Old Debts
Original Airdate: November 5, 1984

[Detectives' Squad room]

ISBECKI: (putting a newspaper in front of Petrie) What do you think?
PETRIE: Pretty sharp.
ISBECKI: State of the art. And it's on sale too.
PETRIE: You don't have any place to put lawn furniture.
ISBECKI: Oh, I've got a patio.
PETRIE: It's a fire escape, Victor.
ISBECKI: What do you mean? I entertain out there all of the time. Barbecues.
PETRIE: Of course.
SAMUELS: (coming out of his office) I want all day-tour detectives in my office. Right away, please.
ISBECKI: It figures. Five minutes to quitting time. You know, this patio furniture is only on sale until six o'clock today.
PETRIE: Victor, life goes on, with or without patio furniture.

[Samuels' office]

SAMUELS: Hey, somebody close the door. ...I just got off the phone with the Deputy Commissioner's office. Keith Edson ...is being paroled on the fourteenth, and we are being given the assignment of protecting him until he is relocated out of State. Starting tomorrow morning at nine, you're going on twelve-hour shifts.
MARY BETH: Tomorrow, sir?
SAMUELS: Yeah. He's being released a couple of days early for security reasons. The Press doesn't know and the public doesn't know. Cagney, Lacey, you've got the first shift. Aspromante, Kazak, you're next and so on. Here's the duty roster. ...Any questions?
LA GUARDIA: Yes, I have a question. Keith Edson murdered a police officer. ...In cold blood! Why are they letting him out?
SAMUELS: Because ...his parole board recommended it.
CHRISTINE: Well, it's a joke! A man gets eight and a half years for murder.
PETRIE: Lieutenant, paroling Edson makes us all targets out there.
SAMUELS: There's not a cop in the city who's thrilled about this. But we pulled the detail, and I want him to live through it. ...Any more questions? ...All right. Corwen Arms Hotel, Broadway and Seventy-second, suite nine-oh-six. All right, check out. Night duty's coming in.

[Detectives' Squad room]

CHRISTINE: (as they leave the office) That's great. You blow away a cop and you get eight years. We gotta baby-sit him!
MARY BETH: It's your job.
CHRISTINE: And it stinks! Do you know, I signed a petition protesting his parole?
MARY BETH: We've had worse assignments. At least it's only twelve hours.
CHRISTINE: In a hotel room. With a cop killer!!
MARY BETH: And then we get to come home just like every other day. I don't like it either, but we'll survive.
LUBIN: Lacey.
LUBIN: Calls from de Vesey and Weiss. And Harvey in Queens. If you love him, he'd like you to pick up half a dozen eggs, jumbo, and a six-pack, cold. And Cagney, you got a call from your father. He has reservations to meet ya at The Prince of Persia at 49th Street.
CHRISTINE: Prince of Persia? It's a little pricey for Charlie.
LUBIN: That's what it says there. 'Charlie Cagney. Dinner at eight'. Don't be late.
CHRISTINE: Maybe he had a good day at the track.

[Squad car]

(Chris is driving)
MARY BETH: Well, how was dinner with your dad?
CHRISTINE: He didn't show.
MARY BETH: Why not?
CHRISTINE: It was Dory.
CHRISTINE: Practical joke. Very hard to explain.
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, do not 'Ah ha' me.
MARY BETH: Ah huh?
CHRISTINE: He made up this whole story to get me there and then, in the middle of dessert, he up and goes on a stake out. He spends time with me for one hour. Would you believe that!
MARY BETH: Yes, I can believe that.
CHRISTINE: I don't understand him.
CHRISTINE: He said we shouldn't see each other anymore because it was getting too complicated. And then he invites me out to a restaurant under false pretences and apologises for what happened weeks ago, and then kicks off like he's going to a fire.
MARY BETH: Ah huh.
CHRISTINE: And since then there are no phone calls and no explanations. ...There are no parking spaces!
MARY BETH: Come on, Christine, I've already told you my opinion.
CHRISTINE: Many times. ...There's a parking space right up there.
MARY BETH: There's a hydrant. We'll get a ticket.
CHRISTINE: No matter.
(just then there's a screeching of tyres as another car brakes and reverses into the space)
CHRISTINE: Hey buddy, wanna move it?! (showing her shield) Do you wanna ticket?!
(there is more screeching of tyres as the car leaves the space)

[Corwen Arms Hotel suite]

