Who Says It's Fair: Part 1
Original Airdate: February 11, 1985

[Laceys' lounge]

(Harvey is looking at family photos)
MARY BETH [OC}: Harvey? Harvey, what you doing up?
HARVEY: Go back to sleep, babe. I'm just getting a little bicarb.
(he gets out the bicarb and runs the tap and then looks at a piece of paper and goes to the phone and dials)
HARVEY: (quietly into phone) Chris? I didn't wake ya, did I? ...It's Harvey, Harvey Lacey. ...I'm really sorry to bother you this time of night. ...You don't have a date or anything, do ya? ...I need to talk to ya, Chris. ...No, no, not now. Can I meet ya tomorrow for lunch? ...Well, how about after work? ...It's very important. ...Yeah. ...OK. ...Yeah, I'll find it. ...Thanks a lot, Chris. Look, I don't want Mary Beth to know about this. OK? ...Please, Chris, this is just between the two of us. OK? ...Thanks. ...I'll see ya tomorrow then.

[Precinct House yard]

(the duo gets out of the car)
CHRISTINE: Six hours in court. I'm telling ya, the man should be removed from the bench. No probable cause? I've been a cop fourteen years. I know probable cause, believe me.
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, are you all right?
MARY BETH: I'm fine. Why?
CHRISTINE: I don't know. You've been weird lately.
MARY BETH: Weird. What does that mean?
MARY BETH: You're supposed to be quiet in court.

[Detectives' Squad room]

COLEMAN: (to a detective) Thank you very much. If you don't speculate, you don't accumulate. (to another detective) What can I do for you? ...Ten dollars. Nice action. Thank you very much. You're almost down to the home stretch here, Isbecki.
ISBECKI: (taking Coleman's clipboard) You've changed the odds again. You've got Petrie at even money to pass the Sergeant's Exam and you've got me at five to one again.
COLEMAN: Well, we saw the last thing.
ISBECKI: You're eyes needs a check. If I'm not the heavy favourite, I don't know who is.
COLEMAN: Only with yourself, Isbecki. If people don't start picking up on your action, these odds would be even longer. (to another detective) What can I do for you, sir.
DETECTIVE: Five on Lacey, five on Rosillas.
COLEMAN: You've got it, man!
ISBECKI: Twenty on Isbecki.
COLEMAN: That ought to hold the line for now!
SAMUELS: (coming up) Section twelve dash seven eighty-three of the Guide strictly prohibits gambling on Department property, Coleman.
COLEMAN: Yes sir!
SAMUELS: Put me down for ten on Cagney and five on Blomquist.
COLEMAN: Yes sir!
(the duo comes in)
SAMUELS: Ladies.
CHRISTINE: Lieutenant.
COLEMAN: Hey, ladies! Care to make a bet? The window is now open for the Sergeant's Stakes.
MARY BETH: No thank you. I don't feel very lucky today.
CHRISTINE: What are the odds?
ISBECKI: Completely ridiculous! He's got me in at five to one.
CHRISTINE: (looking at the clipboard) Oh! When it gets to ten to one, let me know.
COLEMAN: Excuse me.
(Isbecki is left standing there. Later)
CHRISTINE: It's just coming up to five o'clock. I thought you left twenty minutes ago.
MARY BETH: There are things I wanna finish here.
CHRISTINE: Oh, let it wait 'til morning. That's what I'm gonna do.
MARY BETH: It won't take long.
CHRISTINE: I thought I was the workaholic around here.
MARY BETH: I don't wanna get caught up. (her phone goes, into phone) Lacey, Fourteenth. ...Yes, I remember, ma'am. ...Please. ...Tell me your name and address. ...And your son's name. ...How old is Kevin, Mrs. Taggart? ...And he was due home when? ...Well, did you check with the neighbours? ...What about his friends, ma'am? ...No. ...All right. We're gonna need to come over there and... ...Er, half hour, tops. ...All right, ma'am.
(she rings off)
CHRISTINE: Half hour?
MARY BETH: Eight year-old. Never came home from school. The mother sounds very upset. She kept our card from some Community Action meeting.
CHRISTINE: Let the other shift take it. We're supposed to be off duty in a few minutes.
MARY BETH: I know those guys. They're gonna put her off until tomorrow.
CHRISTINE: You're probably right.
MARY BETH: I'll go. You don't have to go, Christine.
CHRISTINE: What the hell. I was gonna stay uptown anyway.

[Corridor outside the Taggarts' apartment]

MRS. TAGGART [OC]: I get worried about you every time I go to work. You think you're the big man. I have a good mind just to wear you out!
(there is the sound of a slap and crying)
CHRISTINE: Sounds like the regular trip.
MARY BETH: (banging on the door) I don't hope so.
MRS. TAGGART [OC]: Who is it?
MARY BETH: Detective Lacey, Mrs. Taggart.
(Mrs. Taggart opens the door)
MARY BETH: This is Detective Cagney.
MRS. TAGGART: I should have called you back. I'm sorry. He walked in here about ten minutes ago.

