Affirmative Action
Original Airdate: January 24, 1983

[Manhattan street]

(the duo rushes across the street one morning from a delicatessen where Chris has picked up her breakfast)
MARY BETH: Will you come on.
CHRISTINE: We're still early.
MARY BETH: Four minutes.
CHRISTINE: What's he gonna do, fire us?
CHRISTINE: (handing Mary Beth her coffee) Here, hold this.
MARY BETH: We're gonna miss Samuels' speech.
MARY BETH: We didn't get a welcoming speech on our first day, did we?
CHRISTINE: We weren't very welcome, remember? Damn, look at this.
MARY BETH: What are you doing?
CHRISTINE: Every time they put the cream just on one side and I've told 'em I really hate it.
MARY BETH: Couldn't you wait to do that until we're at the Squad room?
CHRISTINE: No, wait, I don't want to starve. If I'm early he'll throw another case at me.
MARY BETH: Well, maybe with the new kid coming on things'll ease up.
CHRISTINE: I doubt it. Have you heard anything about her?
MARY BETH: We will see soon enough if we ever get there.
CHRISTINE: Would you relax. Here, eat some.
CHRISTINE: I'm telling you, you'll feel better if you have a nice leisurely breakfast to start off the day.

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Samuels has the detectives gathered round him and the new recruit)
SAMUELS: So I guess the Department's decided to speed up around here and they realise we need help. Not that I'm saying that you people aren't doing your job, but er, the more the merrier. Right! So I am happy to introduce to you the newly appointed detective Diane Tunar...
DIANE: Turner sir.
SAMUELS: Turner! ...and I know you're all gonna want to give her the big one-four 'Hello' So go ahead and do that.
LA GUARDIA: Diane. (shaking her hand) The force is with you.
(they all applaud)
SAMUELS: That's it. (to Diane) So let me show you your desk here.
(the duo comes in)
MARY BETH: (to Chris at the booking-in board) Get mine, would ya?
ISBECKI: You missed the big speech!
CHRISTINE: Nuts! So how's the new girl.
ISBECKI: Oh she...
CHRISTINE: Never mind, I'll find out for myself.
CHRISTINE: Except if she's your type, which is near enough anything that breeds...
CHRISTINE:'ll probably hit her. If she said 'No', you'll probably tell her she's a bimbo. And if she said 'Yes', no matter what.
ISBECKI: I don't hit every girl I meet. I didn't hit Mary Beth.
CHRISTINE: Well, she's married.
MARY BETH: Yes you did!
MARY BETH: Never mind.
ISBECKI: Oh, I knew this was coming. Another girl in the Squad room.
CHRISTINE: Isbecki, just be nice to her. Make an effort.
ISBECKI: Are you telling I should give her my special speech.
CHRISTINE: (as Isbecki leaves) No, I'm telling you you shouldn't!
SAMUELS: (to the duo) Good morning. You're late.
MARY BETH: Sorry we missed the speech, sir. (to Diane) Hello.
SAMUELS: Hey. All right. This is er, Detective Diane Turner. These are Detectives Mary Beth Lacey, Christine Cagney. (the duo shakes hands with Diane) You're gonna be working together the next couple of weeks.
LA GUARDIA: Lieutenant.
LA GUARDIA: Telephone.
SAMUELS: OK. Be right there. (to the duo) You're on patrol.
CHRISTINE: We were just on patrol yesterday.
SAMUELS: No kidding. But er, Taubman and Cassetti got hit something hard on the elevator robbery and I got no one I can spare.
MARY BETH: Yes sir. (to Diane) Once a week just have to cruise around, help out Uniform with whatever they need.
DIANE: Yes, I know.
MARY BETH: Of course you do. You were on the force...?
DIANE: Four years.
CHRISTINE: Really! It took me eight years to make detective.
DIANE: Oh, I got lucky. Probably harder in those days anyway.
CHRISTINE: Back in the forties.
(Mary Beth turns away. Diane sniggers)

[Squad car]

MARY BETH: So, where were you in Uniform.
DIANE: Twenty-eighth.
CHRISTINE: Just by Morningside.
DIANE: You get used to it. I got to even like it. About six months ago I was thinking about quitting and, I don't know. Anyway I got a lot of attention after the Savers-Knight case so I decided to stick around to see if anything came of it.
MARY BETH: That was you that cracked that?
DIANE: I found 'em, yeah.
CHRISTINE: Why were you thinking of quitting?
DIANE: I didn't have enough time . You're tired and you start needing the money. Not having any. Which is funny because that's why I became a cop.
CHRISTINE: What? The money?
DIANE: Not many pay this well.
CHRISTINE: Yeah, but a lot of jobs pay this well.
MARY BETH: Yeah, what would it be if it didn't have the hours.
CHRISTINE: I like the hours.
DIANE: Did you ever think of leaving?
CHRISTINE: Yeah, about four or five times a day. I never would though. This is what I've always wanted to do.
DIANE: That must be nice.
CHRISTINE: Yeah. Yeah, it is.
(Chris screeches round a corner)
MARY BETH: Would you slow down. Stop showing off.
CHRISTINE: Well, we gotta show Diane a little action here. Come on. It's her first day. You don't get much on patrol.
DIANE: No, it's great. Maybe we'll find something hot.
CHRISTINE: What's that?
DIANE: A fire.
CHRISTINE: You got it.