(Scott McCauley, a detective with his gun at the ready, lets in the duo. A second detective, Havering, is putting his jacket on)
McCAULEY: I'm glad to see you. You're twenty minutes late.
MARY BETH: Sorry to keep you waiting, McCauley.
CHRISTINE: We had to park in Brooklyn. ...Where's Edson?
HAVERING: Our boys still a little drudgy from prison, so he wanted to take a shower.
MARY BETH: Any other doors to this palace?
McCAULEY: Just the front door and the bedroom.
MARY BETH: Dumb waiter?
McCAULEY: It's locked off.
HAVERING: Have fun, ladies. This guy's a real piece of work.
MARY BETH: We weren't exactly expecting the Prince of Wales.
McCAULEY: Good. Then you won't be disappointed.
EDSON: (appearing from the shower, to McCauley, as the other detective goes out) Where are you guys going?
MARY BETH: I'm Detective Lacey, this is Detective Cagney. We're out of the Fourteenth Precinct. We're gonna be your bodyguards for the next twelve hours.
EDSON: (to McCauley) This is a joke. Right?
McCAULEY: No, we're on our way out. Our job is just to get you here.
EDSON: No, no, no. I'm not gonna agree to this. Women cops?!
McCAULEY: (to Chris) Sign here. He's all yours.
EDSON: Oh, I don't believe this. Women cops! You might as well put a bullet right through me.
McCAULEY: Have fun, ladies. ...Bye.
MARY BETH: Mr. Edson, we'd like to get a couple of things clear here. First, we didn't volunteer for this. Secondly, this is how we're gonna proceed in the next twelve hours. You stay away from the windows. You stay away from the doors. You stay away from the telephone. If it rings, we'll answer it and you behave yourself. ...Understand?
EDSON: I'm not in prison anymore. I don't have to take orders from anybody.
MARY BETH: Stay out of my face, you!
EDSON: Especially a couple of broads!!
CHRISTINE: You're a pretty brave guy. Wasn't it your understanding, Detective Lacey, that this man is a target? For every cop in New York City.
MARY BETH: It doesn't seem to worry him.
CHRISTINE: Hm. What do we need this shade here for? (going towards a window) Let's get some light in the room.
EDSON: Keep that shade down!
CHRISTINE: Do you think he's worried somebody's out there?
MARY BETH: Maybe he's shy.
EDSON: You know damn well what I'm worried about.
MARY BETH: What was that thing we were talking about, just before?
CHRISTINE: Is he clear what's expected.
MARY BETH: Right. ...Mr. Edson, is it clear what's expected?
(later Edson is dressed and drinking from a can, eating and watching TV)
EDSON: (going to sit by Chris) What are you reading?
EDSON: (moving closer) Only reading the good parts?
CHRISTINE: Edson, if you touch me, you're gonna hold the record for New York's shortest parole.
(later they have had a meal)
MARY BETH: (into phone) Harve, did the orthodontist tell you that Harve Jr. does not have to wear his retainer every day, or does this come from Harve Jr.? ...Then make him wear it, sweetheart. ...Yeah. ...Yeah, me too. ...Kiss the boys for me. ...Yeah.
(she rings off)
EDSON: So, what have you got? A couple of boys? (Mary Beth gets up and waves him aside) So, what does your husband do? Is he a cop too?
MARY BETH: I'm not gonna discuss my family with you.
EDSON: Well, sure, what do I care? ...Hey, Blondie, why don't you put some coffee on?
CHRISTINE: (flopping out on a sofa) Get lost, Edson, I'm not your nursemaid.
(the phone goes)
MARY BETH: Don't touch it. (into phone) Yeah? ...What is this? ...This is a sad commentary on your social life. (she rings off) Creep.
EDSON: Did he say something sexy? What did he say?
(the phone goes again)
MARY BETH: (into phone) Yeah? ...Look, if you keep it up, I'm gonna have the line traced and you're gonna be in big trouble!
(she rings off)
EDSON: Why don't you take the phone off the hook, Lacey?
MARY BETH: That's enough out of you!
CHRISTINE: Don't waste your energy, Mary Beth. The phone will stay on the hook because we have to deal with a death in the precinct. So why don't we have some quiet time here?
EDSON: 'Why don't we have some quiet time here?' Quiet time, quiet time! What am I in? Nursery school here?
CHRISTINE: Put a cork in it, Edson.
(Edson flops out on another sofa. Later another meal arrives)
MARY BETH: (to the waiter who has a the tray) I'll take this here.
CHRISTINE: Thank you.
(as Mary Beth puts the tray down she grips her shoulder)
EDSON: (putting his hand on the shoulder) Do you want me to massage that for you?
(Mary Beth slaps him away)
MARY BETH: Give it a rest!
EDSON: I mean it! I'm good at that! It's what I used to do! I'm a licensed masseur. I used to get twenty-five bucks an hour, and that was eight years ago.
CHRISTINE: Armed robbery was just a hobby, huh?
(Mary Beth laughs. The phone goes)
MARY BETH: (into phone) Look, there's community mental health plans for this type of thing. You don't have to go through your life hyperventilating over the telephone.
(she rings off)
CHRISTINE: (shouting from the bedroom) Mary Beth!
MARY BETH: Yeah? What? (going towards the bedroom) What's the matter?
CHRISTINE: (coming out of the bedroom and whispering and then saying) Cockroach.
(she indicates the size)
MARY BETH: You are worse than my kids. I'll get it for you.
CHRISTINE: (pulling Mary Beth back) I'll get it. (picking up a newspaper and making a roll of it) I've gotta get over this.
CHRISTINE: (indicating the newspaper) This'll do it.
(Mary Beth mimics the size of the cockroach. Chris goes back into the bedroom. Mary Beth stands by the door. The phone rings)
MARY BETH: Don't answer the phone, Edson.
(the phone rings again)
MARY BETH: (shouting from the door) Knock it off, you pervert!
(the phone rings again. Edson picks it up)
EDSON: (into phone) Yeah, I know if you...
(there is a loud bang, smoke and Edson is laying flat on his back. The duo peers from the bedroom doorway through the smoke)
MARY BETH: Christine.
MARY BETH: Oh, my God.
(later there is a forensic team in and Mary Beth is sitting, looking shattered)
DETECTIVE #1: Edson asked you about your family and you refused to discuss it with him?
MARY BETH: That's right.
DETECTIVE #1 And at that point you got the first phone call?
MARY BETH: Ah, right.
DETECTIVE #1: What did he say?
MARY BETH: I told you, he was a breezer.
DETECTIVE #1 What did you say to him?
(Chris is being interviewed separately)
CHRISTINE: I never opened the shades. I had threatened to open the shades. We wanted to get some control of the guy.
DETECTIVE #2: ( a female detective) Are you saying that the minute McCauley and Havering left, you lost control of the situation?
DETECTIVE #1 Well, what did you tell him? What did you say to him?
MARY BETH: I told him... I said I'd have the line traced.
DETECTIVE #1 And you didn't?
MARY BETH: No sir. I thought it was a kid, you know, or a pervert, you know, some... It happens all the time.
DETECTIVE #1: How much time elapsed between the second and third phone calls?
DETECTIVE #2: How preoccupied were you with the cockroach?
CHRISTINE: Not enough to compromise the security of the room.
DETECTIVE #2: Oh. ...How long were you in the bathroom before you became so distressed over the cockroach that you had to come out here and discuss it with your partner?
CHRISTINE: (jumping up) Look, you wanna get off the cockroach! Archy the cockroach didn't kill him! Lacey did not kill him! I did not kill him!
DETECTIVE #2: Nobody's accusing you or your partner or the cockroach, but obviously somebody was able to get to him.
CHRISTINE: (shouting) That is... Stop it! Nobody got to him! I keep telling you there was an explosive charge inside the telephone. Now what do you expect me do? Disassemble the entire phone system!
DETECTIVE #2: Well, if you had, we wouldn't be going through this, would we? Tell me, you didn't happen to sign the petition protesting Edson's release, did you?
CHRISTINE: Yeah, I did.