[Taggarts' lounge]

MARY BETH: (to Kevin) Hey!
MRS. TAGGART: I'm really sorry I took up your time coming over here. Kevin knows better than to act like this.
(Kevin is sitting with one arm under a cushion on his lap)
MARY BETH: I'm sure he does, ma'am.
MRS. TAGGART: I've told him 'til I'm out of breath that he's supposed to come home right after school and stay here. (to Kevin) Now you apologise to these ladies for making them come out of their way. ...Did you here me?
KEVIN: Yes, ma'am. I'm sorry.
CHRISTINE: Hey, don't mention it.
MRS. TAGGART: I guess I shouldn't have panicked when I got home and nobody had seen him for hours. I didn't know what else to do.
MARY BETH: Do you work, Mrs. Taggart?
MRS. TAGGART: I'm a typist for a company downtown.
MARY BETH: Work late a lot?
MRS. TAGGART: I take all the overtime I can whenever I can get it.
CHRISTINE: So you leave your son alone after school?
MRS. TAGGART: He used to go to Day Care Center and then they cut the funds and closed it down.
MARY BETH: What about Kevin's father?
MRS. TAGGART: You find him and ask him about that.
MARY BETH: Mrs. Taggart, if you can't get a babysitter, maybe a neighbour could look after...
MRS. TAGGART: Look, lady. they have their own problems! Now Kevin is pretty old enough to stay here by himself.
(Mrs. Taggart opens the door)
MARY BETH: (as the duo walks out) Mrs. Taggart, I'm glad everything worked out this time. Kevin don't you go scaring your mother anymore. Do you hear me? (to Mrs. Taggart) Ma'am.

[Taggarts' apartment building stairs/entrance]

CHRISTINE: Don't you think she should have belted him?
MARY BETH: I think Harve Jr. wants to rewrite the rules. Parents smack kids. You know it happens.
(there are two vagrants slumped at the bottom of the stairs)
CHRISTINE: This ain't a great place to raise a kid when you're all by yourself.
MARY BETH: What kind of choices does she have? ...Hey, Harve has got some kind of business dinner tonight over a contract or something. The boys are with Brenda. Do you wanna go eat?
CHRISTINE: You and me?!
MARY BETH: Yeah! I thought maybe we could split for a bottle of wine.
CHRISTINE: I'd love to but I've got this date.
MARY BETH: Oh. Somebody new?
CHRISTINE: It's not a date date, it's a blind date.
MARY BETH: I thought you always hated blind dates.
CHRISTINE: I do. Do you remember Mr. Siegel, my plumber? Well, it's his nephew. And he's been trying to fix us up, oh, for six months now. He's a corporate lawyer.
CHRISTINE: As I recall you also swore off lawyers.
CHRISTINE: I did! ...But er, a good plumber's hard to find.
MARY BETH: (walking away) Yeah, you got that right.

[Piano bar]

CHRISTINE: (rushing in) Hi.
CHRISTINE: Sorry I'm late.
HARVEY: It's OK. I'm glad you made the time to come.
CHRISTINE: You can't believe it. Tonight of all nights, Mary Beth wanted to have dinner.
HARVEY: You didn't tell her you were meeting me, did ya?
CHRISTINE: Oh no! But I made up a great story. Well, not a great story, but I think she bought it. (looking around the crowded bar) Well, I think we'd do well to find a seat or something.
HARVEY: Yeah. Do you wanna drink?
CHRISTINE: Oh, I'd love one! Six hours in court. (sitting on the stool beside Harvey) Oh, thank you. (to the bartender) Scotch on the rocks, please.
HARVEY: Make that two, bartender.
CHRISTINE: Hey, take it easy! What happened to your two-beer limit?
HARVEY: (taking a gulp of his existing drink) Yeah.
(Chris looks surprised. Later a waiter brings two more drinks to a table they have found)
CHRISTINE: Now the best memories of the worst blind date I've ever had are those of Howie Hugenberger.
HARVEY: Howie Hugenberger?
CHRISTINE: Yes, I was in college. 'You'll like him' my roommate said. 'He's athletic'.
HARVEY: Was he a football player?
CHRISTINE: Howie? Don't be ridiculous. He was captain of the golf team. Six foot six, A hundred and twenty pounds soaking wet. Which is quite a lot if you sweat so much. ...Anyway, he said four words to me. 'Hello'. 'Two please'. 'Goodnight'. And then when he kissed me he caught my lip up in his braces.
HARVEY: Ha, ha. Poor guy. Whatever happened to him?
CHRISTINE: Howie? Poor Howie. Poor Howie became an oral surgeon. He lives in a mansion in Beverly Hills. He's married to Miss. Nebraska!
HARVEY: Oh, wow.
CHRISTINE: He doesn't get to kiss much.
HARVEY: (contemplating his drink) Well...
CHRISTINE: Harvey, that's enough about me. Let's talk about you? ...You call me up in the middle of the night. You wanna have a secret meeting. You tell me not to tell Mary Beth. And I sit here boring you for half an hour with stories of Howie Hugenberger.
HARVEY: You know, I proposed to Mary Beth in a restaurant. Not like this though. It was the second time before she said 'Yes'. Did she ever tell you that?
HARVEY: Yeah. Well when she said she'd marry me I must have jumped five feet in the air. Knocked over a waiter. Spilt a whole plate of ravioli down her suit. ...I love her so much, Chris, I can't even think about losing her.
CHRISTINE: Harvey, what are you talking about? You and Mary Beth have the best marriage in America! I know that to be a personal fact. What ever it is will blow over. The best marriage in America is not finished.
HARVEY: It's not us. It's her. Mary Beth, she hasn't been her self lately. I thought she was worried about the Sergeant's Exam or some case you two were on. Then we were in bed ten days ago and I found what I thought was a lump in her breast. I asked her about it. She said it was nothing. She didn't need to see a doctor, it was a cyst or something. Normal for that time of month.
CHRISTINE: Did you believe her?.
HARVEY: So how come I've never noticed it before. And how come she got out of bed, locked herself in the bathroom. She won't talk to me. She puts me off. Chris, I am scared it is something serious and Mary Beth won't admit it. I came to you 'cos I don't know what to do.
(they look at one another anxiously)