[Manhattan street]

(the Squad car pulls in. Two fire engines are outside the Manchester Arms apartment block)
MARY BETH: What have you got?
UNIFORMED OFFICER: I see they sent the first team in.
MARY BETH: What's going on?
UNIFORMED OFFICER: We got the arson guy upstairs, he's snooping around.
CHRISTINE: Any other detectives here?
UNIFORMED OFFICER: No. It looks pretty routine.
MARY BETH: So, we better check it out anyway.
(a fireman ascends a ladder to a second floor window. Other firemen are working in the burnt out rooms)

[Burnt out rooms]

CHRISTINE: ...hookers and junkies. Anybody who needs a room for a few minutes.
BEN: What are you ladies doing in here?
CHRISTINE: Oh, Detective Cagney, Fourteenth Squad.
BEN: Oh, Diane! Hey, hey, I didn't recognise you out of uniform.
DIANE: Hi Ben, how's it going?
BEN: Ah, (pointing to the next room) We just found a woman inside.
BEN: Yeah. Course, I think it's a woman. It's a little hard to tell. She's over here. ...The Medical Examiner's on his way.
MARY BETH: Any sign of arson?
BEN: Not that we found. A batch of cigarettes, a few needles laying around. It looks as though the fire must have started right in here.
MARY BETH: Some junkie looking for a place to sleep? Poor thing.
DIANE: (as Diane kneels down) Hey, careful! Don't touch anything. Any positive ID?
BEN: No.
DIANE: She was killed, ...before the fire. Look in the left eye. You can see some ruptured blood vessels. She was strangled. That's what happens.
CHRISTINE: Maybe. They start haemorrhaging.
DIANE: DIANE: No, it's really there. It's petechial haemorrhage.
MARY BETH: Well, this is very slight here. She's not facing downwards. It could be natural causes.
DIANE: I guess it could. ...Maybe.

[Precinct front desk office]

(the duo and Diane return)
CHRISTINE: When you're ready we'll show you how to draw up your DD5.
DIANE: Say, I just need a couple of minutes.
CHRISTINE: OK. (to Mary Beth) Do you want a candy bar?
MARY BETH: No thanks. (gesturing for Mary Beth to come with her to the candy machine) What?
CHRISTINE: I don't think she's gonna work out.
MARY BETH: She'll be fine. Why not?
CHRISTINE: I don't know. I just get nervous when I hear that people are in it for the money.
MARY BETH: Well, you ought to be nervous about eighty percent of the force. That's why I did it.
CHRISTINE: Yeah, well, sometimes it works out, you know.
MARY BETH: Thank you.
SAMUELS: So, how did it go?
MARY BETH: She'll be very good, sir.
SAMUELS: Don't forget I've gotta file reports on her so I'm going to expect you to be straight with me.
CHRISTINE: No, really, she is fine. She's a little green, just a little over-eager, but it's her first day.
SAMUELS: What do you mean, a little over-eager? What did she do? Go beating up a perp or what?
CHRISTINE: No, no. We found a fire victim today and she immediately decided it was a homicide. Now she's looking for that kind of thing.
SAMUELS: Well, it's her first day. What do you expect? Keep me posted.

[Detectives' Squad room]

MARY BETH: You know, that's the kind of thing they teach you in Lieutenant's Handbooks.
(Mary Beth spots somebody in the holding cell)
MARY BETH: Harvey?! What are you doing?
HARVEY: He, he, he. I was kinda caught on a job. I decided to stop by. They said you'd be in in a few minutes. I decided to give you a laugh.
(Petrie has a broad grin on his face)
MARY BETH: Ha, ha, ha. That's funny! Thank you.
(Mary Beth picks up the key to the holding cell, slings it over her shoulder and walks out)
HARVEY: Hey, where you going?! Hey Mary Beth! Come on!

[Precinct House yard]

(Mary Beth and Harvey come out)
HARVEY: Knock it off. It was a joke. What are you crabbing about?
MARY BETH: I hate being embarrassed, Harve.
HARVEY: It wasn't embarrassing. It was surprising.
MARY BETH: I hate surprises, OK.
HARVEY: You love surprises. Do you remember that time we went to Atlantic City?
(he has her against a wall and puts his arms around her waist)
HARVEY: When? Eight years ago, when we stayed at a place near the boardwalk. We went to a room in a little hotel.
MARY BETH: That was... (he gives her a kiss) That was a different kind of society, Harve.
(Mary Beth has a laugh at the memory)
HARVEY: The little girl, is she working out OK?
MARY BETH: Yes, she's good.
HARVEY: You're kidding.
MARY BETH: No she's good. She'll be good. She's... She's... Except that today was her first day. ...It's gonna work out for her.
MARY BETH: (breaking away) Sure, OK, it's weird having another woman, OK. Geeze!
HARVEY: That's equality for ya.
MARY BETH: It's her first day and she's very excited. Was I like that, my first day?
HARVEY: Yes, yes, you still are.
MARY BETH: Sometimes. I just think that Christine scares her.
HARVEY: What about you? Yeah, she can scare me too when she works at it.
HARVEY: I mean, do you scare easily?
MARY BETH: Me! No, I'm not the scaring type.
(as they have another kiss)
CHRISTINE: May I cut in?
HARVEY: Hi ya, Chris.
CHRISTINE: Hi de hi. (to Mary Beth) I just gotta call from the ME's office. They did a check on that body from the fire.
MARY BETH: Oh yeah?
CHRISTINE: The woman was murdered. Strangled. Just like Diane said.