[Laceys' apartment]

(Harvey, in his pyjamas, comforts Mary Beth when she gets home)

[Chris's loft]

(Chris comes in, checks the answer-phone and goes and sits on the bed)

[Precinct front desk office]

(the duo comes in. They completely ignore Isbecki's attempt to talk to them)

[Detectives' Squad room]

(on their desk is a gift-wrapped present)
MARY BETH: (reading the attached card) 'For a job well done'. (shouting to the office) For a job well done!
LA GUARDIA: It wasn't us. It came by special messenger.
(Mary Beth dumps it in the bin. They both look at several telephone messages)
MARY BETH: Oh, look at this. We've got congratulations from half the police department.
CHRISTINE: I'd give my left arm to know what happened. You should have heard my father last night. Every cop he ran into on East Avenue was buying him drinks. ...Daniels wants to see us.
MARY BETH: That figures.
SAMUELS: I heard the IA investigated you?
MARY BETH: I have had more pleasant evenings, sir.
SAMUELS: They were just doing their job, Lacey.
CHRISTINE: So were we.
SAMUELS: They wanna see you downtown. Deputy Commissioner's office.
MARY BETH: I can't go and see the Commissioner dressed like this.
CHRISTINE: Does it matter?
MARY BETH: Well, it matters to me! I think it should matter to you, Christine.
CHRISTINE: Do we have to dress for this?
SAMUELS: Say, dress doesn't make any difference. You've just to be there at eleven o'clock.
MARY BETH: Sir, we've already told IA everything that occurred.
SAMUELS: I don't think this about the facts of the case.
CHRISTINE: Well, we've just received champagne from some of our fellow officers. Daniels in PR wants to see us. The Deputy Commissioner has requested our presence downtown. ...Anything else, Lieutenant?
SAMUELS: They want to see you in Legal.
MARY BETH: Legal, sir?
SAMUELS: There's talk of a possible wrongful-death suit.
CHRISTINE: Wrongful-death suit? From whom?
SAMUELS: Edson's family.
MARY BETH: He had a family?

