering here at my work.
MARY BETH: We wanted to talk to you about another robbery, ma'am, that happened about two years ago. You might remember. A sixty-five year old Korean gentleman was beaten up and he identified your son as the man who robbed him.
MRS. CARRUTHERS: Well he was wrong. My son ...was with me.
(Mrs. Carruthers continues pressing)
CHRISTINE: Say, can we turn this off? So we can talk.
MRS. CARRUTHERS: No we can't. It's fixed!
CHRISTINE: Oh, sorry, I'll move over here where we can hear each other then. Perjury is a very serious offence. If we prove...
MRS. CARRUTHERS: You're not gonna prove nothing! My son does not go round robbing and beating up people. He's my only child. You think I don't know my own son?
MARY BETH: Yes ma'am. (the duo looks at each other) Thank you, ma'am.

[Alley in the Garment District]

CHRISTINE: That woman is just as criminal as her son.
MARY BETH: A mother wants to protect her child, Christine. I mean, it's hard to know where to draw the line sometimes. You start by making excuses for little things, maybe, and pretty soon it gets out of hand. That kind of love can push you around.
CHRISTINE: Well, at least the father had his head screwed on straight.
MARY BETH: Oh, the father's so down on his own thing, it sounded like he wanted to lock him up instead. I mean, the mother is a different story. She thinks the boy has wings. Now think what that does to a child. Two people pulling in different directions.
CHRISTINE: That's easy for you to say, Mary Beth, you've got two good kids. You are lucky. It works. What if the third one turns out differently? Do you ever see the bad scene?
MARY BETH: (gasps) That's a terrible thing to say!!! That's like putting a curse on my baby!!
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, I was just...
MARY BETH: Take it back!
CHRISTINE: I take it back!
MARY BETH: Thank you.
(Mary Beth moves off)
CHRISTINE: (following) I'm glad you're not over-reacting.
MARY BETH: (turning) You said something?!
CHRISTINE: Do you remember when we used to talk about me being friendly with the boys. How you said we were always happy and mellow.
MARY BETH: I did not say mellow. Blissful was what I said.
CHRISTINE: Blissful? When was that?! The second time last year? The third?
MARY BETH: The fourth.

[Lacey's front door]

HARVEY: (knocking on the bathroom door) You better step on it, honey. We're gonna be late for the night class. (there is a knocking at the front door) Just a minute! (Harvey opens the door. There two uniformed officers there) Yes sir?
OFFICER JOHNSON: We're looking for Harvey Lacey.
HARVEY: That's me.
OFFICER JOHNSON: The Harvey Lacey we want to talk to you is fourteen.
HARVEY: That's my son. What's up? What's wrong?
OFFICER SANTIAGO: We've got some reports that your son was involved in some major property damage.
HARVEY: Who are these reports from?
OFFICER JOHNSON: We need to speak with your son, sir.
HARVEY: Whoa, whoa. I am going to have to have a little more information here first.
OFFICER SANTIAGO: Your son could be in a lot of trouble here, mister. Don't make it worse.
HARVEY: Hey! Whoa! You take it easy. Don't be threatening this family here. Who do you think you are, accusing my boy? You got a warrant? Have either of you guys got a warrant? ...Then get to hell out of here!
OFFICER SANTIAGO: Are you trying to talk yourself into a trip downtown?
HARVEY: For what!! For what! Name it! Get out of this house!
MARY BETH: (coming up with wet hair and in her dressing gown on hearing the commotion) Hey, hold on. I'm Detective Lacey, Fourteenth Precinct. Would somebody tell me what's going on here?
HARVEY: Yeah, I'll tell you what's going on. These guys are out of their heads. They can get out of here right now!
MARY BETH: (to the officers) Do I know you? You're Johnson, Al Johnson. Used to walk a beat in Manhattan. Am I right?
OFFICER JOHNSON: Oh, yes ma'am.
MARY BETH: Detective Lacey?
OFFICER JOHNSON: I'm sorry. I should have recognised the name. But your husband did come a little strong there.
MARY BETH: Harvey, let me talk to them a minute, huh?
OFFICER JOHNSON: I hate to bother you at home, but someone threw some bricks at Mr. Lomas's store about four blocks from here. Some broken glass. Some TV sets vanished. Could come to a lot of money.
MARY BETH: You think my son is involved?
OFFICER JOHNSON: The owner's filed a complaint. Look Detective, you talk to your son. Tell us if... Anything. Well, give us a call. We'll sit on this a couple more days.
MARY BETH: Thank you, Officer Johnson. I'll do that.
MARY BETH: (as she closes the door) Thank you.
(Mary Beth turns and looks at Harvey. He walks away)

