Ordinary Hero
Original Airdate: October 7, 1985

[Laceys' bedroom]

(at 06.29 Harvey reaches across Mary Beth to turn off the alarm. He pecks her cheek a couple of times)
MARY BETH: Hi ya. (he gives her a kiss. They giggle. He puts his ear on her tummy) What are you doing?
HARVEY: Listening to baby.
MARY BETH: Nothing to hear for a month yet.
HARVEY: Not my kid. My kid's smart. ...There! It's there. Did you hear that? Huh?
MARY BETH: Yeah. That's my stomach rumbling. I'm starving.
HARVEY: I'll tell you what. You stay right there. I'll make breakfast for us. Blueberry waffles. Eggs easy and bacon. Strawberries and cream. Mm?
MARY BETH: Harvey, do you know what I'd really like?
MARY BETH: A four-minute egg and a piece of rye toast.
HARVEY: Four-minute-egg? (getting up) A four-minute egg. Mary Beth, I would appreciate it if you got some strange cravings like other women.
MARY BETH: (as Harvey goes to the kitchen) OK, honey. Harve.
HARVEY [OC]: What?
(Mary Beth smiles to herself and then shouts to Harvey to 'whip up' some strange American breakfast and then laughs)

[Restaurante Ticino]

ISBECKI: (at a table looking at the menu and talking quietly, as if to himself) This is a pretty interesting menu, Marcus. (a waiter, Eduardo 'Eddie' Carrena, serving the next table looks round) Except it doesn't have the usual English translations. ...Seen Cagney, yet?
EDDIE: Are you expecting somebody, sir?
ISBECKI: No. (Eddie goes off. Talking quietly again) This is a nice place. I might bring somebody here for dinner myself. (he has a mini walkie-talkie which he is holding by his thumb inside the menu) Marcus, what the hell is 'cala marie con ajo'?

[Manhattan street]

PETRIE: (into a min walkie-talkie) Calamari, Victor. That's squid with garlic.

[Squad car]

(Mary Beth is listening with a mini walkie-talkie on the rear-view mirror. Isbecki reads out another dish)
PETRIE: (on walkie-talkie and smiling) Snails from the sea.

[Restaurante Ticino]

ISBECKI: (looking out of the window to where Mary Beth is parked across the street) Here she comes.

[Manhattan street]

(a white van pulls up ahead of Mary Beth and Chris appears between them)
CHRISTINE: (wired) Here he comes, boys and girls. Your basically friendly purveyor of counterfeit jeans. Give me a couple of minutes to take the vibes before you move in. Remember the magic words boys. 'Got any with hand-stitched pockets?'.
GARTH: (comes round the back of the van and shouts to Chris) Come on let's go!
(Chris heads after him)

[Squad car]

MARY BETH: (into walkie-talkie) Stay ready, Marcus. She's got enough bruises.
(Chris is helped into the back of the van and Garth joins her and the shutter is pulled down. There are two other men in the van. Isbecki comes out the restaurant. Eddie comes out with a take-away order and heads down the street)

[Inside back of van]

(she inspects a pair of jeans)
CHRISTINE: Can't believe it. It looks just like the real thing. Nice. Very nice.

[Manhattan street]

(suddenly a woman is heard screaming. She's being mugged for her handbag. The mugger makes a thrust to her body and she sinks to the ground. Mary Beth gets out of the car and Isbecki runs towards the woman. The mugger runs off without the handbag)

[Inside back of van]

CHRISTINE: Got any with hand-stitched pockets?

[Manhattan street]

MARY BETH: (to the woman) Hey! Can you hear me. I'm a cop.
(Eddie runs back and joins Mary Beth. Eddie, Petrie and Isbecki head off after the mugger)

[Inside back of van]

CHRISTINE: My clients are gonna love the hand-stitched pockets.

[Manhattan street]

(Mary Beth organises two passers-by to assist the woman. She has taken her coat off and tells one to press it to the woman's body and the other to use the woman's handbag as a pillow. She goes to the car)
MARY BETH: (into radio) Car twenty-one. Request an ambulance at 8th and Mercer. Repeat 8th and Mercer.

[Inside back of van]

CHRISTINE: Have you got any others with hand-stitched pockets?
GARTH: How many times have I got to tell ya? What you see is what you get!
CHRISTINE: Well, I sure love the hand-stitched pockets.

[Manhattan street]

MARY BETH: (into radio) Ten-four.
(Mary Beth looks at the back of the van apprehensively)


(Eddie grabs the mugger as he tries to climb a fence. Eddie, hanging on to leg of the mugger, gets a beating. As the mugger breaks free, Petrie wrestles with him and then Isbecki takes over and starts to give the mugger a pummelling|)
PETRIE: Victor! ...Victor! (pulling Isbecki off) Enough!
(Petrie cuffs the mugger. Isbecki goes to Eddie. A patrol car arrives)

[Inside back of van]

GARTH: How many pairs are you gonna buy? How many?!