[Police garage]

(the duo is dressed up. The Squad car has the bonnet up. They're looking at the newspapers)
CHRISTINE: I don't care whether we're officially on the case or not. I wanna stay with this.
MARY BETH: Not one paper spells our names right.
CHRISTINE: Great. Ernie! How much longer?
ERNIE: (sliding put from under the car) Twenty minutes.
MARY BETH: That's what you said twenty minutes ago.
CHRISTINE: This paper's only got one column on it.
MARY BETH: Well it says it was a pipe bomb.
CHRISTINE: But we know it wasn't. (throwing down the paper) They're speculating!
MARY BETH: And this one here says there were explosives, probably plastic.
CHRISTINE: 'Could be nicely moulded into a telephone receiver'. Maybe this paper's got a direct line to the DA's Office.
MARY BETH: Oh, this ridiculous. We're one full day behind the DA's Office. Have we gotta get our information out of a newspaper? Maybe we should call them.
CHRISTINE: The DA's Office isn't gonna give us anything. Technically we're still suspects. Edson still died on our shift. I'm telling ya, it will still be on our files for the rest of our careers.
MARY BETH: Is that what you're worried about, Christine? That it's gonna look bad on your file?
CHRISTINE: Damn right! Edson's dead. I don't even know if I'd bring him back if I could. Sorry, Mary Beth. You and the Commission and the papers, all they can worry about is police vigilantism. All I care is about getting the damn idiot that did it. ...So, what do we have?
MARY BETH: (as somebody rushes in with a car part) Oh, look at this here! Four thirty-six. What are you doing? Rebuilding the motor?
ERNIE: (holding an oil filter) Hey, I'm working as fast as I can.
MARY BETH: A simple oil change. I could have done it myself.
ERNIE: Twenty minutes.
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, we've have one or two days before they put us back on a full caseload. So, come on!
MARY BETH: All right.
CHRISTINE: (reading from a newspaper) 'Plastique. It's used in the military and for construction'. I've got a hunch somebody's got inside information. He knew about the early release date. He knew about the hotel room. He got by everybody completely unnoticed.
MARY BETH: It has to be a cop.
CHRISTINE: That's gotta be why everybody's treading very lightly.
MARY BETH: Right. What's his name? Holgate.
CHRISTINE: What do we have on him?
MARY BETH: Well, it says here he has an alibi. He was on duty at the time on the twenty-second, all signed up.
CHRISTINE: Could be another cop.
MARY BETH: Which means it would have to be someone with enough connections to get the information. Which means... It could be anybody, couldn't it?
ERNIE: Cagney. Lacey.
MARY BETH: Are you finished?
ERNIE: (pointing to the oil filter) Thirty minutes.
MARY BETH: So, what do you expect? It's a police department.

[Precinct front desk office]

(the duo comes in)
MARY BETH: Hi ya, Lubin.
CHRISTINE: Got any messages?
LUBIN: Yeah. ...Couple for Lacey. ...Nothing for you.
(Chris moves off looking disappointed)

[Locker room]