[Detectives' Squad room]

LA GUARDIA: Here you are, Diane.
(La Guardia shows her some photos. Isbecki stands by)
DIANE: Is that really you?
LA GUARDIA: I was taller then. They used to assign me to escort all of the celebrities. Of course they had their own security but they always wanted a NYPD uniform in there.
DIANE: Who was your favourite?
LA GUARDIA: Eleanor Roosevelt. She was something very special. ...And Virginia Mayo. We looked great together.
(Petrie comes up)
PETRIE: (shaking her hand) I heard about that terrific collar you made.
DIANE: Thank you. Thanks very much.
(Chris comes in)
MARY BETH: We have a new hero in the Squad room.
CHRISTINE: Oh, good for her.
CHRISTINE: What do you mean? We're very lucky.
MARY BETH: Well it was a lucky call anyhow.
CHRISTINE: Come on, she called it. We didn't.
MARY BETH: Well she had medical training. I mean, any doctor or nurse could have done the same thing.
CHRISTINE: What are you worried about?
MARY BETH: I'm not worried. I'm jealous and I'm sorry for myself. ...No. I'm glad for her. I am! I'm just... I've gotta stop remembering things. ...Hey good for her!
DIANE: (as she comes in) Good morning. How are you?
DIANE: Good. What do we do now?
CHRISTINE: Well, we usually have a couple of cups of coffee, sit around, do things like the dailies. As far as the investigation? I guess we should identify the body.
MARY BETH: Check the dental records.
DIANE: Don't you have to know who the person is first? We can't shop around every dentist in New York.
MARY BETH: Dental records are used all the time to identify Jane and John Does. We check with Missing Persons.
CHRISTINE: We could canvas the area. Talk to neighbours. Find out if anybody saw something going on.
MARY BETH: The Medical Examiner's Office is working up a sketch. That'll take a couple of days.
CHRISTINE: Yeah. They reconstruct it from skeleton and hair fragments.
DIANE: I know.
MARY BETH: Well er, maybe we don't have to wait here. We have a general description. That's enough to go on for now.
DIANE: I think so. Let's roll.

[Manhattan street]

(Chris and Diane come out of the Manchester Arms apartment building)
CHRISTINE: Maybe Mary Beth got something from one of the storekeepers.
DIANE: Fifty-seven apartments. You'd think somebody would see something.
CHRISTINE: That's how it usually works out.
DIANE: Seemed like a long shot anyway.
CHRISTINE: That's the one we want.
DIANE: I just don't wanna lose this.
CHRISTINE: This stuff just takes time.
DIANE: Mind if we get something to eat? I'm starved. ...What are you looking at?
CHRISTINE: (pointing up at a woman looking out of a window in the building) That woman. We didn't go up there, did we?
DIANE: I don't remember. We must have. We rang every doorbell.
CHRISTINE: I don't think so. Come on. Third floor, front.

[Adele Houghton's apartment]

CHRISTINE: Er, Mrs. Houghton, were you looking out of the window before the fire started?
ADELE HOUGHTON: Of course, so much happens out there, I wouldn't miss it. Look, look.
(she takes them to the open window and sits on a strategically placed chair)
ADELE HOUGHTON: I don't like the TV anymore. Old stories about rich peoples problems and the game shows. I know I'll never have any of those things. I've seen all the movies they show. So I just watch outside. Make up my own.
DIANE: Do you remember seeing anybody go into that building yesterday afternoon?
ADELE HOUGHTON: A man and a woman. Not a couple, you know, but together. They got out of an automobile. Like a taxicab, but not.
CHRISTINE: What do you mean?
ADELE HOUGHTON: Wasn't yellow. Red. But she was in the back and he drove, like a taxicab, ...but not.
(she gets up and goes and sits on the settee)
ADELE HOUGHTON: Now they weren't happy. (indicating for Chris and Diane to sit down) Please. ...She didn't wanna go with him, but he (showing what happened by holding her other elbow) forced her inside. I believe she was crying. Would you like some tea?
CHRISTINE: No thank you. What else do you remember?
ADELE HOUGHTON: Nothing. It wasn't a nice movie so I stopped.
CHRISTINE: Could you describe the man to us?
CHRISTINE: Please, Mrs. Houghton, this is very important.
ADELE HOUGHTON: I don't remember him!
CHRISTINE: It's all right.
ADELE HOUGHTON: ...He wasn't nice, was he?
CHRISTINE: If you could just describe him for us, we would appreciate it. Anything you say will be held in confidence.
ADELE HOUGHTON: You promise?
CHRISTINE: Yes. ...Please...
DIANE: (shouting) Mrs. Houghton, the man you saw yesterday may have killed that woman. If you don't tell us he could be free.
(Chris restrains her)
DIANE: He could come back!
ADELE HOUGHTON: I forget. I don't remember anything.

[Manhattan street]

(Chris and Diane come out the apartment building and cross the street to the Squad car)
CHRISTINE: Just follow my lead, that's all you have to do.
DIANE: I thought I was supposed to be a detective.
CHRISTINE: Sorry, I'm just not used to being a teacher. Mary Beth has a lot of experience and was in Uniform a lot of years.
DIANE: I've been out in the trenches too, you know. It just seemed that a little intervention would work there.
CHRISTINE: You have got to learn to read the people you're talking to!
DIANE: I did.
CHRISTINE: Now what did you see?
DIANE: Someone we were supposed be get information from.
CHRISTINE: No, I mean, who did you see? What did you have to give to Adele Houghton to get what you want?
(Diane shakes her head, not understanding)
CHRISTINE: Never mind. We'll talk about it on the way in.