[Detectives' Squad room]

CHRISTINE: One hundred pairs of ...Diwali jeans! (looking at Petrie and Isbecki) And no cop. (pointing to the office) What do you suggest I tell Samuels?
PETRIE: Tell him your troops deserted you.
CHRISTINE: I'm still stuck with one hundred pairs of jeans!
MARY BETH: (coming up) The lady that was stabbed. She died.
PETRIE: Oh, man...
ISBECKI: Good grief.
MARY BETH: Yes, it's...
ISBECKI: Why did she put up such a fight for her purse anyway? She should have let it go.
MARY BETH: She'd just cashed her social security cheque.
PETRIE: Well, at least we've got the guy who did it. Thanks to that waiter.
ISBECKI: Yeah, Eduardo Carrena. He was great, wasn't he? That perp was twice the size, beating the hell out him. And that little guy held on.
MARY BETH: And he didn't hesitate. Not for a second. He saw a stabbing. Took off after the guy. Not many people would have done that.
CHRISTINE: He doesn't sound like a New Yorker.
(Chris breaks out laughing)
MARY BETH: No, I'm serious here, Christine. I think Eduardo Carrena deserves some recognition for what he did. He helped us catch a murderer. And he risked his own life doing it.
CHRISTINE: What do you wanna do? Give him a medal.
MARY BETH: Yeah! That's exactly what I wanna do.

[New York City Hall auditorium]

(the New York Honors Day ceremony is in progress. The duo is sitting in the front row with Eduardo Carrena's wife, Adelita, and two young children. Petrie and Isbecki are farther back)
MASTER OF CEREMONIES: For outstanding heroism and assisting police officers in the City of New York, Eddie Carrena.
PETRIE: Eddie!
ISBECKI: OK, Eddie baby!
MARY BETH: (to Chris) Isn't this terrific?
CHRISTINE: Very moving.
ISBECKI: Makes you kind of proud. Like it's you're a kid or something.
PETRIE: I know what you mean.
MARY BETH: (to Adelita) Senora. Felicitations. Su esposo es un hombre muy valiente.
ADELITA CARRENA: Gracias, senora.
MASTER OF CEREMONIES: For meritorious service to the City of New York, Christopher L. Foot.

[Outside New York City Hall]

(Eddie is being interviewed for TV)
JOYCE BARON: You must be very proud, Eduardo.
EDDIE: Oh, yes.
JOYCE BARON: You're Americanising yourself. Good for you. Now where are you from originally?
EDDIE: (hesitating) We lived in Detroit for a little while. And then we come to New York.
JOYCE BARON: Eddie, you risked your life in order to apprehend a killer. Can you tell us why?
EDDIE: Wherever I live I'm gonna try to make it a better place.
JOYCE BARON: This Joyce Baron together with Eddie Carrena, Honors Day, nineteen eighty-five. (to the sound man and camera man) OK boys, let's get this one in the can. (to Eddie, shaking hands) Thank you. And good luck.
EDDIE: Thank you very much.
(he greets his children)
MARY BETH: (shaking his hand) Mr. Carrena, on behalf of the Fourteenth Precinct I'd like to thank you for what you did.
EDDIE: Thank you very much. Everybody is so nice. But I don't think I'm so special.
MARY BETH: Oh, yes sir. you are. You're a real hero.
EDDIE: Well, ...maybe I think I'm ...just an ordinary hero. Yes?
MARY BETH: Good luck, huh? Take care of each other.

[Samuels' office]

(the four detectives involved are there)
SAMUELS: Forty dollars a pair for a label on the pants.
ISBECKI: I agree, Lieutenant, I don't care what's sewn onto the pants. It's what's poured into the pants that interests me.
(he looks at Chris)
SAMUELS: Well, the City of New York spends a small fortune on counterfeit designer jeans and not one damned pair is gonna fit me. It would be nice if we could make a few collars, you know, just to balance things out a little bit.
CHRISTINE: You know, Lieutenant, this guy, he saw cops just crawling out of the woodwork during the first stake out. Personally I think he's suspicious. Maybe we should send this whole thing over to the OCCB.
SAMUELS: Oh! Nice try, Cagney. Nice try. Sure. Yeah. Pants are the tough one, you know. Just to make sure you don't spoil your conviction percentage. Huh?
CHRISTINE: (innocently) Would I do that, Lieutenant?
SAMUELS: Come on, Cagney! Now you have already spent too much of the precinct's money to cut and run now! I want you to set up another drop with this fence, and this time, ...nail 'em!!!
CHRISTINE: Yes, Lieutenant.