(Chris has three attempts to close her locker door by slamming it shut. She then kicks it three times and holds her head)
MARY BETH: Something on your mind, Christine?
CHRISTINE: God, he is selfish!
CHRISTINE: I'm involved in something right now that could ruin my entire career! And do you think he phones me?!
MARY BETH: Oh. What else is new?
CHRISTINE: You're right!
CHRISTINE: You are right! (she sits down and holds her head again) You don't know what he's like, Mary Beth. He's scared. Well, so am I!
(Mary Beth sits down beside Chris)
CHRISTINE: I decided that it was OK. ...He's so funny. ...He makes me laugh. Honest he does. And he's... Well, you know what I mean. And he's just wonderful to me in bed.
MARY BETH: Sounds OK to me.
CHRISTINE: And I thought, well, it would be OK just to not want any more, because if I wanted any more, then I would end up being hurt. ...But, damn it. I don't know.
(there is a long pregnant pause. Mary Beth gets up)
MARY BETH: Come on. Well, what do you say? We'll go out, have a little dinner. Get a little silly. Huh?
CHRISTINE: I don't know.
MARY BETH: You sure?
CHRISTINE: I'm going home to read a book.
MARY BETH: Wanna kick your locker some more?
CHRISTINE: Yes, I think I will.
(She gives it a hefty kick)
MARY BETH: (inviting her to do it again) Go on.
CHRISTINE: No, that's fine.

[Chris's loft]

(she is in bed, head wrapped in a towel, reading a book, holding a glass of wine. As she takes a sip, the phone rings)
CHRISTINE: (into phone) Hello. ...Dory?! ...Yeah. No, I would not be interested in buying life insurance. ...Thank you.
(she picks up the book, starts to look for where she had got to and then flings it away)

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Mary Beth is studying a file as Chris comes in)
MARY BETH: How ya doing?
CHRISTINE: Great. ...Is that the Duffy file?
MARY BETH: Yeah. Thirty-five years old. You should see the collars he made. But the most interesting thing. Look here. Take a look at training.
(they both look at La Guardia)

[Precinct corridor]

(the duo is following La Guardia)
CHRISTINE: Paul, come on! Look, we need help here.
LA GUARDIA: As far as I'm concerned the case is closed.
MARY BETH: Closed? (La Guardia turns away) Wait a... Wait a second. Wait a second. The man who murdered a kid that you trained gets blown up and that means to you the case is closed. I don't think that you mean it.
LA GUARDIA: What do you wanna know?
MARY BETH: OK. You knew Tim Duffy pretty well? Who would want to avenge his death?
LA GUARDIA: How many cops are there on the force?
CHRISTINE: Could you hit the mark a little closer, Paul? ...What about his family?
LA GUARDIA: The funeral was the last time I saw his family. His wife was so distraught, she couldn't accept the flag. The kid had to take it.
MARY BETH: Are they still in the city?
LA GUARDIA: I heard the wife died two or three years later. And the son... (to Mary Beth) How does a kid handle a situation like that? ...Trouble at school. Floating from here and there. I think he's still in New York.
CHRISTINE: Well, what about his partner, Holgate? From Duffy's record it looked they were quite a team.
LA GUARDIA: They had their futures in front of them. ...Holgate was a little older. He was gonna go for his Sergeants' Exam.
MARY BETH: Why didn't he?
LA GUARDIA: He broke. Something inside him snapped that night and he was never the same. One day he's a terrific cop. The next day he's the station attendant at the Twenty-second Precinct.
CHRISTINE: Station attendant? ...It's like a janitor.
LA GUARDIA: Only you get to keep the uniform. One cop was shot that night. ...Two cops died.
CHRISTINE: Thank you.

[Twenty-second Precinct House back entrance/staircase to basement]

(the duo comes in through a filthy kitchen area)
MARY BETH: Do you think they've sent us on a wild goose chase?
CHRISTINE: They said his office is down in the basement. That where Mike Petrovich has his.
MARY BETH: Who's Mike Petrovich?
CHRISTINE: Station attendant at the Fourteenth. You know him. The guy who tanks up the Squad cars, takes care of the boilers.
MARY BETH: Oh, yeah. Mike.


CHRISTINE: Oh, so this is where all the old warhorses go. Mary Beth, I do not want to see this in my case file.
MARY BETH: Oh it's not so bad. In any case, if you can't hack it any more, it's a place to go every day. It's a job. Better than phone companies do for ya.
CHRISTINE: Excuse me. Officer Holgate?
HOLGATE: Yeah, what can I do for ya?
CHRISTINE: I'm Detective Cagney. This is Detective Lacey.
HOLGATE: From the DA's Office again?
MARY BETH: No sir. We're from the Fourteenth Squad. We're the officers who were on duty when Edson was killed.
HOLGATE: Yeah, I heard that was not a very pretty sight.
MARY BETH: No sir.
HOLGATE: Looks like I've become the prime suspect, huh?
CHRISTINE: You were Duffy's partner.
HOLGATE: Yeah, that's right. Look, I'll tell ya just what I told the DA's Office. I was angry about Edson's release. I wrote a few letters. I even tried to talk to the Police Commissioner. They still let him out. Well, eight and a half years for killing. It's a sham!
MARY BETH: Did you wanna see Edson dead?
HOLGATE: Do you like each other? Do you work well together?
HOLGATE: Well, Timmy and I, we were the best. We were good friends. ...The night that he died, we stopped off at a liquor store. Timmy was trying to quit smoking. But he folded. We walked in there together. I was kidding him. I was trying to make him feel as bad as I could. ...Anyway, I heard a voice behind us. We turned around. There was this guy with a forty-five just pointed right at Timmy's head. He took Timmy's gun, then he took mine. I'm never gonna forget the look on Edson's face. ...He raised my gun up to Timmy's head and... Bang! ...Pulled the trigger. He enjoyed it! (to Mary Beth) What would you do?! (mimicking a gun at Chris's head) ...If someone did that to her?
MARY BETH: (as Holgate walks away) Officer Holgate! I'm sorry. I have to ask you this. Did you kill Keith Edson?
CHRISTINE: Where were you when he was murdered?
HOLGATE: I was right here on duty. You can check the blotter. It was the day. It was like any other day. I took the subway to work, I did my eight hours and then I took the subway home.