[Pistol range]

(the duo lets off a couple of shots each and then take off their ear defenders)
MARY BETH: Maybe she didn't realise what she was doing.
CHRISTINE: Weren't you listening to me? That's what I'm saying.
MARY BETH: Did you talk to Samuels?
CHRISTINE: Hell, no. I wanna give her a chance. I spent all afternoon trying to explain to her what it was she did wrong.
MARY BETH: Chris, can we talk about this in a little while because you're making me nervous here.
CHRISTINE: Well, you were perfect in practice. Relax yourself.
MARY BETH: The difference is that this one counts.
CHRISTINE: I tell ya, our one witness and she scares her away. Mary Beth, if you had been there you would have known how to talk to her.
MARY BETH: Well, we can still bring her in. We'll subpoena her.
CHRISTINE: Sure. If she even remembers what he looks like. The woman is a little off the planet. I realised immediately she needed special handling. It was going very well.
(they both now have their ear defenders back on)
MARY BETH: Can't hear ya, Christine.
(they let off two shots each)
CHRISTINE: I say, Mary Beth, I don't think you...
MARY BETH: Are you talking to me?!
MARY BETH: Never mind.
CHRISTINE: I said, 'I don't think she gets it'!!!
(they continue to fire as they shout at each other)
MARY BETH: Her second day. She made a mistake!
CHRISTINE: It's not experience. It's has to do with where your head's at!
MARY BETH: Whose head?
DIANE: Hers. I don't think she has it.
MARY BETH: You are making me nervous here!
CHRISTINE: I want it to work out. I do really want to help her.
MARY BETH: (pointing to her target) Look at that! Look at that! That's two points off.
DIANE: I told her tomorrow morning to go down to Missing Persons to see if she can find anybody who fits. I don't know if she can even handle that.
MARY BETH: I told you not to talk to me. Now I've gotta come back here and do this over again. Thank you very much, Christine.
(Chris changes her point of aim to Mary Beth's target and fires off her last shot. It's on target)
CHRISTINE: I had an accident.

[Police Headquarters - entrance hall]

(the duo has just arrived and they are chatting. Diane comes down the stairs)
DIANE: Morning!
MARY BETH: What is this? Did you get up at dawn?
DIANE: It didn't take long. I just finished a few minutes ago. You know I didn't realise how many people disappear in this city.
CHRISTINE: Well, we were gonna meet you upstairs. We just picked up the reconstruction sketch of the victim.
DIANE: Let me see it. ...No. I went over all the missing persons reported in the last two weeks. There was nothing. No, there was nobody like this.
CHRISTINE: Did Sam help you?
CHRISTINE: Sam ...upstairs.
DIANE: Oh, yeah, he was OK.
MARY BETH: Well, let's go check again now we've got the sketch.
DIANE: It's a waste of time. You, know, I've been thinking, you said the place was used by junkies and hookers. The killer was probably a dealer or a pimp.
CHRISTINE: That's possible, yes. But it's possible that the woman had nothing to do with the building. She was driven there by somebody else, remember? That's what Mrs. Houghton told us.
DIANE: I'm not so sure the lady knew what she was saying. She was really odd, Mary Beth. Doesn't it make more sense my way?
(with that Diane turns and to leaves)
CHRISTINE: I ...can't ...stand
DIANE: (turning back) Did one of you guys give Isbecki my phone number?
MARY BETH: (to Chris as she goes to follow Diane) I would like to talk to you later.
(Chris follows her smiling)

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Mary Beth is by herself)
ISBECKI: So, how are you two guys doing on Diane's homicide case?
MARY BETH: Fine, thank you.
ISBECKI: She's OK. You know, we really lucked out. Listen, Chris isn't being too hard on her, is she?
MARY BETH: Where did you hear that?
ISBECKI: Nowhere. You know how she gets.
MARY BETH: No, I don't.
DIANE: (coming up to Isbecki) Ready?
ISBECKI: Oh, sure.
DIANE: We're going to lunch. I'll just be across the street if you need me. See you later.
(Mary Beth's phone goes)

[Detectives' Squad room/Missing Persons]

MARY BETH: Detective Lacey, Fourteenth Squad.
KRAMER: Sam Kramer, Missing persons.
MARY BETH: Oh, hi ya Sam. How are ya?
KRAMER: Look, if you're too busy to talk to me I don't want to waste your time.
MARY BETH: What, is something the matter?
KRAMER: Well, I left two messages for you.
MARY BETH: Oh, I've got 'em right here, Sam. I've just walked in.
KRAMER: I also told your young lady to have you call me as soon as you came in.
MARY BETH: Diane?! Oh, well, I guess she forgot. I'm sorry, Sam. Er, er, what was it?
KRAMER: I pointed this out to her when she was here, but she told me I was off the mark. I mean, like I haven't been doing this for sixteen years.
MARY BETH: What, you got something for us?
KRAMER: I just got the coroner's sketch on your homicide. I thought I was on to something before. The general description was close. Now, matching up the picture...
MARY BETH: What?! What is it?
KRAMER: A woman disappeared two days ago, last seen a couple hours before your body turned up. The physical description fits.
MARY BETH: Sam, would you read it to me, please.
KRAMER: Yeah, A Karen Kantowski, reported missing by her brother. Last seen leaving the Schreiber Clinic with her one-month old daughter, Alma. I am sure this is the one. Er, did you find a baby?