[Central Park]

(the duo is walking through, all muffled up. Chris is carrying a paper bag)
MARY BETH: ...a day and a half's time before we get there. ...It's not that warm and you drive me up here to have lunch.
CHRISTINE: I had a craving for fresh air! Don't you ever feel that way? (spotting an empty bench) Great! Oh look.
MARY BETH: I've got three million things to do, Christine. I don't have time for picnics.
CHRISTINE: Hey, Mary Beth, I'm buying. OK? I also want to talk to you now. (they sit down. Chris opens the bag) Here. You wanted two turkey on rye. They were out of it so I got you pumpernickel.
MARY BETH: (taking the sandwiches) Fine. Why am I eating it here?
CHRISTINE: Because the park was the most private place I could think of. I went by the Women's Center today on my way in ...and I got you these.
MARY BETH: (taking three brochures) Breast cancer.
CHRISTINE: Yes. Harvey, didn't have a business dinner last night, Mary Beth, he had dinner with me. (Mary Beth looks up) And he told me about the lump he found in your breast.
MARY BETH: (trying to laugh it off) He's a... He told you about that, huh? He had no right to do that.
CHRISTINE: Oh, don't be angry with him. Come on, the man is worried sick about you.
MARY BETH: Harve's been on to me about this. I told him I'd go and see a doctor.
CHRISTINE: Well, you did?
CHRISTINE: Well, what did he say?
CHRISTINE: The doctor!
MARY BETH: Do you know how hard it is to get a doctor to see you these days? Of course they charge an arm and a leg.
CHRISTINE: So, you didn't make an appointment.
MARY BETH: There's nothing wrong, Chris, OK? There's nothing the matter with me. (opening up her sandwiches) You know I was going over the Valdez case last night. I think we should open that one up again.
CHRISTINE: I can recommend a doctor to you that my aunt saw when she had a similar problem.
MARY BETH: Thank you. Valdez is lying. I'm telling you, Christine, we should go back and talk to that brother.
(Chris opens her own sandwiches)

[Laceys' lounge]

(Harvey is playing Space Invaders on the TV with the boys)
HARVEY: Yes! Yep! You beat that kiddo. Beat it!
MICHAEL: I wanna play.
HARVEY: In a minute, honey. As soon as I've beaten him, you play. OK?
HARVEY JR.: Did you beat it.
HARVEY: Yeah, I beat you. That's pretty good.
(Harvey hears Mary Beth at the door)
HARVEY: (to Michael, giving him the remote control) Here now, play now. (opening the door) Hi ya, babe.
(Mary Beth goes straight into the kitchen. Harvey goes back and takes the remote control off Michael) Here, my turn, baby.
(there is a crash from the kitchen. There are more crashes. Harvey gives the remote control back to Michael and goes into the kitchen)

[Laceys' kitchen]

(Mary Beth is slamming pots and pans on top of the stove and kicking them around the floor)
MARY BETH: For God's sake, Harve, can't you do a couple of things around here when you know I'm gonna be late? Dinner is gonna be an hour at least. (shouting to the boys) Have you got that?! They're playing video games.
HARVEY: What are you so mad about?
MARY BETH: Do you have to ask? How could you do a thing like that?! How could you go to Christine with something like that? I don't understand that, Harve!
HARVEY: I didn't know what else to do.
(the two boys have come to the kitchen doorway)
MARY BETH: I've told you it's normal. I've told you don't worry.
HARVEY: Mary Beth,...
MARY BETH: No! No! It's my private business. You had no right to do that!
HARVEY JR.: Michael wants to know if you're gonna finish the game.
HARVEY: Later. Go into your room. Finish your homework, both of you.
HARVEY JR.: We've already done...
HARVEY: (shouts at the top of his voice) Go check it!!! Close the door. ...Babe. ...Please. ...Let's sit down and talk about this.
MARY BETH: No. I said this to Christine. I'm gonna say it to you. There's nothing to talk about because there's nothing wrong. So you and her can go and run someone else's life and leave mine alone.
(she starts to prepare dinner, still dropping and kicking pots and pans)

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Mary Beth signs in. Chris has her desk drawer open with more brochures in it. Mary Beth sits down)
CHRISTINE: (quietly) Did you see the doctor?
MARY BETH: I didn't have time, Christine. Michael...
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, you said you were going to...
MARY BETH: If this is not about work, I don't wanna hear about it. All right? (her phone goes. Into phone) Lacey. ...We'll be right there. (she rings off) Eleanor Taggart's here to see us.

