Who Says It's Fair: Part 2
Original Airdate: February 18, 1985

[Samuels' office]

SAMUELS: (from his office doorway) Lacey. Morning. Good you came in early. I'd like talk with you in my office. ...Sit down. Do you know what's happening with Cagney lately?
MARY BETH: I don't know what you mean, sir.
SAMUELS: Well is she worried about anything? Has she got something heavy on her mind?
MARY BETH: I don't think so, sir. Why?
SAMUELS: (embarrassed) I don't know anything about er, female problems. Medical things like that. I... I er... Well. I was looking for the Venerdella file on her desk this morning, and er, the drawer was open ...and I saw a bunch of these. (he gets out the cancer brochures) Now I'm not set on prying into the private lives of my officers but, if she's got cancer, she shouldn't be reading about it, she should be doing something about it. (Mary Beth gets up) Do you know if she is?
MARY BETH: It's not Cagney, sir, it's me. She got those for me. She made me go and see the doctor, which I did, Friday.
SAMUELS: Anything I can do?
MARY BETH: No sir. Thank you. The surgeon today, he says what comes next. If it's OK with you, sir. I mean, it shouldn't take longer than my regular lunch hour.
SAMUELS: Sure. Sure. Anything you want, you can take it. Er, as a matter of fact, if you wanna take some real time off...
MARY BETH: No sir, I'd like to keep working as usual.
(she begins to walk out)
MARY BETH: (stopping) Yes sir?
SAMUELS: Anything you want. You be sure and let me know.
MARY BETH: Yes sir.

[Hospital corridor/waiting area]

(Mary Beth comes up to a door marked JOHN ESTIVAL, M.D., CHAIRMAN, SURGICAL ONCOLOGY. She goes in)

[Ladies room]

(Chris comes in and in the mirror sees Mary Beth sitting there)
MARY BETH: I'm scheduled for a mastectomy on the twenty-sixth. It's called a modified radical. They remove the breast and the lymph glands under the arm. (getting up) Oh, what the hell, Christine, huh? Maybe nobody'll notice. I mean, I was never much to speak of. Although I have to mention this one here. Harve and the boy's personal favourite one. Hell, if I'd have known this, I would never have quit smoking. (Chris is standing there staring at her) Oh, come on, help me here, Christine. These are jokes.
CHRISTINE: What about a second opinion?
MARY BETH: You said 'Take care of it'. Everybody said 'Take care of it'. So, the sooner the better, ...I took care of it!
CHRISTINE: He's not the only doctor in New York.
MARY BETH: He's a very expensive surgeon, Christine, and he's highly recommended. He's got a wall full of diplomas. At least I've got one breast left.
(Mary Beth leaves. Chris follows)

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Chris follows Mary Beth back in. Mrs. Taggart is sitting by the duo's desks. She gets up when she sees them come in)
MARY BETH: Mrs. Taggart! How's Kevin?
MRS. TAGGART: What gives you the right to go around messing with people's lives? I came to tell you I don't appreciate it.
MARY BETH: Mrs. Taggart, please sit down.
MRS. TAGGART: You don't know Kevin and me! And neither does that social worker. But you went right on ahead because you always think that you know what's best for us!
CHRISTINE: Mrs. Taggart, I don't even know what you're talking about!
MRS. TAGGART: They took Kevin away from me!! And they put him in juvenile detention. And then they waved your report in my face and told me I was an unfit mother!
CHRISTINE: Well, Mrs. Taggart, sometimes the City has to investigate cases like you.
MRS. TAGGART: Cases like mine?! We are people, me and my son, and I am sick to death of you treating me like dirt!
MARY BETH: Mrs. Taggart, there are things that we can do.
MRS. TAGGART: You lost me my son. I think you did enough.
(Mrs. Taggart stalks out)

[Helen Neuwirth's office]

HELEN NEUWIRTH: Mr. Walters is responsible for kids like Kevin Taggart. They found six dime-bags of heroin on him when they undressed him at the hospital. Now what else did you expect us to do?
MARY BETH: There you go. Maybe he didn't know what he was carrying.
HELEN NEUWIRTH: I've seen overdoses not much older and so have you. The fact remains he was carrying heroin.
MARY BETH: That doesn't prove neglect or abuse by the mother, ma'am.
HELEN NEUWIRTH: Come on, Detective, you had the initial contact. (quoting)'There was some evidence Mrs. Taggart had hit the child as punishment for being absent'.
MARY BETH: Yeah, I think she smacked him, but that's not necessarily child abuse.
HELEN NEUWIRTH: But it could have been worse.
MARY BETH: I don't think it was.
HELEN NEUWIRTH: All right. Even if we can't prove abuse, she leaves him alone an average of five hours a day. Sometimes much more. As you mention in your report.
MARY BETH: She works. She can't afford day care.
HELEN NEUWIRTH: Do you wanna know the last time we heard that? ...About a month ago, from a woman who was also a possible child abuser. We didn't get the kid out of the house. She strangled him with a lamp cord.