KANTOWSKI: Yeah, I saw Karen that morning before I left for work. She lives two floors up. I got plenty of room but my sister likes to be independent, you know.
MARY BETH: What about the baby's father?
KANTOWSKI: They weren't married. He wanted to but we didn't need him. He took off back to Costa Rica a few months ago.
MARY BETH: The last time you saw her, Monday? Did she say where she'd be that day? She was taking Alma to the clinic. The kid had been up screaming all night.
MARY BETH: How did she plan to get there?
KANTOWSKI: She was gonna take the subway but I said 'No'. I made her use a car service. The drivers own their own cars. They take you around. It's cheaper than a cab.
CHRISTINE: Do you remember the name of that service?
KANTOWSKI: TN, but I checked them already. They said they dropped her at the clinic but they were booked er, when she was ready to come back. She probably took the subway. ...Independent, you know what I mean?
CHRISTINE: Mr, Kantowski, do you wanna look at this picture? ...Look like your sister?
KANTOWSKI: It could be. Yeah. Where d'ya get this? Do you know where she is?

[Outside the warehouse]

(the duo and Diane return to the Squad car)
CHRISTINE: I hate having to do that.
DIANE: I'm sorry. I was sure. I mean, you said the building was used by hookers and junkies, so I thought... Anyway the report said she was last seen with the baby ...and the body was found as well.
MARY BETH: Did Sam Kramer try and tell you that?
DIANE: Basically he said the first. I didn't think it was important.
CHRISTINE: You know we have wasted a lot of time here when we could have been looking for that child.
DIANE: Maybe you shouldn't have sent me to look over that stuff myself. I've only been doing this a few days.
(Mary turns away and puts her hand to her head)
CHRISTINE: The woman that we talked said they got out of a car. 'Like a cab,' she said, '...but not'.
MARY BETH: So, if the driver...
CHRISTINE: (to Mary Beth) Yes.
MARY BETH: The driver from the car service.
DIANE: (clapping her hands) Right! OK, great, let's bring him in.
MARY BETH: There's no way we can hold him without a positive ID.
DIANE: We can question...
MARY BETH: Now easy, Diane, if he has that baby we can't chance it.
DIANE: Do you believe it's still alive?
MARY BETH: Yes, I do.
MARY BETH: Because I have to.
(in the warehouse Karen Kantowski's brother has his head in his hands)

[Car service garage office]

CHRISTINE: (to Rae Gorky, the dispatcher, pointing to a man in out in the garage) Is that him? Our service driver.
RAE: Yeah, but I know the boy...
MARY BETH: Petrie's bringing her in. They'll be there in about ten minutes.
CHRISTINE: The woman said they got out of a red car.
RAE: There gotta be ten thousand red cars in this city.
CHRISTINE: Look, you told me the guy called after he dropped her off at the clinic and took the day off. ...Now could he have waited for her and offered to give her a ride home.
RAE: My boys don't do that sort of thing. Everything is strictly on the books. ...Why are you talking to me?!
DIANE: We don't think you're doing anything. We just wanted to... Because there's a missing baby involved.
(Mary Beth looks aghast at the intervention)
MARY BETH: Miss. Gorky...
RAE: Say, what kinda crime are we talking about here?
MARY BETH: Do you wanna say what we told you to do.
RAE: (sitting down) I don't need this kind of attention.
MARY BETH: Do you understand what we told you to do?
RAE: Yes.
MARY BETH: Thank you. All right. Bring them in. ...Call them in.
RAE: (into microphone) Drivers, report to the office.
(three men come in)
HUROK: Do you mind, Rae, I'm just getting off.
RAE: Hurok, I know, but these ladies are from the police. They wanna talk to you.
MARY BETH: Gentleman, Miss. Gorky here tells us that "Another Day" the soap opera., uses your service to pick up and take their actors to the studio. Do you know, I love that programme. ...Ever since I was pregnant with my first kid. I got addicted to that programme. Anyway, um, they have an actress. Now we are not at liberty to say which one. She lost her house keys and thinks she left them in one of your cars.
CHRISTINE: Yesterday she was burglarised while she was at work.
MARY BETH: Ain't that a shame?
CHRISTINE: What we need is for you to come down and do an identification line-up at the station. ...Does anyone have a problem with that?
HUROK: Do we have a choice?
THIBAULT: No. ...No problem.
CHRISTINE: Good! Good. Detective Lacey, could I see you outside for just a moment? (to Diane) You get their names and addresses. (to the drivers) Excuse me. (to Rae) Thank you very much.
MARY BETH: We appreciate your cooperation.


MARY BETH: Change of orders?
CHRISTINE: Yeah, yeah. I want you to get rid of Diane.
MARY BETH: What do you mean?
CHRISTINE: I told you our witness is scary and unpredictable and God knows what Diane's gonna do. Just send her to the Lab on some other case. I don't care, anywhere. Just ditch her for a couple of hours.
MARY BETH: Why do I get stuck with losing her?
CHRISTINE: If she starts out one more time, I'm gonna kill her!

[Viewing gallery]

(looking through the one-way window the three drivers are lined up with three other men)
SAMUELS: You just take your time, Mrs. Houghton.
ADELE HOUGHTON: I have. I don't know. ...Perhaps that one on the end there.
SAMUELS: (into microphone) Number six, step forward, please.
(Isbecki steps forward)
ADELE HOUGHTON: It's not. No. ...Perhaps the one in the turtleneck.
(this Thibault)
SAMUELS: (into microphone) Number four, step forward, please.
ADELE HOUGHTON: Oh, I don't know! (to Mary Beth) I wanna get it right. If I don't , he'll be free. He could come back...
MARY BETH: No, dear. No, he won't. We've been very careful. Nobody knows you're here.
ADELE HOUGHTON: Thank you. I wanna help you but I don't know.
SAMUELS: (into microphone) That's it. Thank you. (to two uniformed officers) We'll have to go through the motions with the others to cover ourselves. Mrs. Houghton. thank you very much. Officer Lieber will see you home.
CHRISTINE: Yes, thank you.
ADELE HOUGHTON: (to Samuels) Could he... Could he stay with me just for a time?
(Mrs. Houghton leaves)
CHRISTINE: It's him.
SAMUELS: We can't hold him. But he better not try to skip. we don't want him getting smart.
CHRISTINE: Fine. We'll thank him. Tell him we made a mistake but we know where to get in touch with him. Make him a little paranoid.
MARY BETH: Paranoid! The man is a psycho. Any one who takes a woman into a building in broad daylight and does what he did to her is crazy!
SAMUELS: We've gotta prove on this one. That baby's still alive. I want her found. I want every one off the charge until we know.
MARY BETH: Yes sir.
SAMUELS: Hey where... Where's Diane?
MARY BETH: Oh, we sent her to the Lab on that pharmacy break-in.
SAMUELS: Well, that could have waited! We need her here! What you two thinking? ...All right, come on, let's move!
(Samuels leaves)
MARY BETH: We're gonna be here all night. I better call Harve.