DUFFY: I didn't cry when I heard, you know? Any law against me having a grudge against the murderer of my father.
(as Duffy gets to work on a piece of equipment)
MARY BETH: Looks like business is good.
DUFFY: A lot of this is junk. I've got a business servicing spare parts. I get by. I've got a contract with a cab company.
MARY BETH: Oh yeah.
DUFFY: Potholes are rather tough on radios, you know?
MARY BETH: Yeah, ours is on the blink all the time. So Sean, where were you that morning?
DUFFY: I went upstate. I went camping, OK?
DUFFY: Like I told the detectives yesterday, 'Alone'.
CHRISTINE: Not much of an alibi.
DUFFY: When I left I didn't think I needed one.
CHRISTINE: Are you in the habit of just closing up your business here and going camping in the middle of the week?
DUFFY: I knew Edson was out. And I didn't wanna be in the same city with him. OK?
MARY BETH: Yeah. How did you know that?
DUFFY: Why is that important?
MARY BETH: Because the release date was unannounced.
(Duffy gets up)
CHRISTINE: Wanna go downtown and answer that?
DUFFY: Look, my father's old partner stays in touch. I saw him that morning. We talked. I didn't kill him.


FRIEDMAN: I'd really like to help you ladies out, but the DA says I shouldn't talk to you. I would be in big trouble.
CHRISTINE: You know we didn't have anything to do with it.
FRIEDMAN: That doesn't matter! I'm not allowed to talk to anybody who's not on the case. ...Sorry.
MARY BETH: Come on, Chris, we're wasting our time here.
(Chris sits on his desk and shows him an attractive thigh)
CHRISTINE: You probably know a lot about people, ...and the bombs they make.
MARY BETH: Christine!
FRIEDMAN: You're getting very near.
CHRISTINE: I've read about the Plastique in the newspapers. It normally comes in very small blasting caps.
FRIEDMAN: Oh, the heads no bigger than a matchstick. It was very popular out in Vietnam.
CHRISTINE: You discovered all of that just by going through the debris?
FRIEDMAN: Do you think you're the only ones in this department who do the detective work? Well, the whole thing has been deductive logic. I probably shouldn't tell you this, but I was the one that figured out how that bomb that got Edson was detonated.
CHRISTINE: (easing up her skirt a bit and crossing her legs in the opposite direction) Really!
CHRISTINE: Let me guess. A radio-controlled device, just like a model aeroplane.
FRIEDMAN: Ooh! More like a garage door opener.
CHRISTINE: And you figured it out.
FRIEDMAN: And of course that was the big thing.
CHRISTINE: (lifting her knee a bit) Isn't this terrific?
FRIEDMAN: Mm hm. It told us that the person who set it off had to be in a one-block radius.
CHRISTINE: I don't believe it.
FRIEDMAN: What do you mean 'You don't believe it'? I mean that is what you were angling for. ...Isn't it?
CHRISTINE: Thank you.

[Outside the Corwen Arms Hotel]

(the duo comes out)
MARY BETH: What has got into you?
CHRISTINE: They've go nobody but Uniforms in that room before Edson. I think we've got a cop!
MARY BETH: Yeah, Holgate!
CHRISTINE: Or someone who was posing as a cop.
MARY BETH: What do we do next?
CHRISTINE: I don't know. (arriving at the car and finding a parking ticket on the windscreen) I don't believe this.
MARY BETH: Police shield right on the windscreen. I don't believe they can read.
CHRISTINE: I am not going to Brudinski and have this ticket voided.
MARY BETH: Brudinski likes you.
CHRISTINE: I stood him up in a sushi bar. I ran up eighty-two bucks.
MARY BETH: Fifty bucks.
CHRISTINE: I should apologise.