[Laceys' lounge/kitchen]

HARVEY JR.: I ...didn't
MARY BETH: Were you hanging around Mr. Lomas's store today?
HARVEY JR.: I don't know who Mr. Lomas is. Why would I do that?
MARY BETH: I don't know. I was hoping that you could help me understand.
HARVEY JR.: Mom...
MARY BETH: Harvey, this is a family. Everybody here loves you. You can talk to us. You can tell us the truth.
HARVEY JR.: Mom, I told you, I don't know what you're talking about. Now why don't you believe me? (there is a long silence) Don't you have to go to your baby class?
(as they are putting on their coats to go out)
MARY BETH: I don't want to talk about it, Harve.
HARVEY: If he says he didn't do it, he didn't do it.
MARY BETH: Harve,...
HARVEY: You're not paying attention. Case closed.
(he gives her a kiss and they go out)

[Precinct room]

(the poker game is in progress)
NEWMAN: See you a quarter. And bump you a dollar.
CORASSA: I'm out.
CHRISTINE: (looks round and looks at her cards) If I want to stay in the game, I put in a dollar?
NEWMAN: That's right.
CHRISTINE: Bm, bm, bm,
(she continues bm-bming)
NEWMAN: What are you gonna do?!
CHRISTINE: I'm gonna bump you a dollar!
NEWMAN: Bump is only when you raise. Are you gonna raise? (more bm-bming) Cagney!
CHRISTINE: Well I don't know! I was gonna raise a bump here! And you keep confusing me when you change the terms on me!
NEWMAN: Just put in a dollar! (she does) That's right. Anybody else?
ISBECKI: (to Newman) Your move.
NEWMAN: (to Chris) That means you called me. I've got a ...full
CHRISTINE: (beaming) Diamonds and hearts ...all the same colour.
DETECTIVE: It's all the same colour but it's only a pair of sevens.
ISBECKI: Tough luck, Cagney.
CHRISTINE: That's not a good hand?!
NEWMAN: Maybe you stop now and save some of your money.
CHRISTINE: Don't you patronise me, Newman! Just shut up and deal! I'm gonna bump. Or whatever it is you do.

[Laceys' bedroom]

(Mary Beth is trying to get to sleep)
HARVEY: Two thugs blue uniforms (Mary Beth stirs)...barge into our home, and you take their word over your son's.
MARY BETH: (sleepily) I didn't say that, Harve.
HARVEY: Why would he throw bricks through a TV store window, for God's sake? Why?! What happened to motive?
MARY BETH: I don't know. I'm tired.
HARVEY: I wanna know why the whole world is badgering our son all of a sudden. Maybe they thinks he's Al Capone, right? Next week he's flying off to Peru to pick up some heroin.
MARY BETH: Oh, will you quit flying off the handle! I'll take care of it tomorrow.
HARVEY: You and them cops, eh? I'll stick with Harvey Jr.
MARY BETH: Oh, damn it, Harve, it's not a matter of sticking with anybody.
HARVEY: Oh, yes it is, Mary Beth. 'Faith' and 'Loyalty' are family words. Words that mean you care about what's inside your home first before anything else. Before your job. Before being a cop. I hope you remember to be a mother again before this next one is born.
MARY BETH: Oh, that's nice, Harve. (getting out of bed) That is very good.
HARVEY: (as she picks up the pillows) Where are you going?
MARY BETH: I'm going to sleep. (taking the top bedclothes) Alone!