[Manhattan park]

(a dealer, Mr. Phong comes up to the duo)
PHONG: Do you know how risky this is? There are millions at stake in the counterfeit designer clothes rackets. If they find him before you, they cut him up.
CHRISTINE: Yeah. We understand, Mr. Phong.
PHONG: You don't understand.
CHRISTINE: You're right, Mr. Phong. I was wrong. All right. It was just some bad luck. (looking at Mary Beth) It won't happen again.
PHONG: You had the trader. Isn't it ...Sergeant Cagney?
CHRISTINE: Sergeant, that's right.
PHONG: Well, Sergeant, he who hesitates, meditates ...from a horizontal position.
CHRISTINE: Do you wanna help us out here or not?!
PHONG: These jerks cost me a thousand dollars a week in sales! You know, I used to sew fake designer clothes for two dollars a day in a sweatshop. So, are these jerks gonna put me out of business here in America.
CHRISTINE: We'll fix it Mr. Phong. Are you gonna help me out, or shall I just get someone else? Just level with me.
PHONG: All right! But you better know who you're up against or we're all finished.
MARY BETH: We'll find him, Mr. Phong.
PHONG: A fake business won't be enough to fool him anymore. This time they wanna meet you at your own boutique.
CHRISTINE: How am I supposed to get a boutique?!
PHONG: That's your problem! Listen, just call me when you find a shop. I'll contact him then. But only then! Hey, otherwise it's royal waste of time.
CHRISTINE: (walking away) Well, thank you, Mr. Phong.

[Squad car]

MARY BETH: We're gonna have to ask Samuels for the rent for this place.
CHRISTINE: Oh, come on, Mary Beth, he's not gonna give us another nickel for this thing. And where are we gonna get the merchandise?
MARY BETH: We could clean out your closet. You've got enough stuff to fill a boutique.
CHRISTINE: Great exaggeration.
MARY BETH: Except it's a fact.
CHRISTINE: Shall we get in the water here or do you have a better suggestion?
MARY BETH: Yes. Let's figure it out over a glass of milk.
CHRISTINE: OK. I'll treat.
MARY BETH: Oh no, Christine, that's not necessary. Just because you've got a closet like Marie Antoinette doesn't that mean you always have to treat.
CHRISTINE: Where do you...
MARY BETH: Mr. Carrena's one?
CHRISTINE: That almost twenty-five blocks from here. For a glass of milk!
MARY BETH: Christine, the man is our only witness. We should see if he's received his subpoena yet.

[Restaurante Ticino]

HEAD WAITER: Are you two all right?
MARY BETH: Could you see if Eddie Carrena's available please?
HEAD WAITER: I'm sorry, but that's impossible.
CHRISTINE: I beg your pardon.
HEAD WAITER: Some immigration agent saw Eddie last evening. They came in here and took him away.

[Laceys' lounge]

(Harvey in his pyjamas comes in. Mary Beth in her nightshirt is in the lounge moving furniture around)
HARVEY: Mary Beth, it is two AM.
MARY BETH: Harve, what do you think of that sofa?
MARY BETH: I'm trying to figure out what we do when the baby comes. I'm thinking we need a sofa-bed. (indicating the window alcove) It would come in here. We'd get rid of that coffee table, and that table goes here and this one goes there. Heat sink goes over there, and the bookshelf goes... What do you think we should do with that bookshelf, Harve?
HARVEY: Mary Beth, the baby will sleep in our room for a while. After that we will just get a bigger place.
HARVEY: Right. Now will you just stop playing interior decorators. OK?
MARY BETH: (moving a lamp off before moving the coffee table) I'm not done, Harve.
HARVEY: Now will you just stop lifting this stuff! This stuff is heavy. Would you please come to bed?
MARY BETH: Harvey, I'm trying to work something out.
HARVEY: Let me tell you what you're trying to work out! What happened to Eddie Carrena is not your fault.
MARY BETH: What about his wife and kids? Think how afraid they must be tonight being separated like that.
HARVEY: Mary Beth, you cannot make it all better tonight.
MARY BETH: Harve. I tried everything I could think of to locate Eddie Carrena. They said maybe he was still in process, whatever the hell that means. Do you think they've shipped him back already?
HARVEY: Honey, you could not help what happened.
MARY BETH: Harve, if I hadn't of decided that he needed some stupid medal then the INS would never know that he existed. I will have to find him.
HARVEY: Not tonight. OK? ...Not tonight. (he gives her a kiss) Come to bed. ...OK? Hm?