[Interview room]

MRS. TAGGART: Kevin didn't come home.
CHRISTINE: When? Last night?
MRS. TAGGART: I didn't want to call you because of the last time. I was so sure he was gonna show up, but this morning I just didn't know what else to do.
MARY BETH: Mrs. Taggart, we're gonna do what we can to find your son.
MRS. TAGGART: Kevin's never done nothing like this before. You know, he's only eight years old. (getting emotional) I just get this picture of somebody picking him up off the streets! You know, you hear about things like that on television.
MARY BETH: Please, ma'am, I understand. I've got kids myself. OK? So, you try and calm down, because we need your help. We need some information. All right? Some questions.
CHRISTINE: Where was he last seen and when?
MRS. TAGGART: Yesterday afternoon after school.

[Kevin's school]

BERWIN: That third grade class hasn't had a regular teacher in months. Mrs. Laura Cousins was transferred, she moved, and we've had difficulty keeping a regular teacher.
MARY BETH: What about Kevin's classmates? Any particular kid he hangs out with?
BERWIN: Detective, this is a very overcrowded school. Now I'm not sure I could pick out Kevin Taggart from a crowd, much less tell you who his friends are.
MARY BETH: What, you got a headache?
BERWIN: No, sinus.
MARY BETH: Oh, my husband gets that sometimes. That can be very painful. Mr. Berwin, we'd like to look in Kevin's locker. I mean, maybe there's something there that'll tell us where he is.
BERWIN: I'd have to open his locker for you and I can't do that without a search warrant.
CHRISTINE: Oh, come on, it would take a good day to get one.
BERWIN: I'm sorry, but the school system just went through a lawsuit about this. We have very specific guidelines. Now I can call and ask for an exception, but it's not going to do you any good. (feeling his sinuses) Believe me, look what happened the last time.
CHRISTINE: Right. So we get a search warrant.
MARY BETH: (turns as they leave) Sir, try sleeping with a vaporiser. My husband swears by that.

[Taggarts' kitchen]

MARY BETH: We should have a warrant by tomorrow noon. And we'll have flyers made up with that picture you gave us of Kevin. Uniformed officers are gonna hand that out. And we've also put his name and description in the National Computer file. (for the coffee Mrs. Taggart has poured her) Thanks.
MRS. TAGGART: I walked all over the neighbourhood yesterday.
MARY BETH: I know. It's a hopeless feeling, ma'am.
MRS. TAGGART: Why would he go and do something like this to me? You know I've missed two days out of work already? And I talked to my supervisor and she tells me that I might not have a job to come back to.
CHRISTINE: (coming in and putting a ghetto blaster on the table) Do you recognise this then?
MRS. TAGGART: It doesn't belong to Kevin. He doesn't have anything like that.
CHRISTINE: Well, I found that stashed way under his bed. Where did he get the money to pay for it?
MRS. TAGGART: So what are you trying to say? He stole it! My son doesn't steal!
MARY BETH: Nobody said he did, ma'am. Would you excuse us. We'll have to go and apply for that warrant. The court closes at five o'clock. Come on, Christine. We'll be in touch.

[Outside the Taggarts' apartment block]

CHRISTINE: You heard her. She's more worried about her job.
MARY BETH: The kid's been missing twenty-three hours.
CHRISTINE: Maybe he wouldn't have been if she took better care of him.
MARY BETH: Easy to say.
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, we know she hit him at least once. She leaves him alone for hours every day. She denies knowing about that radio.
MARY BETH: So what are you saying, he ran away? If that's true how come he didn't take that brand new radio? Now I was a victim. After my father took off, my mother had to go to work. I was by myself every day after school for hours a day. I didn't turn into a thief and I didn't run away from home.
CHRISTINE: This is completely different, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: Why? Because I'm white?
CHRISTINE: No. And you know I didn't mean that. (getting out her notebook) I wanna give you something here. This is the name and the telephone number of the doctor.
MARY BETH: Oh, geeze.
CHRISTINE: The one I told you about. Mary Beth, he's a cancer specialist and I think you should see him now! (Mary Beth walks away) Listen to me, I know you're frightened and I'll go with you if you want me to. ...Mary Beth, will you talk to me!!
MARY BETH: You wanna talk about how we feel in case maybe I've got breast cancer. OK! In case maybe I have breast cancer, you go first. (no reply) Thanks for the chat, Christine. (Mary Beth gives Chris the car keys) It's best that only one of us goes and applies for the warrant, so I will go and you go and find out if the flyers are ready.
(Mary Beth goes off)
CHRISTINE: (shouting after her) It doesn't matter how I feel about it!! It matters how you feel!!!