[Ladies' room]

CHRISTINE: Samuels said we should be straight with him.
MARY BETH: Chris, I'm just not sure it's the right time to talk.
CHRISTINE: So what's our alternative. Keep our mouths shut. Let her screw up again.
MARY BETH: No. ...No.
CHRISTINE: Great. You know they think we're jealous of her.
MARY BETH: Name names, Christine.
CHRISTINE: I've been getting it from everybody. The rookie cop catches the homicide. ...And we didn't. They're crazy about her, you know. Isbecki's been taking her to lunch. La Guardia's been waltzing her down memory lane.
MARY BETH: Well, Chris, she's a likeable person.
CHRISTINE: You like her?
MARY BETH: I want to. All that hair is a little... Well, she's got a lot of good qualities. She's nice.
CHRISTINE: She dresses well, huh?
MARY BETH: I would have her as a neighbour.
CHRISTINE: I'd have her over for dinner break the ground.
MARY BETH: I'd let her watch out for my kids. Well maybe I wouldn't let her watch out for my kids. ...Oh, what are we doing here? Chris? Would we be talking her over like this if she was a man?
CHRISTINE: If she was a man she would never have been assigned to us!
MARY BETH: Christine.
CHRISTINE: It's true! No, I know it's dreadful. No, I... I'm treating this woman like I do everybody else. It's just that she happens to be in over her head, Mary Beth!
MARY BETH: All right. So we watch out for her a little more. We don't give her anything too big. She's young and... I mean, she's starting out. OK?
CHRISTINE: (reluctantly) OK. Right.
MARY BETH: You sure?

[Detectives' Squad room]

(the duo comes in. Diane is at her desk)
MARY BETH: Hi, did you get that weapon from the Lab?
DIANE: (picking up an evidence bag) Yeah, in there.
MARY BETH: Oh, good.
DIANE: What's going on, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: We couldn't get a positive ID. We're looking for evidence of another connection.
DIANE: Why are you doing this to me?
DIANE: It's Cagney, right?
MARY BETH: What is?
DIANE: She's jealous because I called the murder. I've seen a woman like her before. She's trying to force me out.
MARY BETH: There's a missing child. Maybe dead, maybe worse.
DIANE: What does that have to do with me?
MARY BETH: Oh, honey, I wish you knew. You don't really get it all, do you?
DIANE: Then tell me! That's what she's here for, isn't it?
MARY BETH: No, it is not!
(Mary Beth walks away. Diane leaves)
SAMUELS: Cagney! Lacey! In here.

[Samuels' office]

SAMUELS: Close the door, Cagney. You gotta problem?
MARY BETH: No sir.
MARY BETH: Yes sir, we do have.
SAMUELS: Well I was getting that drift. Do you wanna talk to me about it?
MARY BETH: Not really, ...sir.
SAMUELS: What? Detective Turner's not up to your standard?
CHRISTINE: If you want the truth, no, she isn't.
SAMUELS: I expected this from some of the guys out there, not from you two.
CHRISTINE: What? Women are supposed to stick together, no matter what. Come on. I stopped believing that when I threw away my 'You've come a long way, baby' key chain.
SAMUELS: Do you know how many Uniforms are dying to come through these doors? She must have something. Are you aware of the fact that she cracked the Savers-Knight case?
CHRISTINE: Well, she spotted the plate and turned in the car. That's what she did.
SAMUELS: I am not taking her off this investigation!
MARY BETH: We did not ask you to, sir.
MARY BETH: But you would like it?
CHRISTINE: If we had the option, yes. ...Come on, Lieutenant, this is important. I don't think she can handle it. We just could move a lot faster without her.
SAMUELS: Well, there is no option. She's here and she gets the same chance, Cagney, as everybody else gets. Get back to work.
MARY BETH: Yes sir.

[Detectives' Squad room]