[INS interview room]

(an INS officer, Dalton, is there with the duo)
DALTON: It looks like you folks got here just in the nick of time. It would have been bad news if I'd have blown your case for you. We were just about to put him on the bus to the airport and send him home.
DALTON: Chile.
CHRISTINE: You guys work pretty fast.
DALTON: The whole process takes three days. Oh, by the way, he'll still have to spend his nights here even when he's testifying to the Grand Jury.
MARY BETH: No bail?!
DALTON: No chance. Besides, we're doing you a favour...
MARY BETH: You can't deny him bail!
DALTON: Look, Eddie knows we're shipping him back to Chile as soon as he testifies. Now if we let him go on his own recognisance, you'll never see him again. And your killer will be walking the streets. (to two guards) Bring him in. You've got ten minutes.
MARY BETH: Mr. Carrena, sit down. ...Please.
(he goes over to the barred window by the Stars and Stripes)
CHRISTINE: Hello, Eddie.
MARY BETH: Is there something that we could get for you ...or anything that you need?
EDDIE: Did you tell them?
CHRISTINE: About what?
EDDIE: About my wife ...and children.
MARY BETH: We wouldn't do that to you.
EDDIE: You are the police.
CHRISTINE: That isn't part of our job.
EDDIE: (taking out a cigarette and lighting it) I am sorry.
EDDIE: It's just that I'm afraid.
MARY BETH: We understand.
EDDIE: Do you? If I go back to Chile, they will kill me.
EDDIE: I was a member of La Vicarķa de Solidaridad, a labour union. All we wanted to do was to make things better for us. There was a lot of trouble. We had to leave the country. We can never go back there. Terrible. When we come to this country, I said to Adelita 'Here we are gonna be free!'. ...But I guess there is not enough to go around. There's just not enough for everybody.
MARY BETH: That's not true, Mr. Carrena. But sometimes we have to fight for it. Now, a murder trial takes months. ...Months. And we have plenty of time to find you a great attorney. Christine here has a lawyer friend. I'm sure he knows some experts (Chris looks aghast at Mary Beth) in the immigration field...
EDDIE: I don't have money to pay.
MARY BETH: Well a lot of these men work pro bono. 'pro bono' means 'for good'. Er. it means they work for nothing. And if we can't get them to do that, we'll figure out a way to pay for it. Mr. Carrena, you have friends here. There is hope. ...Isn't that so, Sergeant Cagney?
EDDIE: Thank you, my friends.

[Russell Phelps' office]

PHELPS: That's right. Normal bail procedures don't hold for illegals. They're not citizens, so they don't possess our civil rights.
MARY BETH: Well, what if the trial goes six, seven months? A year!
PHELPS: That's what we call tough luck. If the immigration judge wants to, Eddie'll spend every one of those nights in law court cells. ...Locked up.
MARY BETH: He has a family.
PHELPS: Well, they can visit him.
MARY BETH: They can't visit him in an INS detention centre. They're illegals also.
PHELPS: Things are tough all over. What can I say?
CHRISTINE: Hey, the trial will buy the kid time. Right?
PHELPS: Time? Look, labour certification takes two to three years. Of course that's a useless strategy to pursue in that you have to be able to prove that there are not enough qualified Americans to fill Eddie's job. Now that may work with er, aerospace engineers. But waiters, no.
MARY BETH: He can't go back to Chile. He might get shot.
CHRISTINE: Look, what about political refugee status?
PHELPS: That only works for people running away from our enemies, not our friends.
MARY BETH: Let me understand this. Getting shot by our enemies is not OK. Getting shot by our friends is OK?
PHELPS: Look, I'm just a lawyer and I'm telling you, they're never gonna grant him refugee status. And I don't have time to pursue a strategy that can't work.
CHRISTINE: Hey, I've got a full desk too, so you tell us what will work.
PHELPS: Are you on a first name basis with any Senators or Congress people?
PHELPS: (pointing to Chris) You?
CHRISTINE: ...Not anymore.
PHELPS: My suggestion. Get to know the legislator of your choice, and pronto. I mean, the way that I see it, it's the only way you're gonna be able to save Eddie is to get a private bill. One that applies only to his special set of circumstances passed through The Senate or The House of Representatives. Now maybe Eddie's act of heroism will be able to get the attention of one of these politicos and we get the ball rolling. I'll do the best I can from this end of it.
MARY BETH: Well, what are the chances of a bill like this passing?
PHELPS: Oh, slim. ...And none.