[Detectives' Squad room]

ISBECKI: Studying late last night again?
PETRIE: I enrolled on one of those three-night courses.
ISBECKI: (picking up a book) Give me that there. 'Sergeant's Course'. (throwing it in the waste paper basket) You've gotta be kidding!
PETRIE: Look, (retrieving the book) as hard as it may be for you to believe, I really wanna pass this exam.
ISBECKI: So do I! But you're faking up for it all wrong!
PETRIE: Yeah? Sure.
ISBECKI: Hey, do you know what I did last night? I went over to Bon Bon's. She cooked me a thick juicy steak. She served me imported beer. She kept me warm while I was watching the ball game. Then we kind of shifted over to the bedroom.
PETRIE: Look, I don't need to hear this, Victor. It's the one thing I know that won't be on the exam!
(Petrie leaves carrying the book. Samuels comes in followed by Coleman)
COLEMAN: That's it as far as the detectives are concerned on stake out. We've got Kupcross and Labinowitz, and Cagney and Lacey for backup.
SAMUELS: Oh, no ,no. Scratch Lacey. No long hours of extra duty for Lacey until further notice.
COLEMAN: What, is she sick or something?
SAMUELS: What? I got to give you a reason for every order? Just do it Coleman.
COLEMAN: Yes sir.
(the duo comes in)
MARY BETH: Our report made her look bad. Admit it, Christine.
CHRISTINE: How do we know she doesn't abuse him? I mean, how do we know that?
MARY BETH: We didn't see it. Neither did anybody else. Social workers take three hours to evaluate those people. Three lousy hours.
CHRISTINE: It doesn't mean it didn't happen.
MARY BETH: I think that Eleanor's fond of her son. I saw it on her face when you took him out of that hole. So did you.
CHRISTINE: What are we supposed to say? We made a mistake on that report. We put down what we saw.
MARY BETH: I'm distressed about them taking Kevin away from his mother. She's got nobody on her side, Christine.
CHRISTINE: Except you! Obviously that's a wonderful idea. What?
MARY BETH: OK. Willy Smoke gives Kevin dope. Right? Now he could be independent, but he could also be part of that West Side dope ring which works the neighbourhood.
CHRISTINE: Possible.
MARY BETH: So, Narcotics have been on it, what, three, four months. They got nowhere. But if the kid could lead them to an arrest, then maybe the judge at the hearing would consider in the mother's favour.
CHRISTINE: Maybe. Meantime I wouldn't mind busting Willy Smoke or the people he works for.
MARY BETH: Yeah. I bet he wasn't home when you talked to him. ...I just wanna finish this one.

[Laceys' lounge]

(Mary Beth and the boys are watching baseball on the TV. Harvey is in the kitchen)
TELEVISION COMMENTATOR: ...Johnson goes for the shot.
HARVEY JR.: Did you see that! He tried and he didn't even hole it.
MICHAEL: It's all over.
HARVEY JR.: (turning off the TV) What a rip off!
(Michael pops a paper bag)
HARVEY: (coming in on hearing the bang) Whoa! Take it easy, Michael. Just cut it out.
MARY BETH: He didn't mean nothing by it, Harve. It's all right. Hey, Michael, come and sit by me. Come on. (to Harvey Jr.) Come on.
(Mary Beth sits on the floor in front of the settee)
MARY BETH: Listen now, we wanted to have a kind of a special dinner tonight because I wanted to talk to you. Now I promised that I would never lie to you, and I know that you know that something's been going on. So you have a right to know what it is. ...I don't want you to be scared, all right? ...I saw the doctor today ...and I have to have an operation.
MICHAEL: What kind of operation?
MARY BETH: Well, I have a lump in my breast. And the doctor says that my breast has to be removed.
MICHAEL: That's what happened to Bobby Cortello's mother. Bobby's mother died. Are you gonna die?
MARY BETH: No sweetheart! Oh, don't think that. Of course I'm not gonna die.
(she hugs Michael. Harvey and Harvey Jr. watch silently. Mary Beth looks up at Harvey)

[Precinct House yard]