[Detectives' Squad room]

PETRIE: (into phone holding a Kevin Taggart flyer) Yeah. ...Yeah. ..Well, thanks any way, Benny, I'd just thought I'd check. (Isbecki and Coleman come up) ...Listen, when the flyers hit the streets maybe you can put one up on your newsstand for us. ...Oh. ...Right. ...Next to the girlie magazines is good, Benny. ...You're right. Everybody will notice it there. ...Yeah, yeah. I've gotta go. Bye.
COLEMAN: You know, I know a guy who once flunked the Exam four times.
ISBECKI: Did he ever make sergeant?
COLEMAN: Oh yeah, on the fifth try. Now listen to this. The Department notified him of his promotion a year later. Two days after he died. Can you beat that.
(Petrie looks up from the manual he is studying)
ISBECKI: I bet you Petrie heard that story. (he picks up Petrie's manual) The Sergeant's Exam isn't until the twenty-second. You've been cramming like this for months.
COLEMAN: That's why the smart money's on Petrie.
ISBECKI: Do you know the first thing he said to me this morning.
ISBECKI: What is the number of uniformed officers usually assigned to the Presidential motorcade?
COLEMAN: They could ask that, you know.
ISBECKI: Yeah, they can ask anything. It's a hundred questions. It can't be that hard. It's the second part, the video tape, that's gonna separate the men from the girls. Right, Cagney?
CHRISTINE: Yeah, right. (seeing Mary Beth coming in) Good morning.
(Mary Beth signs in, ignores Chris and sits down)
COLEMAN: (referring to a copy of the flyer on Mary Beth's desk) The rest of these went out with the morning shift. They're gonna distribute it and then canvas a ten-block radius around the school.
MARY BETH: Thank you, Sergeant.
COLEMAN: And also they hooked up a hotline here this morning.
(Mary Beth, still in her coat looks at some messages and dials a number. Chris puts a coffee down for Mary Beth)
MARY BETH: If the warrant's ready, then we can get into Kevin's locker by eleven.
CHRISTINE: Good morning, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: Good morning. (into phone) Detective Lacey, Fourteenth Squad. ...Yeah. I'm calling to check about a search warrant I applied for yesterday. ...Case number one-eight-two five-five-one. ...Yeah, I'll hold.

[Kevin's school]

MARY BETH: Now believe me, Mr. Berwin, I appreciate your problem here, but we're all civil servants. We're just working for the city.
BERWIN: My concerns are about my students.
MARY BETH: We're concerned too, sir about this one kid. By the way, did you ever try that vaporiser.
BERWIN: No. Not yet .
MARY BETH: I told you my husband swears by it.
BERWIN: Ah ha. Here we are. (opening the locker) You're aware that you'll have to sign for whatever contents you remove.
MARY BETH: You know, there's two types of those vaporisers. You've got the wet steam and the dry steam. They're for different times of the year. The wet steam is better in the winter.
MARY BETH: (referring to the locker Chris is searching) Pretty neat for an eight-year old, huh?
CHRISTINE: (removing a wad of dollar bills from a trainer) Rich too. There's over two hundred dollars here.
MARY BETH: Mr. Berwin, do you know where the kids hang out after school?

[Gaming arcade]

(the duo comes in as two boys go out, one named Lucky)
CHRISTINE: (holding a flyer) Hey, listen, do you guys...
LUCKY: Hey, it looks as though things have been going pretty bad. You've gotta come in this joint to get a date. (his companion laughs) Hey, you come with me and I'll show you a real good time. I'll bet you a broad like you can use it.
CHRISTINE: You're probably right. (she shows him her shield) So, do you know this kid. His name's Kevin Taggart.
BOY #2: What's it worth to you, baby?
MARY BETH: You shut your face, you. (poking Lucky) There's a kid here who could be hurt.
LUCKY: Hey, he could be dead. So what?
CHRISTINE: Hey, listen, whoever you are, I'm not real patient, all right? Are you gonna help?
LUCKY: What for? You never helped me.
(the two boys slap hands and go off)
MARY BETH: (to another kid) Do you know this kid? Maybe you can tell me who he hangs with.
(the kid turns away)
CHRISTINE: (showing her shield) Do you run this place.
CORELLI: (sorting through LPs) Now what do wanna do? Put me out of business? I don't need cops. It's bad in here.
CHRISTINE: What do we call your name?
CORELLI: Corelli.
MARY BETH: This kid is missing.
CORELLI: (without looking at the flyer) Don't know him.
MARY BETH: (holding the flyer in front of his face) Are you sure?
CORELLI: I only work here, lady. I'm no social worker.
MARY BETH: Yeah, you're a nice simple, honest guy. Eh? (looking at pop art on the walls) You take money off of kids below the poverty line for a living.
CORELLI: It's called free enterprise, lady, 'cos it's a free country.
MARY BETH: And it has laws. And it has civil ordinances. And you better be on the right side of every single one of them from now, Mr. Corelli, ...or you're in big trouble.
CHRISTINE: (handing him a flyer) Our name and phone number is on the bottom of this sheet. You should stick it somewhere, ...where you can see it.