[Chris's loft]

(Chris is working out. There is a knock at the door. Chris continues to exercise. There is another knock. She checks the peephole and unlocks the door)
DORY: Hi. My group meeting was just a couple of blocks away. I thought I'd stop by. ...You alone?
CHRISTINE: Harry's in the bathroom. (she laughs) No, there's no one here. Come on in.
(she locks the door)
CHRISTINE: Can I get you anything?
DORY: I decided to call.
DORY: I mean about Edson. Must be rough, huh?
CHRISTINE: We're handling it.
DORY: Chris, I think... ...Do you still make that fancy Colombian coffee?
DORY: I wasn't sure I was gonna see you again.
CHRISTINE: No? ...Dory, why do we keep doing this to each other?
DORY: We're doing it because... I don't know why we're doing it. OK?
CHRISTINE: I told you the other night that we could take it slow. I said that I wouldn't move...
DORY: Christine, I'm a... I don't know. ...I'm different.
CHRISTINE: Terrific! So am I.
DORY: When I was using... When I was high on coke, I was speeded up all the time. I was excited and exciting. Got on top of things. ...It used to be great between us. ...And I keep thinking, 'Well, what if it's not the same'.
CHRISTINE: Dory, this is so crazy.
DORY: I know it's crazy.
CHRISTINE: Cocaine does not make sex better, it makes it worse.
DORY: Look, I'm not talking about better or worse. It's different. I mean I always thought that without that between us. I mean, without the sex, ...I wouldn't be able to keep you around.
CHRISTINE: (shaking her head and more to herself) This is crazy, damn it. (to Dory) I loved you to make love to me. ...But more than the sex, what I loved is what we had afterwards. I loved the tenderness and afterwards was when the barriers were broken down. And afterwards was when we really touched each other.
DORY: This is...
CHRISTINE: Dory! I can't help it. I don't think I know any other way to get there. (they look at one another) Just hold me. ...Please hold me.
(he moves towards her, they embrace and then the phone goes. The answer-phone comes on)
VOICE: (on answer-phone) Hey, Cagney, do everybody a big favour. Forget about Edson. It's the best police work you ever did. He had to die.
(she breaks out of the clinch and rushes to the phone)
CHRISTINE: (into phone) Who is it? ...Who is it?!
(the caller rings off. Dory takes her gently in his arms)

[Detectives' Squad room]

PETRIE: (putting two bags in front of Mary Beth) We bought you lunch. Isbecki's idea.
ISBECKI: Yeah, I'm paying.
CHRISTINE: I can tell.
MARY BETH: Is this because of Edson?
PETRIE: No, it's er, because we realise what you've been going through and we haven't exactly been the most supportive.
ISBECKI: Look, what he's trying to say is, Edson wasn't important. It could have happened to anybody.
(the duo looks at one another)
CHRISTINE: Thank you for lunch.
ISBECKI: Like he said, it was my idea. Do you wanna vanilla shake or chocolate...
MARY BETH: Vanilla.
CHRISTINE: You know, Victor, it's very sweet but it wasn't necessary. It...
MARY BETH: Christine! Our fellow officers want to help out. Let's be gracious.
(they look at Samuels in his office)
MARY BETH: Marcus, do you still have that contact in the DA's Office because we need something.
CHRISTINE: Like the personnel files on Holgate.
MARY BETH: Bingo. (to Petrie) What do you think?

[Manhattan street]