[Squad car]

CHRISTINE: We did what we could. Right? We're not social workers.
MARY BETH: What are you saying? Don't get too concerned? We're the reason he's in there.
CHRISTINE: Hell we are! We didn't bring Eddie to America. He came here of his own free will. Illegally. Hey, you wanna go on a guilt trip. Fine, Mary Beth, but do not lay it on me. (a pregnant pause) I feel for the guy. There's no reason to go on some mission of mercy. We've got our own jobs we have to do.
MARY BETH: It isn't a question of mercy, Christine, it's a question of justice.
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, I feel sorry for all the broken-hearted people of the world too. I would love to see them come to America, but the sad truth is they can't. There aren't enough jobs. There is not enough of this good life to go around. Hell, we've tens of thousands of immigrants illegally pouring into this country everyday, willing to work for peanuts and taking jobs from our citizens. Now I know that people like poor old Eddie does deserve a break, but somewhere it's gotta stop.
MARY BETH: A hundred years ago they were saying that about people in slavery. What ever happened to the tens of thousands of poor bastards wanting to be free?
CHRISTINE: They brought in an unemployment clause.
MARY BETH: Will you drop me at the subway, please?
CHRISTINE: Oh, come on, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: I want to deliver Mr. Carrena's message to his wife and I wouldn't wanna force you to go on another mission of mercy with me. ...Over here.
CHRISTINE: What's the address?

[Corridor outside the Carrenas' apartment]

(the door is ajar and voices can be heard)
MARY BETH: Adelita? ...Adelita?!
DALTON [OC]: She's out.

[The Carrenas' apartment]

MARY BETH: Where are they?
DALTON: Flown the coop. We've been waiting around for them. They've left most of their stuff. No luck. I don't think they're coming back here.
CHRISTINE: Come on, Mary Beth, let's get out of here.
MARY BETH: (going up to another INS officer) You must get a real kick out of your work. Huh. Hinting down innocent women and children.
DALTON: Look, I do my job, just like you do yours. Besides, we didn't wanna see a family split up.
MARY BETH: (going back to Dalton) Real humanitarian, aren't you.
CHRISTINE: (nodding to the door) Detective Lacey.

[Detectives' Squad room]

COLEMAN: (as Mary Beth comes in) When are you gonna have the test?
COLEMAN: The test for your baby?
MARY BETH: What's it to you? (seeing the 'Lacey Baby Quinella' sign which has appeared) Never mind, Sergeant. ...I get it.
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, where've you been?
MARY BETH: About everywhere I can think of. Social Services, Legal Aid, Welfare, Latino organisations. Mrs. Carrena's disappeared.
CHRISTINE: Could you let it go for now. We've gotta meet Astrid in the coffee shop in eight minutes. Let's go.
MARY BETH: Yeah, right.
ISBECKI: (coming up) Mary Beth, could you wait a second. (holding out a couple of dollar bills) Here.
MARY BETH: What's that for?
ISBECKI: Give it to Eddie's wife if you find her. Towards a lawyer.
MARY BETH: Thanks.
ISBECKI: Don't tell anybody. OK?
MARY BETH: (as he goes off) Thank you, Victor.
CHRISTINE: (shouting back) Mary Beth! Let's move it!

[Coffee shop]

CHRISTINE: We only need your shop for a couple of hours and business can go on as usual. And Mary Beth gets to play salesgirl. And she's thrilled! Right, Mary Beth?
MARY BETH: Oh, yeah. Thrilled.
ASTRID: Are you trying to tell me there's no danger here?
CHRISTINE: No! No, no. The guy just wants to check us out to make sure we're legit. It's nothing to do with drugs. There's not gonna be a bust. Nothing's gonna happen.
ASTRID: Listen, if it weren't for you I might still be walking the streets somewhere. You guys gave me a break. But ,um, setting some guy up for a fall. That's... That's just not my style.
(they all look at one another for a moment. Mary Beth nods to Astrid)
ASTRID: OK. You win. What can I say? My place is your place.
(the duo smiles)

[Astrid's boutique]

MARY BETH: (taking a dress off a rack and holding it to herself in a mirror) Oh, now this would be good on me. Huh? ...Uh huh?
CHRISTINE: In about a year.
MARY BETH: Thanks very much, Christine. (looking at the price) No. Not even with fifty percent off two weeks groceries.
MAN IN SHOP: (coming in) Morning!
CHRISTINE: Good morning.
MAN IN SHOP: Nice er... Nice place you've got here.
CHRISTINE: Yes. Thank you. Is there some place private we could talk?
CHRISTINE: Oh, certainly. How about right in the back there. Oh, Miss. Mary Beth, watch the floor, would you?
MARY BETH: Yes, ma'am.
ASTRID: Mary Beth, would you like to help this gentleman. I'll be right back.
MARY BETH: (to the gentleman) May I help you, sir?
'GENTLEMAN': (looking at the dress Mary Beth tried) Yes. Do you have this in a size sixteen? Er, I think we do. Here. Yes. Here it is. This is a very pretty dress. Very feminine.
MARY BETH: She'll love this.
'GENTLEMAN': Mm. What would you recommend to complement this ensemble?
MARY BETH: Well, maybe a belt will offset...
(the gentleman is holding the dress up to himself in the mirror)
MARY BETH: Or maybe a scarf.
'GENTLEMAN': Well, what about pantyhose? This colour is so unique. I don't think you'd want any of the traditional shades. Do you?
MARY BETH: Oh, no. Certainly not. Er, perhaps something in a purple?
'GENTLEMAN': Purple? Do you think we'd look good in that?
MARY BETH: Yes. I think a purple would go great ...with our eyes.