[Taggarts' apartment]

MRS. TAGGART: So that's it. That's all you're gonna do to try to find him.
MARY BETH: Believe me, Mrs. Taggart, if we could be doing anything else, we'd be doing it.
MRS. TAGGART: It's been almost three days. I guess you don't send cops out there to look for a lower income child.
MARY BETH: Ma'am, even if we had the personnel, we don't know where else to look for him. He could be any place.
MRS. TAGGART: Look, if he were rich and white, I'll tell you where he'd be! He'd be home, because you'd move heaven and earth to try to find him.
CHRISTINE: Hey lady, I'm getting real tired of your attitude! We're doing everything we can. We've had nothing to go on! Nobody knows where you're son goes or what he does after school!
MRS. TAGGART: So what are you trying to say to me? Do you think I neglect him?!
CHRISTINE: I just don't understand how you can leave a child...
MRS. TAGGART: You're damn right you don't understand! You make a nice salary paid to you by the City! You can afford a babysitter or private day care. I make eighty cents above minimum wage. I take home less than a hundred and thirty dollars a week! And I gotta a choice, right! Big choice!! I can either pay for day care or I pay my rent!
MARY BETH: Mrs. Taggart, there are City agencies...
MRS. TAGGART: Ah ha?! Welfare? The ADC and food allowance is the same as I make for forty hours. I didn't want Kevin to grow up on handouts. So I went out and I got myself trained and I got a job so he could see somebody standing on their own two feet. And what did it get me? People going around here telling me I'm a bad mother because I don't wanna stay home on welfare. Well, you ask yourself lady, what would you do if you were me?!

[Outside the Taggarts' apartment block]

CHRISTINE: The perfect end to a perfect day.
MARY BETH: Well, what do you expect. She has a hell of a time doing it all by herself.
CHRISTINE: Come on, everyone's got problems. It's a different attitude. (as a little girl is chased up the steps between them by a little boy) Whoa, look out!
MARY BETH: (grabbing the little boy and lifting him up to face her) Say, you leave her alone!
(Mary Beth lets the boy go and sits down slowly on the steps)

[Doctor's surgery]

MARY BETH: (giving a form back to the receptionist) I didn't know how to fill out some of those questions.
RECEPTIONIST: Oh, that's all right. Have a seat. Doctor will be with you shortly.
MARY BETH: Thank you.
(an anxious couple are sitting there squeezing one another's hands. There is also an elderly woman and a mother and baby. Mary Beth fingers a brochure "After Breast Cancer". And another one "Mastectomy". Later)
(Mary Beth is no longer there)

[Laceys' bedroom]

MARY BETH: It is my business.
HARVEY: Damn it, it isn't. What is so hard, Mary Beth? You talk to the doctor and you get it over with.
MARY BETH: Yeah? We you don't have to go there. You don't have to go there and sit there and look at your future with some little brochures with a special holder about cancer and dying.
HARVEY: No one said you're dying. Even if it is cancer, no one said you're gonna die.
MARY BETH: Yeah? Maybe I'll get lucky. Oh Harve, maybe they'll just cut me in pieces and then pump me full of chemicals.
HARVEY: And you'll live. And you'll get better. That is all that is important!
MARY BETH: You know I don't want it, Harve. I don't want tubes and machines. I don't want the boys remembering me sick like that. You fall apart when I get the flu. What the hell are you gonna do with cancer?!!!
HARVEY: I'll deal with it. I'm calling the doctor. I'm calling Christine and we're getting you there first thing in the morning.
MARY BETH: Harvey...
HARVEY: Mary Beth, no discussion. This isn't just you. We are in this together.
MARY BETH: (breaking down) Harvey. ...I'm scared of dying. I... Would you hold on to me a minute and then make your phone call?
(he puts his arms round her and she sobs)

[Detectives' Squad room]

ISBECKI: (into phone) Isbecki, Fourteenth. No Mrs. Delaney we haven't heard from your husband...
PETRIE: (into phone) Petrie, Fourteenth Precinct. ...Yeah, hang on a second. I'll get that information for you.

[Detectives' Squad room/Gaming arcade]

CHRISTINE: Cagney, Fourteenth. ...Yes, Mr. Corelli.
CORELLI: Listen, I've been thinking. The trouble with the cops. It's something I don't need in my kind of business.
CHRISTINE: I take it your memory got better.
CORELLI: Yeah. Right! Look er... This guy comes in here with the kids after school. But er, he ain't no kid. He may be seventeen or eighteen. He's kind of funny, hanging around with them.
CHRISTINE: Have you seen Kevin Taggart with him?
CORELLI: Yeah. But this guy is Willy Smoke. But do me a favour. Don't hassle him on the premises. OK?
CHRISTINE: Give me a description, Mr. Corelli.