(a well-dressed drunk is singing an Italian aria in the holding cell. The duo is finding it difficult to collate evidence because of the noise)
MARY BETH: Christine, twenty-second, twenty-third. Quintero and Kantowski.
CHRISTINE: Quintero. Yeah, ten-o'clock. Kantowski, nothing.
MARY BETH: What about January fifth?
CHRISTINE: Jankowski, two forty-five. Quintero, three thirty. Why?
MARY BETH: Wait a minute.
CHRISTINE: Would somebody shut him up!
PETRIE: Bloomindales's baritone.
SAMUELS: Isbecki, what you got for me?
ISBECKI: The doctor said she'd brought the kid in for an earache. Didn't mention anything about a driver or anyone else. He said he sent her to a drugstore after.
SAMUELS: Well, check out all the pharmacies around the doctor's office and also in the neighbourhood where she lived to see if she got the prescription there. La Guardia?
LA GUARDIA: I just spoke to the President of Thibault's bank at home. He said the computer's closed down 'til nine AM.
SAMUELS: All right. Petrie what about the other places?
PETRIE: Nothing yet.
MARY BETH: On Thibault's driving records...
DIANE: (putting a document on Petrie's desk) I found these... It took most of the night.
(having realised she has interrupted the others she sits down by Petrie's desk disconsolately)
MARY BETH: The suspect's work log shows that he took a Mrs. Elena Quintero to the same clinic Karen Kantowski took her baby on several occasions. January fifth, they had an appointment one hour apart.
SAMUELS: OK, that's something.
DIANE: What?
SAMUELS: That's something more than what we got. That's what. (to Mary Beth) You got Quintero's address?
MARY BETH: Yes sir.
SAMUELS: Now, you two head over there. And maybe they talked to each another...
(Diane interrupts)
SAMUELS: Hey, what? Am I keeping you up? Take Detective Turner with you.
MARY BETH: Yes sir. (to Chris) Do you hear me?! (Chris nods reluctantly) Detective Turner! ...Come on. Let's go!

[Elena Quintero's apartment]

(a baby is crying in the background)
ELENA QUINTERO: (handing back a photo) No, I don't know her. Many go to that clinic. Why me?
CHRISTINE: We're talking to a lot of people tonight. Please take one more look to be sure.
ELENA QUINTERO: No, no, I'm sure. Why would I?
MARY BETH: You had an appointment at the clinic the same day she did.
ELENA QUINTERO: Oh, I don't talk to people I don't know....Er. it's very late.
CHRISTINE: Did you use the safe car service, KN? Sometimes they double people up, share rides.
ELENA QUINTERO: No, I never did. I always go alone.
MARY BETH: If you wanna look after the baby...
ELENA QUINTERO: No, no, no. My husband takes care of...
MARY BETH: Oh. Is she sick? When he carried her through, she looked flushed.
ELENA QUINTERO: She's fine. She cries. I don't mind. She cries now, at this age.
MARY BETH: Yes. Detective Turner, any questions?
DIANE: No, no. Nothing.
ELENA QUINTERO: (getting up) Please. It's very late.
MARY BETH: Oh, thank you. How old is she?
ELENA QUINTERO: Oh, just a few days.
MARY BETH: Oh yeah. Where was she born?
ELENA QUINTERO: Right here, at home. Well, my husband helped me.
MARY BETH: Mrs. Quintero, I saw your baby. She's not a few days old.
ELENA QUINTERO: Oh, yes, I know. She's big. All my family...
MARY BETH: I saw her. The way she looks around, holds her head up. That only happens after a few weeks.

[Interview room]

CHRISTINE: Had you ever met Abel Thibault before he drove you to the clinic?
ELENA QUINTERO: My daughter. What happened to her?
SAMUELS: We called her uncle. He's on his way in.
ELENA QUINTERO: No, that's not right. She's mine now.
SAMUELS: Mrs. Quintero. ...Mrs. Quintero, do you realise what you've done?
ELENA QUINTERO: I didn't know about her mother. What he did. He said no one wanted her. Oh God, I do.
CHRISTINE: Did you ever meet Thibault before he drove you to the clinic.
ELENA QUINTERO: He was kind. He saw my sorrow and was kind. I told him it was the third time. The child I was carrying, I lost. The doctors said 'No more'. I couldn't... I couldn't try...
(Diane breaks down)
MARY BETH: Mrs. Quintero, Did Thibault offer to help you?
ELENA QUINTERO: No, I had to give him money. All we had. Three thousand dollars.
ELENA QUINTERO: No one knew. I said I was carrying a new one of my own. I put things in my dress. Rags. It looked as if it was mine. (breaking down) No one knew.
SAMUELS: Had you ever thought that you might be doing something illegal?
ELENA QUINTERO: (crying) I won't let you take her!
(Diane has her head in her hands)
SAMUELS: Detective Turner, would you please step outside.
DIANE: Sorry.
SAMUELS: Mrs. Quintero...
ELENA QUINTERO: No one knew. I said she was born at home. That's why I had... If you asked anyone, you would have known? But I didn't lie. She was born... I loved her, even before I saw her. She's my daughter.

[Detectives' Squad room]

(8.04 the next morning)
MARY BETH: (into phone) All right. ..Thank you. ...Do you have our number? ..All right.
(she rings off)
MARY BETH: Thibault's checked in from his car to the service garage, but he's not due be back until four.
SAMUELS: We'll send somebody over there, anyhow. Do you know his home address?
MARY BETH: Yes sir.
SAMUELS: Right, bring him in. You better take some backup. Get Petrie. You already got Turner.
(Samuels goes to his office. The duo follows him in)

[Samuels' office]

CHRISTINE: No we don't. (Chris closes the door and puts her hands on her hips) We're not going out there with her again.
SAMUELS: Don't you tell me! I'm still making the assignments around here. You know the word's getting around here? You two are picking on her!
MARY BETH: Who said that!
SAMUELS: Whispers in the wind.
CHRISTINE: She said it, right?
DIANE: Are you down on her just because she was crying in there?
MARY BETH: No sir, that's not an issue. I've seen men break down on this job too.
SAMUELS: I am not ready to tell the Department that they made a mistake! She is getting this chance. Now, get her and get Petrie and get over there!
CHRISTINE: I don't even know where she is.
SAMUELS: Well, find her! ...Now!
MARY BETH: (as they go out) I'll check the john.
CHRISTINE: All right. Petrie, you're on!