[Detectives' Squad room]

CHRISTINE: (coming in) Hey, Newman, getting nervous? Got yourself a little competition now, huh? Did you see me draw that full home in the last game?
NEWMAN: House. Full house.
CHRISTINE: Isn't that what I said? Anyway, I want my thirty-eight bucks back. You better save me a chair at the next game. (throwing her arms wide) And this time I'm gonna clear the room!
NEWMAN: Table You clear the table.
MARY BETH: (as she walks out with Chris) Aren't you laying it on a little thick?
CHRISTINE: There's not a man alive who thinks a woman can play properly, let alone think poker.
(Newman watches them leave)

[Squad car]

CHRISTINE: Do you think these Korean guys will remember Carruthers?
MARY BETH: Well, we will find out if we ever get there. (as an articulated lorry pulls across the road) Oh, will you look at this?! Perfect timing. Chris, as soon as we're finished I'd like to take my lunch hour and go to Queens. OK?
CHRISTINE: It's a long drive for a sandwich, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: No. It's er... Harve Jr.'s in a little trouble. I thought I'd go up there and talk to somebody. (as the driver unloads from the lorry) Is this guy taking his own sweet time or what?
CHRISTINE: At his school?
MARY BETH: No, a complaint's been made. (yelling at the driver) Do you wanna speed it up, mister?!
DRIVER: Hold your horses, lady. You'll get there.
MARY BETH: No thanks to you, fella!
CHRISTINE: So, what's going on?
MARY BETH: Oh, it's nothing. There's some broken windows. He says he didn't do it, but every time he says he didn't do it, he has this look on his face. Completely blank. His eyes look like big plates. Like a suspect in a line-up not trying not to look like themselves. He's acting like a criminal.
MARY BETH: (blowing the horn and shouting at the driver) This is a public street here!
DRIVER: Give us a break will ya, lady!
MARY BETH: Break? I'll give you a break.
(she blows the horn continuously. The driver leans on a packing case. Behind there is a traffic jam)
MARY BETH: You crumb bum!
CHRISTINE: You know, Mary Beth, sometimes you have to consider all the evidence that is available.
CHRISTINE: My brother, ...Brian. An angel. He wanted to tattoo my Storybook Doll. It was the fairy princess doll too. So we got into this tugging match, you know. And all of a sudden he just lets go. Took a bite right into his own arm. I mean, he cut right into it. Drew blood too, I think. Then suddenly he's just goes running off and he's crying to my mother. He lied. I got my behind tanned. I was black and blue. I was grounded for two weeks. Mum believed him. ...See what I mean?
MARY BETH: I don't think that Harvey Jr. knows anybody as demented as Brian. I hope he doesn't know anybody as demented as your brother.
DRIVER: (banging on the bonnet) Hey lady, you better move your car, you're holding up the traffic.
MARY BETH: (shouting) Hey! Hey, you touch my car again, you smart mouth, and I will personally eat your son up for lunch! (showing her shield as the driver gets in his cab and waves) Police right here, you smart mouth! (to a vendor who tries to sell her a bunch of flowers) You are in danger ...and you don't even know it! Get out of here!
CHRISTINE: You're right, Mary Beth. Good manners never go out of style.

[Manhattan street outside the fruit stand]