[Outside the gaming arcade]

(Chris, sitting in the Squad car, sees the two boys come out with Willy Smoke. She gets out of the car and follows them down the pavement and stops him)
WILLY SMOKE: Hey, what are you doing?
CHRISTINE: I want to talk to you.
LUCKY: Oh, it's you, baby!
WILLY SMOKE: You a cop? We've got nothing to talk about.
CHRISTINE: Yeah, we do, Willy. Kevin Taggart. Missing kid, eight years old. You were seen with him.
WILLY SMOKE: Kevin, who's he? I've never heard of him.
CHRISTINE: (pulling him back) Wait a minute. I'm not finished with you.
WILLY SMOKE: Well, I'm finished with you.
(Chris locks his arm behind his back and smashes him on a car)
WILLY SMOKE: What the hell is this?!
CHRISTINE: You're gonna tell me about Kevin Taggart whether you want to or not.
WILLY SMOKE: I've already told you I don't know no Kevin Taggart.
CHRISTINE: Don't jibe me, Willy! You paid him and your other little friends to run dope. What happened to Kevin? You sent him out on a delivery and he never came back again. (twisting his arm) Am I right, Willy?!
WILLY SMOKE: You've got nothing on me. I'm not holding. You can check me.
CHRISTINE: (turning him and grabbing him by the lapels) If you don't tell me what you know about Kevin Taggart and I'll make you the poorest pusher in New York.
WILLY SMOKE: I've already told you lady, I don't know what you're talking about.
(he makes a break for it, runs across the road and tries to climb a wire fence. Chris catches him and pulls him down)
CHRISTINE: Now, tell me Willy, where did you send Kevin?!!! ...Tell me!!

[Demolition site]

(a grab is moving rubble from a huge pile. A Squad car comes in and joins a couple of patrol cars already there)
CHRISTINE [OC]: Right, all of you, spread out. ...you know what he was wearing, so look for any articles of clothing. I need anything. OK, you four go round to the front room to room, door to door. Any place. Kevin could be hiding or could be hidden. You two go round the back and take the flats.
(the Squad car has disgorged Mary Beth, Petrie and Isbecki)
PETRIE: What have we got?
CHRISTINE: Kevin Taggart was sent to this address. We think it might be a shooting gallery.
ISBECKI: Three days since he was sent there.
CHRISTINE: Well, this was the last place he was seen. You got a better idea?
PETRIE: I'll take that flight.
CHRISTINE: And there's another door behind that crane there, Isbecki. Wait, Mary Beth, come here. What did Dr. Berringer say?
MARY BETH: They took what they call a needle biopsy. They took some fluid out of the lump and they're gonna do something tonight.
CHRISTINE: Are you OK? You didn't have to come out here.
MARY BETH: I did it. It's not a big deal. OK?
ISBECKI: Cagney! Lacey! I've got something to look at here.
(they are looking down into the basement level of the demolition site)
ISBECKI: I got thinking. What happens if a kid comes along here...
CHRISTINE: Taking a short cut?
ISBECKI: It's dark. He slips.
CHRISTINE: Let's take a look.
(Chris and Isbecki go down to basement level. Mary Beth goes and calls the crane crew)
MARY BETH: Hey fellas! (pointing to her shield) Do you wanna cut... (making a cut throat gesture) Do you wanna cut it out for a minute?
(the crane stops and the grab comes crashing down)
MARY BETH: Thank you!
KEVIN [OC]: Help!
(Chris looks down a shaft with planks, one half-broken, across it)
KEVIN [OC]: Help!
CHRISTINE: He's here. ...Here's here!
ISBECKI: (moving the planks) Let's get rid of these.
CHRISTINE: (shouting up to Mary Beth) He's here!
MARY BETH: (shouting out) Call for Emergency Services!
CHRISTINE: Kevin! Answer me if you can!
CHRISTINE: (using the torch she has been carrying) It's cold. He's got hypothermia.
ISBECKI: (taking off his jacket) I'm gonna give this a serious shot. I'm going down.
CHRISTINE: I can't see the bottom, but it doesn't look blocked. It might work.
(Isbecki is fiddling with his jacket)
CHRISTINE: Victor, what are you doing? You can't fit in there. Give me that. Give it to me!
(she wraps Victor's jacket round her left arm)
ISBECKI: If that shaft should give way you will die.
CHRISTINE: Yes, I may.
(Victor lowers her into the basement holding on to her legs. The floor slopes away. She uses the torch and begins to crawl)
MARY BETH: (into radio) Right, you have the address. We're gonna need paramedics, Emergency Services Division. We have one individual trapped. It's a juvenile.
PETRIE: (running up) You found him?
MARY BETH: There's a big hole, back of that stuff thee. Christine's going down after him.
PETRIE: Go ahead. I'll wait here for Emergency Services.
MARY BETH: Thanks.
ISBECKI: How is it down there!
CHRISTINE: (there is a fall of dust) You don't wanna know!
MARY BETH: How's it going?
ISBECKI: I don't know. Not terrific.
MARY BETH: Giving him her scarf) You must be cold.
ISBECKI: Not as cold as that kid down there.
(later a patrol car arrives, siren wailing. A TV crew is there)
REPORTER [OC]: ....little Kevin Taggart.
(Mrs. Taggart is rushed out of the patrol car)
REPORTER: Mrs. Taggart, can you give us a statement? Tell us how you feel, knowing your son is trapped down there.
MRS. TAGGART: Leave me alone.
PETRIE: Leave her alone. Leave her alone. (to Mrs. Taggart having got through the police line) I'm afraid you can't go out there. It's not safe.
MRS. TAGGART: Is he all right?
PETRIE: He's alive and we'll get him out.
MARY BETH: Christine! Can you see him?
(there is water dripping down. On the surface a crowd has gathered)
REPORTER [OC]: We're still waiting to see what the condition of the boy is. (Mrs. Taggart can hear him reporting) He's been missing for approximately three days and from all reports is apparently trapped in some kind of...
(Chris carefully removes a big block of rubble and looks ahead with the torch)
CHRISTINE: I see him! ...Kevin! ...Kevin. ...Over here, Kevin. ...Over here. Look to the sound of my voice. ...There. Hi! How ya doing. How ya doing, Kevin.
KEVIN: I'm cold.
CHRISTINE: Listen Kevin, we need your help ...to get you out of here. ...OK? ..Are you gonna help me? ...I need you to help me. ...Kevin, very slowly. Start moving towards me. ...Don't take your eyes of me. Just start moving very slowly over here in my direction. All right very... (there sis a sound of moving debris) Stop! (more dust falls) All right. Start again. ...Slow. Put your hand ahead. ...Nice and easy. ...Very slowly. Put your hand out. Good. As far as you can. Try. ..That's it. Try little harder. ...Stretch it out. Try. Try Kevin! ...You can do it. Come on. Try. Harder!
(Chris and Kevin join hands)