[Detectives' Squad room}

MARY BETH: I wanted to melt into the wall-to-wall carpet.
CHRISTINE: (laughing) It reminds me of something. I went out with this guy once. You're not gonna believe this one.
MARY BETH: I don't wanna hear it.
(her phone rings)
MARY BETH: (into phone) Detective Lacey, Fourteenth. ...Yes. ...Yes, I've got it. ...No, of course not, Father. ...Right away. Thank you. (ringing off) Christine, let's go!
CHRISTINE: What's up?
MARY BETH: That was Father Tate. Do you remember that priest that helped us to find that Salvadorian woman last year? He's got Eddie's wife and kids in a safe house. (as she is talking she is stuffing dollars bills into am envelope which she puts in her handbag) They're illegals. Come on.
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, I have to stay here and wait for a call from Astrid. Garth is supposed to be calling anytime to let us know where he's making the drop. ...This is police work, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: Well, what I'm doing is social work. Right?
CHRISTINE: (shouting after her) Mary Beth! ...Good luck!.

[Safe house basement}

FATHER TATE: Nice to see you again, Detective Lacey.
MARY BETH: Nice to see you, Father.
FATHER TATE: George. No one stays here for very long. It's er, just a way station. A Latino comes to see me in church thinking I can offer him sanctuary. What he doesn't know is, sanctuary hasn't been honoured since the fourteenth century. So I have to bring him to places like this.
MARY BETH: Where do they go after they leave here?
FATHER TATE: Well, we try to set them up in some place decent somewhere. Find them a job. Work through the legal system, if we can. There's hope for a better life for many of them. I guess what we do best is buy them some time. But a few of them, the most endangered ones, have to stay on the 'underground railway' for a while.
MARY BETH: What, do you mean likes slaves in the Civil War?
FATHER TATE: Same idea. Kind of an interfaced network of safe houses. But don't let anyone know you've seen it. Leave that to me. The US Attorney's Office is coming down on us lately.
MARY BETH: (jumps as a rat runs past her feet) Oo!
FATHER TATE: (laughing) What do expect this is? The Ritz. See, I can't exactly take up a collection at Mass to fumigate an illegal safe house. So we have to learn to live with our furry brethren. (he knocks at a door) Adelita? Padre Tate. Senora Lacey. Adelita, Senora Lacey tiene un mensaje de su esposo. (Adelita opens the door) I'll leave you now.
MARY BETH: I don't speak too much Spanish, Father.
FATHER TATE: Well, she doesn't speak too much English either. Oh, you'll do fine.
MARY BETH: Stick around, huh?
FATHER TATE: No, I'm on duty tonight. So I have to keep an eye out. Go on. You'll be fine.

[Safe house room}

MARY BETH: Senora, I want you to know su esposo esta bien. (Adelita says something in Spanish) Non comprendo. Slower. (the Carrenas' little daughter begins to feel Mary Beth's scarf) Lento. OK?
ADELITA CARRENA: When I see mi esposo?
(Mary Beth puts the scarf around the girl's neck)
MARY BETH: When? Well, I don't know when. But Eddie wanted me to tell you ... that you're in his dreams. You're in his heart.
(Adelita indicates she doesn't understand)
MARY BETH: Lord, here we go. (Mary Beth says something in Spanish and Adelita nods her head and smiles) And he longs to hold you. (Adelita shakes her head. Mary Beth demonstrates with her arm. Adelita says something else) Well, he says that he loves you all very much. In Spanish that would be...
MARY BETH: Si. Er, toto mucho. And er, um, he says that you'll all be together again soon. In a happier place.
ADELITA CARRENA: En Espanol, senora, por favor.
MARY BETH: Oh. Si. Quanto esterans juntos et in vido.
ADELITA CARRENA: Your Spanish is very good.
ADELITA CARRENA: Gracias, muchas gracias
MARY BETH: (giving her the envelope from her handbag) This is for the children. OK? I want you to know that everything is gonna work out. We'll find a way. ...We'll find a way. (they shake hands) OK?
MARY BETH: (as she gets up and leaves) OK.