GUM SUM KANG: The robbery was a long time ago. My father is all well now. t doesn't matter anymore.
MARY BETH: Ma'am, your father is not the only one this man beat up. There were other victims and other robberies. And anything that you can remember might help us.
GUM SUM KANG: My father is the one you should talk to. He was the one who was hurt.
CHRISTINE: Yes, we understand that, but according to our reports your father's ...English was poor. And we're looking for a more exact description.
GUM SUM KANG: No! No! Ever since the robbery he has been taking English lessons. (her father comes to join her) He wants to be a citizen. These lady policemen want to talk to you about the robbery.
DOO KOO KANG: Robbery?
GUM SUM KANG: (in Korean) Robbery.
DOO KOO KANG: Ah! I remember. (to the duo) I remember.
CHRISTINE: (slowly) Well, we need a better description than what we had before.
DOO KOO KANG: Long time ago.
MARY BETH: We realise that, sir.
DOO KOO KANG: Many language classes still. Citizen too.
MARY BETH: Good for you.
(Doo Koo Kang and Gum Sung Kang laugh)
CHRISTINE: About the robbery?
DOO KOO KANG: Ah ha. Big man. Manigo? Ringo? Quite tall.
CHRISTINE: How big? Six feet?
DOO KOO KANG: Maybe too high.
CHRISTINE: Could you identify him from a photograph?
GUM SUM KANG: My father already identified him. But attorney said the man had an alibi. They were afraid my father's testimony would not hold up in court. My father's English was not so good then. Not like now.
MARY BETH: Our records show he stole an antique gold pocket watch.
DOO KOO KANG: Yes. A watch. Gold from many years ago. Name inside.
MARY BETH: Yeah, the inscription 'Doo Koo Kang, Seoul, 1953'
CHRISTINE: Well, er, thank you for your time. And if you or your father think of anything else (giving them a card) you give us a call.
MARY BETH: Thank you.
DOO KOO KANG: (as the duo goes to leave) A second. (he gives an orange to Mary Beth) Fruit for baby.
MARY BETH: Oh, thank you!
(Mary Beth nods. oriental style. Doo Koo Kang nods back. The duo walks off down the pavement)
CHRISTINE: OK, we're back to square one. Now if we're gonna crack this we're gonna have to focus on the mother.
MARY BETH: Oh, let's leave her out of this, Chris.
CHRISTINE: What is it with you and that woman?! Are you related or something?
MARY BETH: I understand what she's doing, that's all.
CHRISTINE: Oh, you do?! When was the last time you stood up in a court of law and lied to somebody? (Mary Beth doesn't reply) That was different.
MARY BETH: Why? Was it because it was in the line of duty or because I was lying for you?
CHRISTINE: She's a perjurer, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: And I would have been to! If you hadn't have stopped me. I was protecting somebody I care about the same as her.
CHRISTINE: No, it is not the same thing. It is not! Her lies have hurt a lot of people. Including that young witness whose facial bones you were so worried about yesterday.
MARY BETH: All I'm saying is I'm seeing the mother's motives. ...And could we go to Queens now?
CHRISTINE: If it's all the same to you, Mary Beth, I don't wanna drop this case right in the middle of the day.
MARY BETH: Well, right this minute the only thing I can think about is my own!
CHRISTINE: We've got two days, Mary Beth, and this kid is out there right now with his gun, probably pointing it someone else's face.
MARY BETH: All right! All right! I'll drop you off. I will go to Queens and I'll pick you up at the Precinct in one hour.

[Queens street]

(as Mary Beth pulls up in the car, shouting can be heard)
HARVEY: (to Lomas outside his TV store which has a boarded up window) I know my kid! He would not do anything! ...Give me a reason! Just give me a reason!! That's all I'm looking for. A reason!!! (Lomas goes inside. Harvey sees Mary Beth and strides across to the car) What are you doing here?
MARY BETH: (getting out of the car) The same as you.
HARVEY: Mary Beth, that man will not listen to reason. He insists our kid broke his window! (shouting towards the store) My kid would not do that!!!
MARY BETH: Harvey, Maybe I should talk to him. Maybe...
HARVEY: (shouting towards the store again) I'm telling you man!!! (to Mary Beth) I'm telling you that man is so worked up, he doesn't know what he saw!!
MARY BETH: Er, well, if the man is insisting that Harve Jr. was involved...
HARVEY: He is wrong. What are you doing?! Looking for evidence against your own kid!
MARY BETH: I'm looking for the truth.
HARVEY: The truth!! You can here it in your own house. Listen to your son! You don't need to go all over the neighbourhood pumping strangers!
(Mary Beth goes to say something as Harvey stalks away)

[Laceys' bedroom]

MARY BETH: (making the bed) Harvey, do you remember when he was eight years-old and we sent him down to the store for his first blueberries we could have pancakes? And he ate almost all of them on the way home? And he stood in that kitchen with hands and face all covered with blueberry juice. Shaking his head. 'No, I didn't do it, Dad' Honey, I'll swear you, he's got that same look on his face as he did then. 'I didn't do it, Dad' You wanted to fight him.
HARVEY: I guess I've been a little touchy, eh? Maybe...
HARVEY: Oh, give me a break, Mary Beth, I haven't had a job in three and half weeks. It gets to a guy.
MARY BETH: Harvey, we both work. Even-Steven. Your jobs come in lumps. That's all.
MARY BETH: Anyway, you've got all the looks in the family.
HARVEY: Right.
MARY BETH: Yeah. Harvey Jr. gets all that from me.
HARVEY: (as Mary Beth sits down beside him on the bed) He's not guilty until I see the blueberry juice. OK?
MARY BETH: (taking his hand and kissing it) OK.