(Mary Beth arrives in the Squad car and blows the horn several times. A delivery van is blocking a parking space. She gets out of the car. The delivery van is now blocked in)
MARY BETH: (shouting at the van driver) Hey, what's the matter?! Can't you read?! 'Detective only parking here'.
DELIVERY MAN: Oh, take it easy, lady. I'm only gonna be just a minute.
MARY BETH: (still shouting) You're breaking the law, mister!
DELIVERY MAN: There was a garbage truck out there!
MARY BETH: Listen you, I'll have you hauled out of here!
DELIVERY MAN: You're real crud, lady!
MARY BETH: So are you, you cretin!
DELIVERY MAN: (blowing his horn) Get in your car and back up! Come on, move it!!
MARY BETH: (back in the car) Me?! Me, back up! No! You back up!!!
(they continue to shout at each other, blowing their horns and revving their engines. She shows him her shield. Eventually the Squad car charges backwards)

[Detectives' Squad room]

MARY BETH: I'm sorry I'm late, sir. I had to go down to the court building and the traffic was lousy and then there's a fathead out there parked in our space. I mean we're the police.
SAMUELS: (gently) Lacey.
MARY BETH: You think somebody would pay attention to our signs. Right sir?
SAMUELS: No problem. Have a good day, Lacey.
CHRISTINE: Hi, how ya doing, Mary Beth?
MARY BETH: It's not been my favourite morning, Christine.
CHRISTINE: (holding up a folded document) Well?
MARY BETH: What's that?
CHRISTINE: They're asking us to testify at Kevin Taggart's custody hearing.
MARY BETH: Oh good, Mrs. Taggart decided to call Legal Aid, huh?
CHRISTINE: No, they're saying Kevin's a thief.
MARY BETH: We'll have to find Willy Smoke.

[Manhattan street]

CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, I think you should get another opinion about your mastectomy.
MARY BETH: We talked about that in the bathroom.
CHRISTINE: I've been reading, and they all say you should have a second opinion.
MARY BETH: First you want me to hurry up and get something done about it, and now you tell me to slow down and see a bunch of doctors. All I wanna do is get it over with.
CHRISTINE: Why are you being so stubborn? You're the only person I know that is more stubborn than I am. What does it take to see one more doctor? An hour?!
MARY BETH: I'm not gonna pay for a second opinion.
CHRISTINE: I'll pay for a second opinion!
MARY BETH: What if it doesn't matter and the other doctor says the same thing as the first guy?
CHRISTINE: Then you've given it a shot.

[Gaming arcade]

CORELLI: Oh, give me a break. You said you wouldn't be back.
MARY BETH: We need Willy Smoke. Have you seen him in the last couple of days.
CORELLI: No, not since you asked me.
CHRISTINE: Do you know where he might be?
CORELLI: I mind my own business.
CHRISTINE: Oh, come on, Corelli, you know everything that goes on here. Maybe you could tell us more if we took you down for questioning, huh? That could take hours! ...Maybe even days.
CORELLI: Oh, you're a real sweetheart, do you know that?
MARY BETH: Mr. Corelli, you heard something about Willy Smoke. Am I right? Why don't you save everybody a lot of grief. OK?
CORELLI: All I heard was I wouldn't be seeing him around no more.
CHRISTINE: You mean he left town?

[Detectives' Squad room]

(the duo comes in)
MARY BETH: Kevin told the social worker he didn't know what he was carrying.
CHRISTINE: Which I don't believe.
MARY BETH: Corelli says Willy Smoke is out of town.
CHRISTINE: Which I do believe. Mary Beth, if I knew we were gonna hike over to the West Side I would have worn different shoes.
MARY BETH: You should have worn them in when you had 'em. Have you ever heard about probable cause?
SAMUELS: (to Mary Beth) I've just made up the duty roster. I'd like to talk to you about it.
MARY BETH: About what, sir?
SAMUELS: Let's go in my office?
MARY BETH: Well, we could talk about the duty roster here, sir.
SAMUELS: I think you ought to consider taking that time off. Maybe coming in afternoons for a while.
MARY BETH: (looking round anxiously) Lieutenant, I already explained to you, that won't be necessary. I'd like to work my regular hours.
SAMUELS: Lacey...
MARY BETH: Sir, if that's all, I've got a lot of work to do here. (looking at her waste paper basket and shouting to the room) What is this here?! What is this? The city dump! (retrieving pile of papers from the waste paper basket) Who left this here?!
SAMUELS: Oh, come on. Let me give you a hand with that.
(in trying to help Mary Beth, Samuels only succeeds in causing the papers to be flung across the floor)
MARY BETH: (shouting at Samuels) Will you stop worrying about me!!!
(the room is hushed as everybody stands staring)
MARY BETH: I have cancer. ...I have breast cancer. (taking off her coat) And so Coleman won't have to take any bets on it, it's this one here. The left one. OK? Does that satisfy everybody's curiosity? I have to have an operation. But I don't want people treating me like I'm some kind of freak. I would appreciate it if everybody would just forget about it, please.
(she starts to pick up the papers. As things return to normal Chris goes out)