[Detectives' Squad room]

(all raising their plastic cups)
CHRISTINE: To the Fourteenth!
ALL: To the Fourteenth!
MARY BETH: Forever!
CHRISTINE: Isbecki, what is this? Paint stripper.
COLEMAN: That's being generous.
ISBECKI: Hey, don't knock it. That's four ninety-five a bottle.
COLEMAN: I think you overpaid.
CHRISTINE: (grabbing the bottle) I didn't know they made champagne in New Jersey!
ISBECKI: My cousin, Abe, cornered the market.
PETRIE: Lacey! For you. On three.
COLEMAN: (pointing to the TV they are all standing around) Say, look at this here!
MARY BETH: (into phone) Lacey.
ISBECKI: Here he comes! Here he comes.
CHRISTINE: Excuse me, Lieutenant.
(she begins gyrate around in front of the TV)
REPORTER: Kevin Taggart had been trapped for three days in the area in the rubble of a recently demolished building.
(the TV pictures show Isbecki carrying Kevin and Chris wrapped with a blanket over her head)
REPORTER: Today, risking his own life, Detective Chris Cagney of the Fourteenth, risking his own life...
CHRISTINE: His life!
REPORTER: ...managed to crawl into the collapse basement and bring Kevin out. The boy fortunately suffered only minor injuries. According to a police spokesperson, his reason for being near the condemned building...
(the camera concentrates on Isbecki carrying Kevin)
CHRISTINE: Now everybody thinks I'm Isbecki.
ISBECKI: Worse than that. They think I'm you.
MARY BETH: (into phone) I understand, Doctor. Thank you. ...Thank you , Doctor.
(Mary Beth sits slowly down while the rest of the squad discuss the recent events)

[Laceys' bedroom]

(Harvey is sitting on the bed. He hears footsteps)
HARVEY: Mary Beth?
(she comes in and closes the door)
MARY BETH: I see the surgeon Monday. Dr. Berringer's office made the appointment for me. I've got his name here somewhere. Dr. Berringer said the surgeon will tell me what treatments are indicated. They talk like that the whole time.
HARVEY: (getting up and going over to Mary Beth who is unloading her gun) Talking to a surgeon. Does that mean you're going to have to be operated on?
MARY BETH: Have the breast removed? Yeah, he said it could mean that. Yeah. (following her as she hides the gun away) Harve, if you touch me now, I'm gonna break apart. OK?
HARVEY: I don't know what else to do.
MARY BETH: Don't do anything! I don't want you to anything!
(as she tries to avoid him, he throws his arms around her and they fall onto the bed. She beats his back, shouting, before finally subsiding into sobs and tears)
HARVEY: I love you. I wanna be there for you.
MARY BETH: (still sobbing) I don't wanna depend on you for everything. I don't wanna mess up your life.
HARVEY: Mess up my life? Mary Beth, you are my life.

To be continued...

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