[Carruthers' lounge]

MR. CARRUTHERS: I was proud of being a father.
MARY BETH: Yes sir, I'm sure you were.
MR. CARRUTHERS: You can understand when he did something that was wrong, why should I have a son that anybody'd be ashamed of? When I see the people that he's hurt.
CHRISTINE: Er, you said that your son lived here with you.
MR. CARRUTHERS: Yeah! (pointing to a folded-up bed) He had a cot over there. We had a deal. He worked for me, and I'd give him free room and board. A little extra. Part-time. So he could get another job, but, no. No, he stopped working. Just er, slept here a couple of days a week. You know, it's not a crime to be raised poor. I was. Out in Little Arkansas. You worked out there, by God! Or the family didn't eat.
MARY BETH: I understand that, sir.
MR. CARRUTHERS: You grew up with rules. The way you should behave. Lived by The Commandments. And that's what mattered. My father used the belt on me plenty of times. 'Spare the rod and spoil the child' he said. ...He was right.
CHRISTINE: Mr. Carruthers, did your son, Toby, leave anything. Anything that would help us.
MR. CARRUTHERS: Nah! Nothing. Just some trash, books, disposable items. I threw it all out. Except this pocket watch. (the duo gets up in anticipation) I don't know what it figures. ...Here. I know he never bought it.
(Chris looks at the watch and hands it to Mary Beth)
MARY BETH: Well, this is a big help, Mr. Carruthers.
MR. CARRUTHERS: He just couldn't take it. He stayed a baby. Ran to his mother. She'd scream if I ever touched him. Treated him like he would break. That boy came between us. Ruined our marriage. ...I'm so ashamed of him.

[Garment District premises]

MRS. CARRUTHERS: It's not true.
CHRISTINE: Mrs. Carruthers, we have a gold watch that the robbery victim has already identified. It is the same gold watch that your son gave his father.
MRS. CARRUTHERS: He's turned on his only child. It's a crime that his blood runs in Toby's veins. We finished with him a long time ago! He's still trying to ruin us.
MARY BETH: He's trying to stop your son from hurting somebody else. He could lead a decent life. He could become a man that you'd both be proud of.
MRS. CARRUTHERS: My son knows more about being a man than his father ever knew! He takes care of me and I take care of him. We love each other.
CHRISTINE: (as Mrs. Carruthers walks away) Wait a minute. Mrs. Carruthers, wait a minute. We are not asking you to betray your son. We've already got all the evidence we need. We're trying to get it right. But if you go in that court and you lie on the witness stand again, then you will be charged with perjury.
MARY BETH: What happens next time? When Toby goes robbing and beating in some girl's face. Are you gonna cover for him when he kills somebody? ...How are you gonna feel having a murderer for a son?! (Mrs. Carruthers goes back to her pressing) Mrs. Carruthers!
(she ignores Mary Beth. Chris shakes her head and walks out. Mary Beth pauses before following)

[Corridor/lift in Garment District premises]

CHRISTINE: Tough lady.
MARY BETH: That's a lonely lady. Never let the child out of her womb. The boy didn't have a chance.
CHRISTINE: Yeah. She's still trying to protect him, too.
MARY BETH: Well, protecting should be easy for her. I wouldn't have to think. I'd kill for my kids. Just letting 'em grow up and get hurt, that's not so easy. You carry them in your body nine months. Your heart pumps the same blood. Some piece of them is always gonna be with you. Letting go. That's the hard part. ...I know, Chris, he's lying to me. I can't prove it and I know he is. He threw those bricks.
CHRISTINE: You can always turn him over to the general authorities. They'd scare the hell out of him. Smack his hand. Send him home on probation.
MARY BETH: Now what does that do to him? He gets hauled in. He gets a lawyer. He gets a lot of attention. Some social worker listens to him. Wham! Bang! He's out the door.
CHRISTINE: You don't want him locked up, do you?
MARY BETH: No. You meet these kids every day. They've been busted five or six times. Makes 'em look cool to their friends. Doesn't cost them anything. No good.
CHRISTINE: So, what are you gonna do?
MARY BETH: I'm gonna talk to Harve.