[Outside Thibault's apartment]

(Diane is standing at the door, her gun drawn)
THIBAULT [OC]: Yeah. Who is there?
DIANE: Con Edison.
DIANE: Con Edison. I gotta check your meter.
(she knocks again)
THIBAULT [OC]: Yeah, I'm coming.
(he opens the door)
DIANE: Police. You're under arrest.

[Thibault's apartment]

(she manages to force her way in. They struggle. He manages to make her drop the gun. She struggles like a tigress before he punches her and then puts in four more blows when she is on the floor)

[Detectives' Squad room]

MARY BETH: She's not in the john. She's not in the locker room.
CHRISTINE: Well, maybe she went home.
ISBECKI: I wouldn't be surprised.
ISBECKI: Well, you made her cry like that.

[Outside Thibault 's apartment]

CHRISTINE: (to Petrie) You got the key?
PETRIE: (handing the keys to Mary Beth) Here you are. The super didn't know which was which.
(Mary Beth knocks on the door)
MARY BETH: Mr. Thibault. (she knocks again) It's Detective Lacey, sir. ..We're sorry to come by so early but it's er... We forgot to get you guys to sign a form when we released you the other day. (as she is trying the keys) It was my fault. (as the lock turns) Just er, just dumb, you know. ..Go!
(they burst in and find Diane laying on the floor)
MARY BETH: (to Petrie checking out the apartment) Anything?
CHRISTINE: There's a pulse.
MARY BETH: (putting her coat over Diane) Oh God.
CHRISTINE: (into phone) Yeah. ...La Guardia. Cagney. ...Get an ambulance to nine twenty-three, East Fifth Avenue, apartment seven J.
MARY BETH: Chris, he took her gun.
CHRISTINE: (into phone) Put out an APB, Thibault. ..Yes, he's armed. ...And make sure Samuels gets those people over to the garage.
MARY BETH: No, he won't go there! He knows we're after him. He won't go for his car.
CHRISTINE: (into phone) Er, look, hold on a minute, OK. Buses, train stations, airports, La Guardia. (to Mary Beth) What else?
MARY BETH: The money. He'll need it. He already went to enough trouble for it.
CHRISTINE: (into phone) You're working on the bank, right? ...All right, give me his branch number. ...Fine. Just give me the main number. ...OK. Give that ambulance a chase.
(she rings off)
CHRISTINE: How's she doing?
MARY BETH: Not good. ...Diane? Can you hear me? ...Now just don't move. You're safe now.
CHRISTINE: (into phone) This is Detective Cagney, NYPD shield number seven-three-oh. ...We need the branch of one of your depositors. An Abel Thibault, T, H, I, B, A, U, L, T.

[Phone booth/Bank]

MARY BETH: How much longer?
BANK MANAGERESS: Just the teller's window now.
MARY BETH: All right. They're gonna give him the special pack of money?
(Thibault approaches the teller)
MARY BETH: You take it easy. We'll get him when he comes outside. ...Thank you.

[Manhattan street]

MARY BETH: He's on his way. So, he's seen all three of us before. We don't wanna scare him. With patience we've got him.
(they move into position. As Thibault comes out a patrol car, siren blaring, comes past. Thibault hesitates)
CHRISTINE: Thibault!
(Thibault grabs a passer-by and retreats into the bank)
PETRIE: Police!


CHRISTINE: Everybody lay down!
(amid much shouting and screaming the duo and Petrie take up safe firing positions)
MARY BETH: Thibault, hold it there!
(Thibault, now without the hostage, is very much in the open holding the pack of money up in his right hand)
MARY BETH: Eighteen bullets to six, Thibault.
THIBAULT: Stay away from me!
MARY BETH: Don't give us an excuse, man.
THIBAULT: I don't care!
(Chris shouts to distract Thibault. Suddenly there is an explosion. A red cloud engulfs Thibault's right shoulder and neck. Thibault screams)
MARY BETH: All right, all right. people, it's just red dye. Nobody's been hurt here.
CHRISTINE: (holstering a gun) I told you it'd work. You can always count on exploding money.

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Chris is already in, typing. There is a vase of flowers on her desk)
MARY BETH: Good morning.
MARY BETH: How was your weekend?
CHRISTINE: It was OK, ...except for most of it.
MARY BETH: Well that sounds nice. (pointing to the flowers) Who sent those?
MARY BETH: No kidding!
CHRISTINE: Well, actually I sent them to her. She just sent 'em back to me.
SAMUELS: (coming out of his office with a bunch of case files) Look at this break-in over on Forty-first.
CHRISTINE: Oh, come on we've just started. We've already got two dozen cases.
SAMUELS: What do we do? We're short-handed here. I've heard it's not unusual.
CHRISTINE: It wasn't our fault, you know.
SAMUELS: What are you talking about?
SAMUELS: (to Mary Beth) Did I say something?
MARY BETH: (quietly) No.
SAMUELS: Well, all right then.
MARY BETH: How is she, sir? Have you heard anything?
SAMUELS: Yeah. She'll be out of the hospital this week.
MARY BETH: Coming back to work?
SAMUELS: No, she put in for a transfer. Another Squad. She'll probably get it. The Department heard that there was ...a personality conflict here. ...All right, come on, let's get started!
(Samuels leaves)
CHRISTINE: You know, I'm damn lucky.
CHRISTINE: How many people in this city do you know who are exactly what they want to be? Well I am!
MARY BETH: Well, you, you're exceptional, Christine.
(Chris does a double-take)
CHRISTINE: So are you.
MARY BETH: Well, what can you do?

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