[Laceys' bedroom]

(Mary Beth is standing in front of the mirror in a white silk nightdress)
MARY BETH: What's it gonna look like, Harve.
MARY BETH: I'm trying to imagine what it's gonna be like.
HARVEY: (standing behind her) It's gonna be OK.
MARY BETH: I want you. (turning to face him) I know that you like to look at me. You like to look at my breasts. ...I could take it off, so you could look at me.
HARVEY: There is nothing... Nothing that they can do to you that will make you any less than you are to me.
(they kiss)

[Detectives' Squad room]

ISBECKI: (closing a manual) A hundred questions is no big deal. It's like a season of major league games. One third you lose, one third you win, and the rest is up for grabs.
PETRIE: It's the day after tomorrow, Victor. You haven't even cracked a book.
ISBECKI: I certainly have. Bon Bon reviewed me all weekend. ...And then I reviewed her.
PETRIE: I'm sure you got a lot done.
ISBECKI: Hey, I don't have to worry. The written test is only part one. When we get to part two, I've got it made.
PETRIE: Oh yeah? Well, how do you figure that?
ISBECKI: Well, it's simulated situations. Right?
PETRIE: Right.
ISBECKI: They'll be video taping our responses.
PETRIE: Ah ha.
ISBECKI: Now with a profile like this, how could I not make Sergeant, huh?
(Isbecki goes out. Petrie looks after him disbelievingly)

[Manhattan street]

(the duo is walking with Mrs. Taggart in the pouring rain)
MRS. TAGGART: Look, I'm already late for work, do you know that? So you didn't come down here to lie to me.
MARY BETH: Mrs. Taggart, we're not lying to you. If Kevin helps us get these dealers, there may be a positive difference in your custody case.
MRS. TAGGART: Yeah, but it could get us in a lot worse trouble. Do you think I knew anything about that he was carrying drugs?
CHRISTINE: Oh, come on, he knew. Everybody knew.
MRS. TAGGART: If he admits to it and they take him away for good, case closed. And you get your big lift, a nice little promotion.
MARY BETH: Mrs. Taggart...
MRS. TAGGART: If he doesn't say anything, then maybe I've got a chance to keep him.
MARY BETH: And then what happens? Then Willy Smoke comes back and works him for more money and you lose Kevin to the street again. Only this time, maybe forever.
MRS. TAGGART: Every time I trust you people, I get dirt.
MARY BETH: Mrs. Taggart, I don't think that the City should take your son away from you. And I believe that this could help you and him. And the cars right over there.
(Mrs. Taggart puts her umbrella down and they go to the car)

[Interview room at detention centre]

(Kevin is brought in and is reunited with his mother)
MRS. TAGGART: (giving him a baseball) I brought you something. I thought you might be missing it. (turning to the duo and pointing to Kevin with the ball) That's a Darryl special ball. We got his autograph last Summer at the baseball game. That's his idol. (Kevin hands his mother the ball back) What's the matter, babe?
KEVIN: I can't take that, Momma. Because that was stealing.
MRS. TAGGART: Did you hear him. Don't you think I do better than this?!
MARY BETH: Mrs. Taggart, we're here to help. Please.
MRS. TAGGART: Kevin. ...They wanna ask you some questions, honey. I want you to answer up, OK?
MARY BETH: How ya doing?
KEVIN: All right.
CHRISTINE: Listen, Kevin, do you remember when we were down that hole together? And I said I couldn't get you out without your help. And you helped me. Well, Detective Lacey and I, we need your help again. We need you to tell us about those packages you were carrying for Willy Smoke.
MARY BETH: Kevin, do you know what was in those packages?
CHRISTINE: He gave you money, didn't he? Did you deliver drugs for him? ...Come on ,Kevin, we know you did.
KEVIN: I ain't no stoolie!
MRS. TAGGART: Now listen to me Kevin Taggart. Maybe I made some mistakes with you, but momma loves you. And I tried to teach you what was right! Now you did wrong for that Willy Smoke.
KEVIN: Momma, we needed the money!
MRS. TAGGART: Not that kind of money, baby. Now you did wrong and you've gotta face up to it and tell these ladies the truth. ...I know it's hard, baby, but there comes a time in everybody's life when they have to do hard things. Now it's not fair, but that's the way it is.
KEVIN: I'm scared, Mum.
MRS. TAGGART: (cuddling his head) You don't have to be scared, baby. You just tell these ladies the truth and you don't have to be scared.
CHRISTINE: Kevin, you knew what was in those packets, didn't you?
(he nods)

[Squad car]

(at night)
CHRISTINE: Six hours on the computer and we get zilch. I mean how many perps can there be with an alias of 'Bandana'?
MARY BETH: Maybe he's Colombian or something.
CHRISTINE: Kevin never said anything about an accent.
MARY BETH: I think we ought to try and find that bar.
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, we just went off shift fifteen minutes ago. The kid said he lives over a bar with a big blue sign. We don't know the name of the bar. We don't know where it is.
MARY BETH: He said it was uptown, and 'Donuts-for-a-dollar' and the name had something to do with the colour blue.
CHRISTINE: All right, how many bars does that encompass between here and The Bronx? ...Harvey happy that you should work late tonight?
MARY BETH: I know what your angle is, Christine. Do you want me to come with you or do you want me to drop you off somewhere?