[Laceys' lounge]

(Mary Beth comes in)
HARVEY: I sent Michael down to Mrs. Tamakis. I put Harvey Jr. in his room. Alone at last, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: The last call I had before I left work was from Precinct House in Queens. The description of the other kid ...that threw the brick at Mr. Lomas's store fits Harve Jr.'s good friend, Tommy Aquinus, up and down. Nice, cool Tommy. 'This is Detective Lacey', I said. 'Put the fear of God into him'. He told them the whole thing was Harve Jr.s idea. To get back at Jake Lomas, who is the owner's son.
HARVEY: Get back at him for what?
MARY BETH: Jake Lomas is the one that stole his money. And busted his head. Now Harvey Jr. told us he didn't know the kid. So, (sitting down on the settee beside Harvey) he didn't only lie to us once. He's been lying the whole time.
HARVEY: (after a long pause) You're right.
MARY BETH: (with a tear running down her cheek and her voice breaking up) Oh, I didn't wanna be right, Harve. I wanted to believe that he didn't do it. And now I want to pretend the whole thing didn't happen. (another pause) No, I didn't mean that. I just wanna able to trust our son again ...and let them trust us. ...And I don't know what to do.
(Harvey gets up and goes to the boys' bedroom)

[Precinct room]

(Chris is sitting looking a pack of cards and with a pile of gaming chips in front of her. Newman comes in)
CHRISTINE: Hey, hotshot, come on in and have a seat. I didn't think you'd show up, now the stakes have been doubled and all.
NEWMAN: Well, Cagney, I think it's good of you to try to play, that's all.
CHRISTINE: Right. Feeling sorry for me and all.
NEWMAN: No. it's that I hate taking advantage of my position, that's all.
CHRISTINE: What position's that?
NEWMAN: Being practically a friend of the family. Call me sentimental, but after hanging out with your dad and hearing what a great gal you are...
CHRISTINE: When did you know my father?!
NEWMAN: Yeah, Charlie is a terrific guy and, you know, he's quite a talker after he's had a couple of beers.
CHRISTINE: Wait a second!
NEWMAN: (imitating Charlie's voice) 'Newman' he tells me 'there's not a woman alive that knows more about poker than my Chris'.
CHRISTINE: (making a sarcastic smile) You are low, Newman.
NEWMAN: To be honest, Cagney, I'm disappointed. I guess you just don't have what it takes.
CHRISTINE: What it takes?! The news is good, Newman. The game is on and it's triple the stakes.
NEWMAN: (sitting down) You ...are a pleasure.
CHRISTINE: Keep it simple. Just you and me. Do the other guys want...
NEWMAN: I told them not to bother.
CHRISTINE: I'll tell you why. It's sad to see grown men cry. Do you want to do it head to head?
NEWMAN: You wanna do this?
(she shuffles the pack of cards expertly and cuts bottom to top with one hand and slaps the pack on the table)
CHRISTINE: Cut to deal.
(Newman looks a bit worried. They cut. He shows a king. She shows an ace)

[The boys bedroom]

HARVEY: (shouting and pointing to posters on the wall) Just because your music is stinking up the airwaves and every damn movie star of this world these days does it, there is no reason for you to do it! You wanna do something, you've gotta earn it. And you're gonna start by paying for the damage you did. The super is gonna give you two dollars an hour every day after two.
HARVEY JR.: I've got basketball practice!
HARVEY: You've got nothing until you've fixed your mistake!!! You are off the team until Mr. Lomas is paid back in full!!
HARVEY JR.: That's not fair!!
HARVEY: (approaching Harvey Jr.) Don't talk to me about fair. Lying to your parents. Upsetting your mother. That's not fair! The world is not your oyster, kid. Not yet. You've got a lot of proving along the way before you've got the right to tell me what's fair. Your mother and me, we are telling you!
HARVEY JR.: I was doing what you told me to do! I was sticking up for myself.
HARVEY: Harvey, (sitting down beside his son) let me tell ya. When you defended yourself against that punk in the schoolyard, that took guts. But throwing a brick through a man's window and running away, that doesn't take guts. That's the act of a coward. Harve, I'm real mad right now. I believed you. ...I believed you because you're my son and I raised you to know your family. To know what we stand for. ...If you don't learn this now, you're never gonna get it. ...This is what it's all about, Harve. ...Love. ...Respect. ...Honour. ...That's what you've gotta learn ...before you can call yourself a man. (a long pause) Do you understand me?
HARVEY JR.: (after a long pause and nodding his head) Yes sir.
HARVEY: Let's make a new beginning here. Go and see your mother. ...Tell her you're sorry for how much you hurt her.

[Laceys' bedroom]

(Mary Beth is sitting on the bed. Harvey Jr. comes in)
HARVEY JR.: I'm sorry.
(Mary Beth stretches out her arms and he goes to her and she embraces him. Harvey comes in)

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