[Criminal Courts Building entrance hall]

(Mary Beth, accompanied by Chris, waylays Dalton as he comes in)
MARY BETH: Mr. Dalton! Mr. Dalton I wanna apologise er, for my bad manners.
DALTON: It's OK. I get it all the time from the bleeding hearts.
MARY BETH: I was wondering if you could do us a favour, sir.
DALTON: What's that?
MARY BETH: When Eddie finishes testifying, can we take him to lunch?
DALTON: What? Have you got a thing for this guy?
CHRISTINE: No, Eddie's got a thing with his immigration lawyer.
(they arrive outside the door of the Grand Jury Chambers)
DALTON: Yeah. OK. Well, if he flies the coop, it's on you.
MARY BETH: Yes sir. Thank you.
(the door to the Chambers opens and Eddie comes out with Karen Boswell)
KAREN BOSWELL: What we've got here people is the world's greatest living witness.
KAREN BOSWELL: That classy Latin manner. Those deep honest eyes. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Steady Eddie Carrena. (she hugs his shoulders) The answer to an overworked DA's prayer.
EDDIE: I did just what any normal citizen would do in this country. Yeah?
KAREN BOSWELL: Hey, you broke the line in there! That Legal Aid lawyer still doesn't know what hit him. (hugging Eddie again) The man is fantastic.
DALTON: Does he leap big tall buildings in a single bound?
KAREN BOSWELL: Superwitness! You got it! I owe you one, ladies. Legal Aid's defending a major sleaze packet (hugging Eddie again) and I've got somebody my mum'd take to church. (Chris raises her eyebrows. To Eddie) You have a good lunch, do you here? (just as she goes back into the Chambers) And put it on the DAs' tab. You guys earned it.
CHRISTINE: (to Eddie) I'd be delighted to. Let's go.
(Dalton goes back into the court with an air of resignation)


PHELPS: OK. The trial is for real. It won't actually begin for about six months. So we've brought our precious time.
EDDIE: So I stay in jail for another six months?
PHELPS: Hey, look. It's better than being shipped back to Chile. Right? (Eddie nods) Yeah. Now, we've finally made a little progress here. We've got a couple of local Representatives interested in your case, and I think we may have one of our honourable Senators lined up.
MARY BETH: No kidding!
PHELPS: It looks like that. I'm trying to play some of the angles. That Eddie's performed a major public service, not to mentioned the fact that he's a decorated hero, and in politics they just love that stuff. You know, election time. Minority vote. Sharing the limelight. All that good stuff.
MARY BETH: I've arranged for Vince Setter, a reporter we know, to come and talk to you. He wants to do a human-issues story on you.
PHELPS: Yeah, there's nothing like a little publicity to grease up the old wheels of justice. Now, look, you just hang on for a little while longer. I think I'm gonna be able to nail down this Senator. The trial ought to give us plenty of time.
KAREN BOSWELL: (rushing in, shouting) Eddie! Eddie!
CHRISTINE: What's wrong with her?
KAREN BOSWELL: Eddie Carrena, I wanna shake your hand. You are one fantastic witness.
EDDIE: Yeah?
KAREN BOSWELL: Damn right. We kicked their butt so bad, Legal Aid's ready to accept anything I offer. And my butt has become such a hot number, he's moving me up to the Tendelli case. My career is made!
(Phelps is looking concerned)
MARY BETH: Wait a minute! What are you saying here?
KAREN BOSWELL: The case is not going to trial. We made a deal. We'll wrap it up this afternoon. (to Eddie) Congratulations.
(she leaves the restaurant. Eddie sits down. They all look deflated)

[Criminal Courts Building landing]

(the duo with Eddie come up to where Dalton and another INA immigration officer are standing outside a courtroom)
DALTON: We er, just heard the news. It isn't easy for us either. Sorry.
MARY BETH: We'll file for an extension, Mr. Carrena. Just like Mr. Phelps said. OK?
EDDIE: (shaking Mary Beth's hand which she has extended to him) Thank you very much for everything you've done.
MARY BETH: Oh, Eddie, I'm so sorry.
CHRISTINE: (as Eddie shakes her hand) See ya, Eddie.
EDDIE: Muchas gracias.
DALTON: (to Eddie) Let's go.
(halfway down the stairs Eddie stoops to tie a shoelace. As he comes up he punches Dalton and the other officer in the stomach and makes a break for it. The duo starts down the stairs after him. An armed officer goes to take a shot at Eddie but Dalton knocks his arms up. Eddie escapes along a ground floor corridor. Mary Beth smiles)

[Precinct House front desk]