CHRISTINE: All right, it's almost midnight. We've checked ten bars. Are you ready to call it a night?
CHRISTINE: Is that you I'm talking to? We've three more to check out.
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, they will be there tomorrow.
MARY BETH: Consultation starts at four PM.
CHRISTINE: I don't think you should push yourself like this.
MARY BETH: Look, if you wanna go home, I'll finish it myself.
CHRISTINE: The hell you will.

[Squad car]

(they are across the street from a building with another bar with a blue neon sign, The Blue Whale)
CHRISTINE: So, what do you think? Do we give it another half hour?
MARY BETH: There's the apartment above it, exactly like Kevin said. ...This is it. He could be there.
(later two men walk down the opposite pavement and enter the building)
MARY BETH: Look at this. A man with a bandana.
(the blinds of the apartment above the bar are pulled down)
MARY BETH: Mr. Bandana is open for business.
CHRISTINE: (into radio) Car twenty-one. ...Repeat, this is car twenty-one checking in for backup. Thirty-two, West 123rd Street.
POLICE RADIO: Roger, car twenty-one.

[Apartment above the Blue Whale bar]

(it is a shooting gallery. Men are injecting dope into their arms. There is a knock the door. One of the men opens it)
MARY BETH: Police! Stop where you are!
(shots are exchanged. Mary Beth fires at one man as he dives through the back window. Mary Beth follows him)
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth!!!


(she chases him down the fire escape. He falls off the extending ladder, starts to run with a limp, and then turns to face her. She downs him with a flying leap)
MARY BETH: Freeze, you bastard! I swear to God I'll take you out of the game. (as she cuffs him) You're not gonna take advantage of any more little kids. No more! (finishing cuffing him) Do you hear!!!
CHRISTINE: (running up) Mary Beth?! Are you all right? What the hell are you trying to prove? Are you trying to kill yourself?!!. You're on your own time, Mary Beth! (as she goes off back down the alleyway, with Mary Beth still standing over Mr. Bandana pointing her gun at him, she shouts back) Listen, you aren't giving an easy time to the people that care about you!! Any day any way!

[Dr. Larwin's consulting room]

DR. LARWIN: (looking at x-rays) I'm glad you came to us. So many never get a second opinion. It's really a good idea. I disagree with your surgeon, Mrs. Lacey. I'm going to call in my colleague who's a radiation therapist to consult on this. I'm sure she'll concur. I don't think a mastectomy is necessary at this point.
MARY BETH: Why not?
DR. LARWIN: Because your lesion is small. It's less than two centimetres in diameter (showing her a sketch) and it's in the outer quadrant of the breast. And that's the simplest location for a lumpectomy.
MARY BETH: What exactly is that?
DR. LARWIN: Just what it sounds like. We excise the lump and a little of the surrounding tissue. And then we do a biopsy of the lymph glands under the arm. Now if those are free of cancer the patient is allowed to heal over one or two weeks. Your then treated externally with radiation, five days a week for five weeks. Now that's done on an outpatient basis.
MARY BETH: I wouldn't have to stay in the hospital?
DR. LARWIN: You could even continue working. These are relatively simple procedures. Now after the first five weeks there's another two week waiting period, and then the patient is readmitted to the hospital and several hollow tubes (drawing on the sketch) with radioactive material are implanted in the breast and they're left there two or three days and then removed. Now this is done under anaesthesia but it's a fairly low risk procedure.
MARY BETH: The other doctor said I had to have the chemotherapy.
DR. LARWIN: Well, that depends on whether the tumour has spread to the lymph glands. Now if it hasn't the radiation is much easier and has very few unpleasant side effects. Mild rash at worst. Something like that. A sun burn, and that'll eventually disappear. Oh, and most patients normally feel some fatigue.
MARY BETH: And after the radiation, what then?
DR. LARWIN: I give you a check up two weeks after the implant for any sign of infection. And then I see you on a month-to-month basis for a while, and then regular checkups for five years.
MARY BETH: Why didn't the other surgeon tell me about all of this? Why did he say that my breast definitely had to come off?
DR. LARWIN: Some surgeons still think that mastectomy is the only way to treat breast cancer. Not all of them have had experience of lumpectomy. Now if this was California or Massachusetts however, you surgeon would have had to inform you about alternative treatments. That's the State Law.
MARY BETH: So it just depends on the doctor you go to?
DR. LARWIN: Yeah, I'm afraid that's true. Some doctors are still sceptical about radiation therapy. They remember the old techniques when it was a lot more primitive. We've come a long way since then.
MARY BETH: You're telling me that I have the same chance of survival with this operation as with the mastectomy?
DR. LARWIN: Well, this is still a relatively new procedure but most of the studies indicate that this type of carcinoma, caught as early as we have, and that's the main key, early detection. There is no measurable difference in the recurrence rate. You're lucky you came in when you did.