(the Squad car is parked near a phone booth)
MARY BETH: (returning from across the street) No go.
CHRISTINE: Well, it doesn't make sense. He must have been here for over an hour. How is it that nobody saw anybody lingering around the only working phone booth on this entire block. Let's say it was Holgate.
CHRISTINE: He said he took the subway that day. Then he would have to have gotten out of that subway, crossed this street and used that phone booth.
MARY BETH: (consulting notes) No, no, wait a second. Duffy says that Holgate came to see him that morning. Right? Well, think about what that means. Holgate starts off in the Bronx. Then he goes to Brooklyn to visit Duffy. And then he comes to work in Manhattan.
MARY BETH: So, in order to do that he has to get on an I and D, and then he has to transfer to an IRT, and then he would have to switch over to a local B or C in order to make his way to the Twenty-second Precinct.
CHRISTINE: That's a hard way to start the day.
MARY BETH: Yeah, unless he drove. And if he drove, all he had to do was go right down the East River Drive and over the Brooklyn Bridge.
CHRISTINE: Well, if he drove, he lied to us. Have you got a dime?
MARY BETH: My pleasure.
(the car has a parking ticket on it)
CHRISTINE: (coming off the phone in the booth) Duffy says that Holgate had his car that day.
MARY BETH: Then he could have got in and out of the Twenty-second Precinct a couple of times, made those phone calls. Would have been quick. Nobody would have missed him.
CHRISTINE: We can't prove it. (seeing the parking ticket) Ah! No! (ripping it off the windscreen) No!!
MARY BETH: Hey, hang on. That's another one for Brudinski.
CHRISTINE: I don't wanna go and see Brudinski, Mary Beth, the man wants to go out with me. He flirts.
MARY BETH: What you never do.
MARY BETH: Never? What was that with the thigh business with the bomb expert. What do you call that?
CHRISTINE: That's different. That's called 'In the line of duty'.
(a cab hoots them as they prepare to leave)
CHRISTINE: Hey, you've got you flag. Do you wanna give it a rest! ...Mary Beth, Holgate had to make it back and forth here pretty fast. What if he got a parking ticket?
MARY BETH: Brudinski? ...Brudinski.

[New York State, Motor Vehicles Department]

CHRISTINE: Put yourself in my place. I mean, it's not easy being single. You know? I'm sure, sometimes, haven't you had it right up to here? Ah ha. With that one more date. One more time you have to be affable. You've gotta be charming. ...And smile. So, that is why I never called and cancelled our date. I just couldn't ...face it that night. I couldn't even talk to you.
BRUDINSKI: Is this supposed to make me be feeling better.
MARY BETH: Well, yes. She's trying. You have to understand that sometimes people have their limitations. That's what she's trying to say and your not gonna hang us up because Christine does not have perfect manners.
BRUDINSKI: All right. OK. I'll do it. (to Mary Beth) For you.
MARY BETH: Oh. Well, what we need is a list of all of the ticketed people (giving him a list) on those streets on the day of the tenth.
BRUDINSKI: Is that all?
MARY BETH: And we need a cross-reference to the owners of those vehicles.
BRUDINSKI: Oh, well, why didn't you tell me it was something easy? I only have to run three different programs.
(while Brudinski gets to work they turn away)
MARY BETH: (holding the parking tickets) Ask him, Christine, and ask him nicely. (Chris snatches the tickets out of Mary Beth's hand) Say 'Please'.
CHRISTINE: Excuse me. I wonder if it's possible. Could you take care of these for us, ...please. ...We'd really appreciate it, Stanley.
CHRISTINE: Doug?! Well, ...thank you, Doug.

[Samuels' office]

(Samuels is looking at a computer printout)
CHRISTINE: That parking ticket places Holgate's car within the vicinity of the hotel a half hour before Edson was killed.
MARY BETH: He could have had his ticket voided, but he paid it so it didn't draw attention to him.
CHRISTINE: According to his personnel file he had military experience in demolitions.
SAMUELS: Hold it a second. Let me understand this. You ran a parking ticket through the DMV? And you cut into computer time without a signed priority form? And then you go ahead and get hold of his personnel file? All of this, without getting a clearance from me?!
CHRISTINE: Well, Lieutenant, we were not officially on the case! So we...
SAMUELS: Forget that! I just wanna know how you managed to do it all.
MARY BETH: Oh well, sir, there's a Doug Brudinski over at...
(Chris nudges Mary Beth)
SAMUELS: Hold it. Never mind. Maybe it's better that I don't know.
CHRISTINE: How do we handle this, Lieutenant?
SAMUELS: I'll call his er, commanding officer. Then you two are gonna have to go down and make the collar.
MARY BETH: Yes sir. (looking at Chris) Yes sir!

[Squad car]

MARY BETH: What do you think the IAD guys will feel like? About us bringing in another cop.
CHRISTINE: From the guys I know, they get a kick out of it.
MARY BETH: I can't believe it. ...It's one of us. ...Maybe he'll be glad it's over. (looking at Chris) Huh?

[Twenty-second Precinct commander's office]

COMMANDING OFFICER: I don't want him handcuffed in the Squad room.
MARY BETH: No sir. We'll walk him out the back entrance. Right?
(Holgate comes into the Squad room and sees the duo in with the commander and then goes back out)


(Holgate comes in and unlocks a padlocked filing cabinet drawer. As the duo comes down the stairs Holgate is loading his gun. As the duo reaches basement level they see Holgate go into the Mens room)
MARY BETH: Officer Holgate.
(they hear a shot)

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