(the duo comes in)
COLEMAN: (handing her a message) Lacey.
MARY BETH: Thank you.
(Mary Beth goes into the Squad room. The man Chris went out back to speak to in the boutique is with Coleman)
MAN IN SHOP: Oh, you did this. I ought to punch you out!
COLEMAN: Watch who you're talking to. That's Sergeant Cagney, NYPD.
CHRISTINE: Can you tell me what the hell's going on here?
COLEMAN: I'm booking somebody. What's it look like?
(Petrie and Isbecki have a pile of boxes with some jeans on top)
CHRISTINE: OK. What is this?
ISBECKI: That hooker called.
PETRIE: She gave us the location of the drop. You weren't around, so...
ISBECKI: ...somebody had to make a collar. It went fine.
CHRISTINE: And I bet you worked real hard, didn't you, Isbecki?
MARY BETH: (calling from the door of the Squad room) Christine, Father Tate called. Eddie's wife and kids have disappeared from the safe house.
CHRISTINE: Nice work guys. Real nice.
(Chris stalks into the Squad room)
PETRIE: Do you think she's mad?


(Samuels is there. Mary Beth is drinking milk)
ISBECKI: This is my third pitcher.
CHRISTINE: I'm mighty impressed.
PETRIE: You're gonna float out of here, Victor.
CHRISTINE: Yeah, just like my collar.
PETRIE: The right place at the right time. The essence of police work, Sergeant.
CHRISTINE: They used to call that 'lucky'. Hey, Lieutenant, what do you say we introduce a new departmental procedure, huh? What do you say we show one arrest on my jacket and one...
SAMUELS: Sorry, Cagney.
MARY BETH: I mean, what kind of a life are they gonna have? It's not enough he's an illegal alien. Now he's a fugitive from justice too.
ISBECKI: Assaulting an INS agent.
CHRISTINE: Two INS agents.
ISBECKI: That's a Federal rap.
PETRIE: The FBI will be on his tail. Where do you go? Where do you hide?
MARY BETH: How's he gonna find his family?
PETRIE: Why couldn't they have just left the guy alone?
SAMUELS: It's not right.
ISBECKI: I'll find him, I swear I will. His wife and his kids too. They can hide in my apartment. I'll fight his case all the way to the Supreme Court if I have to.
CHRISTINE: God, I'm impressed.

[Detectives' Squad room]

SAMUELS: INS just called. They've got a hold of some FBI files on a Father George Tate. You know him. Right?
MARY BETH: Yes sir.
SAMUELS: Yeah, well they think he might be hiding Eddie Carrena. They've got a couple addresses to check out and one of them's in our precinct. INS wants a police liaison, (to the duo) so I figure he's your guy. You wanna be there. Right?
MARY BETH: Thank you, Lieutenant.
SAMUELS: Oh, Lacey, make sure they treat Eddie right.
MARY BETH: Yes sir.
SAMUELS: (as Isbecki goes to follow) What do think you're doing, Isbecki?
ISBECKI: I'm going with them.
SAMUELS: What for? You haven't got enough work of your own? Do you want me to give you some more?
ISBECKI: Hey, Lieutenant, it's important to me.
SAMUELS: It's important to me too and it's being handled alright. You've got your own work to do.
ISBECKI: (chasing Samuels towards the office) Hey, I've completed all the DD5s for today.
(Samuels closes the office door in his face)

[Outside the safe house]

(armed FBI and INS officers are arriving together with patrol cars. The duo arrives at speed)
MARY BETH: (to an armed plainclothes agent) Hey! Detective Lacey, this is Sergeant Cagney.
OLLICKER: Ollicker, FBI.
MARY BETH: He was decorated for heroism by the City Of New York.
OLLICKER: Excuse me, Detective Lacey, it doesn't matter if he was decorated by Ronald Reagan. He assaulted two immigration agents and in our considered judgement, he's dangerous. Now, shall we get on with this?
MARY BETH: Would you hang on a second?
(as the FBI officers storm into the building, another plainclothes agent is urging the officers on)

[Safe house]

DALTON: Go! Go! Go! (to one of the officers) Give me some flashlights.
MARY BETH: Agent Dalton, are you in control of that man?
DALTON: He's in charge.
MARY BETH: Well, what are we supposed to do?
(he gives them each a flashlight and then follows the rest)
CHRISTINE: Let's get it over.
(the agents and officers all fan out including two to the roof. The duo is left alone. They start to search. They hear a sound in a room. Chris jumps when a cat rushes out of the door with a squeal)

[Safe house room]

(they come into the room and Chris opens a cupboard. On the floor inside is the scarf that Mary Beth left with the Carrenas' daughter. Mary Beth sees it but says nothing. Chris goes to leave but hears another sound. She goes back to the cupboard and points the flashlight up and sees the Carrena family looking down through a hole in the ceiling. Mary Beth joins her, pointing her flashlight upwards)
DALTON [OC]: You got anything up there? We're clearing out. Have you got anything, Cagney? ...Cagney?
CHRISTINE: (quietly to herself) Nothing. (out loud) Nothing!!!

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