[Locker room]

CHRISTINE: Well, that's great!
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, a whole lot better than that other doctor told ya.
MARY BETH: Yes. Yeah, good news, huh?
MARY BETH: If they find anything... That it didn't spread to the lymph nodes. So I wonder how they tell you that, huh? Anyway, maybe it'll be all right.
CHRISTINE: So when are you gonna do it?!
MARY BETH: Tomorrow morning! Yeah, I wanted to stay late, Christine, for Eleanor Taggart, but just couldn't work it out. So I have to check in the hospital this afternoon and they take tests today.
CHRISTINE: It's no problem. I'll take care of the hearing.
MARY BETH: That's what I'm worried about, Christine.
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, I have to tell the truth as I saw it.
MARY BETH: Yeah. (there is a long awkward silence) I'm gonna miss the Sergeant's Exam.
CHRISTINE: So you take the next Sergeant's Exam.
MARY BETH: Right. What's four years? You know I'm looking forward to calling you Sergeant Cagney.
CHRISTINE: Sergeant Christine would do.
MARY BETH: (laughing) Yeah, I'd probably turn out to be the type to take advantage of rank. Right?
CHRISTINE: Absolutely. ...Absolutely.
(they make to shake hands but Chris then cuddles Mary Beth)

[Hospital room]

(Harvey is unpacking Mary Beth's bag. She has had a look at the bathroom)
MARY BETH: No so bad, huh?
HARVEY: You don't have to do that, Harve.
HARVEY: It's all right.
MARY BETH: Harvey.
MARY BETH: There's a lasagne in the freezer. I wish you would ask Muriel to take out in the morning and defrost it.
HARVEY: Hey, babe, my mother knows how to defrost lasagne.
MARY BETH: Sure. It's just you don't wanna cook anyway.
MARY BETH: You know that Michael can always get around your mother. She's not gonna make him wear his retainer.
HARVEY: Just like Skipper, right, where his teeth are gonna fall out.
MARY BETH: It's important that he wears...
ORDERLY: (coming in with a wheelchair) Mrs. Lacey.
ORDERLY: I'm from the friendly folks down at haematology. We'd like to invite you down to downstairs for some blood tests.
HARVEY: What's wrong with her blood?
ORDERLY: Nothing. Nothing. OK? It's just that we have to do some routine blood studies. It's required for all patients having surgery. (pointing to the wheelchair) Madam, your car. (to Harvey) This won't take long. You can wait here.

[City Courthouse staircase/foyer]

MARSHALL WALTERS: I'm gonna need you to testify the state of the apartment Detective er, Lacey.
CHRISTINE: Well, I don't know.
MARSHALL WALTERS: Squalid conditions?
CHRISTINE: No, I wouldn't say that.
MARSHALL WALTERS: Any evidence of alcohol and/or drugs?
CHRISTINE: Not that I saw.
MARSHALL WALTERS: But there could have been. Right? Any nourishing food for the boy in the house? You know. Milk, fruit, vegetables?
(just then Kevin comes through the foyer escorted by an female officer. Mrs. Taggart, who has been sitting waiting, leaps up and rushes towards the boy, shouting. Chris restrains her)
CHRISTINE: You're jeopardising your public hearing. You're here to give testimony! (to Walters) She can see him afterwards, right?
MARSHALL WALTERS: Well, we'll see.
MRS. TAGGART: (going after Walters) But I have the right to see him! He's my son.
(Chris bundles Mrs. Taggart back on to the bench)
CHRISTINE: You better cool down, Mrs. Taggart. You're not making it easier on yourself by fighting him. ...Look, I understand. I have a bad temper myself.
MRS. TAGGART: You don't have to talk down to me, lady.
CHRISTINE: Wait a minute. I wasn't talking down to you.
MRS. TAGGART: I know you look at me and you think I'm nothing. Well, let me tell you. From where I started I'm doing OK.
CHRISTINE: And I didn't say differently, did I?
MRS. TAGGART: But you're going round judging me. What gives you the right to tell me that I'm not a good enough mother for my own son?
CHRISTINE: The point is to protect the children.
MRS. TAGGART: I would never hurt my son! Not in a million years. I love him. Now I made the best home that it was humanly possible for me to make. You could see that. Couldn't you see that? (Chris looks hard at her) What do you want me to do? Do you wanna see me beg? Is that what you want? (crying) Well, I have some pride. When it comes to Kevin, I'll do anything. (breaking down) Please. Please don't let 'em take my son from me. Please!


MARSHALL WALTERS: I asked you Kevin if your mother ever hit you.
KEVIN: She spanks me sometimes.
KEVIN: (surprised) Her hand!
MARSHALL WALTERS: Does she ever hit you harder than a spanking? Does she ever hurt you?
KEVIN: (shouting) No. I already told you!
JUDGE: I think we've established the point, Mr. Walters. Have you any further questions for Kevin?
(Walters goes and sits down beside Mrs. Taggart)
BAILIFF: The City calls Detective Christine Cagney, shield number seven-six-three. (to Chris) Raise your right hand. Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So help you God.
MARSHALL WALTERS: Detective Cagney. You and your partner, Detective...
MARSHALL WALTERS: ...Detective Lacey were called to the Taggart apartment on the evening of the twelfth of this month. Is that correct?
MARSHALL WALTERS: And on this occasion your report states that you suspected Mrs. Taggart of abusing her child.
CHRISTINE: Yes. ...Excuse me, Your Honour, this is not a trial. It's a hearing to determine what is best for Kevin,... (the judge nods) ...and I have something I would like to say that might save us all a lot of time.
JUDGE: Go ahead, Detective.
CHRISTINE: Thank you, Your Honour. When we first had contact with Mrs. Taggart and Kevin, I believed that Kevin was neglected. And might have been abused. My partner and I have had some time to spend with the Taggarts since then. We both feel ...now ...that Eleanor Taggart did the best she could under very difficult circumstances. If I were a single parent in her situation I'm not sure that I could have done better. Both my partner and I feel it would be wrong to break this family up, Your Honour. Mrs. Taggart is a working mother who has had difficulty providing day-care for her child. If the Department of Social Services could handle that matter we ...believe that ...Mrs. Taggart should retain custody of Kevin.
(mother and son look at one another and smile)

[Detectives' Squad room]

SAMUELS: Hey, Petrie, close up those books already. You're gonna be so stale tomorrow you won't care whether you pass or not.
PETRIE: I just wanna finish this section, Lieutenant.
ISBECKI: Petrie, I've gotta real problem here. Our entire relationship is on the line here. I mean, I'm talking 'serious crisis'.
PETRIE: Victor, I'm busy, OK?
ISBECKI: Well, it's kind of a moral question, any way. Hey, Bon Bon wants me to come over to make sure I'm feeling all right, right?
PETRIE: Right.
ISBECKI: Well, we've got the Sergeant's Exam tomorrow.
PETRIE: Mm hm.
ISBECKI: Now (taking the book Petrie is studying and closing it) Those rodeo men in Montana and those guys, they've got the same problem, ...every Saturday night. (Petrie opens the book again) Do they go ahead with the lady of their choice (Isbecki closes the book) or do they conserve their energy for the big game on Sunday. Now as far as I'm concerned, it's a matter of priorities. What's important in your life? You know what I mean?
(Petrie stands up)
PETRIE: Victor, get up.
PETRIE: Stand up, Victor.
(Petrie grabs Isbecki by the lapels, lines him up and socks him on the chin. Isbecki falls back across the desk. Petrie goes out. Coleman comes up to Isbecki who has regained his feet)
ISBECKI: Some guys just can't take the pressure.

[Hospital room]

(Mary Beth is in night attire. She gets out a portable player and switches on some Strauss music. There is a knock at the door)
MARY BETH: Oh, Lieutenant.
SAMUELS: (he is carrying a vase of flowers) Can I come in?
MARY BETH: Oh, sure. Oh, geeze. Too bad. Harve just went out for coffee. He could have brought you one.
SAMUELS: Hey, I just wanted to stop by before tomorrow and ...tell you to hang in there, Lacey.
MARY BETH: I am, sir. Thank you.
SAMUELS: (after a pause) Do you know that was a good collar ...on the Colombian. As a matter of fact my colleagues think that it's eventually gonna put some people out of business.
MARY BETH: Thank you, sir. Excellent news. ...Lieutenant, I'm sorry I yelled at you in front of the whole Squad room like that. I know that you were trying to help, sir.
SAMUELS: Forget it. The important thing is that you get through this and you come back to work. We sure are proud of you.
MARY BETH: Thank you, sir.
SAMUELS: (having kept looking at the flowers, he gives them to Mary Beth) You get well soon, huh?
MARY BETH: Yes sir.
SAMUELS: (as he leaves) You get some rest now, Lacey.
MARY BETH: Yes sir.
(she smells the flowers. Early the next morning, Chris comes in. Harvey is there)
HARVEY: Hi Chris.
MARY BETH: (a bit woozy) Hi ya Christine! You were terrific!
HARVEY: (to Chris) They gave her a shot to relax her before they take her down.
MARY BETH: How ya doing?
CHRISTINE: All right.
CHRISTINE: (sitting on the bed) I tried to call you last night. When I got in, but they said it was too late.
MARY BETH: How did it go, ...at the hearing?
CHRISTINE: They awarded Eleanor Taggart custody, depending on a review by Social Services if she can handle the day-care.
MARY BETH: You stuck up for her, didn't you, Christine.
CHRISTINE: I told the truth, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: (to Harvey) She stuck up for Mrs. Taggart. She went to bat for her. You're a terrific human being, Christine. (getting emotional) You're a peach.
CHRISTINE: You're stoned, Mary Beth.
DR. LARWIN: (coming in with a nurse) Good morning.
MARY BETH: Good morning! (to Chris) This is Doctor...
DR. LARWIN: Larwin.
MARY BETH: ...Larwin. This is my partner. Christine Cagney.
DR. LARWIN: Miss. Cagney.
MARY BETH: He looks exactly like that, what's-his-name, Harve? With the... That teacher I had in school with the bow tie.
HARVEY: Mr. Cavanaugh.
MARY BETH: Mr. Cavanaugh. ...Christine Cagney.
DR. LARWIN: They're ready for you in preop. The nurse will get you all set. (he gives her the thumbs up as he leaves which she returns, and then turns to Chris and Harvey) Bye bye.
NURSE: Your orderly should be in any minute, Mrs. Lacey.
(Mary Beth gives the nurse the thumbs up)
MARY BETH: Chris, get out of here!
CHRISTINE: I'm gonna stay, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: There's the Sergeant's Exam, Christine.
CHRISTINE: I don't wanna go now.
MARY BETH: (grabbing Chris's scarf and pulling her down face-to-face) Christine, get the hell out of here!
MARY BETH: (not having let go of the scarf, she pulls Chris back) Christine!
MARY BETH: Don't forget, section one hundred and twenty, oh, whatever. Diversity of jurists... Jurists?
(Mary Beth gives her the thumbs up. Chris leaves)
CHRISTINE: So smart.

[Sergeant's Exam/Hospital]

(Chris, Isbecki and Petrie collect their exam papers. Harvey watches Mary Beth being taken to the operating theatre. Twenty to nine, Chris realises Isbecki is taking a peek over her shoulder during the exam. Petrie smiles as he answers questions. Dr. Larwin says 'Hello' to Mary Beth in the theatre before putting on his mask. The exam continues. Chris glances at the clock. The anaesthetic mask is put over Mary Beth's mouth)

[Hospital waiting area]

ISBECKI: Degrees of homicide, I did OK. But I went completely blank on the difference between first-degree forgery and second degree.
PETRIE: Second degree is possession of an instrument as specified in section one-seventy-five.
ISBECKI: Thanks, Marcus. Don't rub it in!
SAMUELS: What's taking them so damn long anyway?
(Harvey comes out of the lift with Dr. Larwin and they talk. Dr. Larwin goes off)
TANNOY: X-ray, please report to Emergency. X-ray to Emergency.
HARVEY: The biopsy on the lymph glands was negative. She's OK. She's fine.
SAMUELS: Hey, that's terrific! We would have been real short-handed without her. So, can we see her?
HARVEY: Tomorrow. OK?
SAMUELS: Yeah! That's terrific! That's great! What do you say we go down to Flannery's and we celebrate? On me!
PETRIE: I'll give one to that! Are you coming, Victor?
ISBECKI: I'm a little tired tonight. I'm supposed to go and see Bon Bon for a little celebration. I think I'll crash this date.
PETRIE: Oh, you didn't do so well on the written portion, huh?
PETRIE: Part two is the video simulation. With a profile like that ...how could you not make Sergeant.
(Petrie and Isbecki puts their arms around each other's shoulders)
SAMUELS: Are you gonna join us?
HARVEY: Ah, thanks. Maybe in a little while.
SAMUELS: Yeah, yeah. We'll be there for a while. Flannery's.
HARVEY: Flannery's. Yeah. OK.
(Chris, who has been sitting there quietly, smiles)

[Hospital room]

HARVEY: (leaning over Mary Beth) Somebody here to see you.
(Chris comes in and takes Mary Beth's hand and they smile at one another)

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