Recreational Use
Original Airdate: December 27, 1982

[Chris's loft]

(Dory pours some coffee into a mug and takes it to Chris who is in bed)
CHRISTINE: Thank you. Did you like it?
DORY: Yeah, as a matter of fact I did.
CHRISTINE: I thought you would. Half Columbian, half Vienna Roast.
DORY: Well, I should have known.
(Chris gets up and gets dressed)
CHRISTINE: There's this great place in Gramercy Park, sells seventy-five different kinds of coffee. I'll take you there.
(Dory is putting on his socks)
DORY: Well, what if it's like the great pasta place.
CHRISTINE: You liked it!
DORY: Well, hey, I respect a good time. Nine bucks for a plate of cold green spaghetti. I was ready to invest.
CHRISTINE: It was written up in The New York Times.
DORY: Oh, well, er, The Times.
CHRISTINE: You're so unhip.
DORY: I'll take you to Eddie's, a rib joint in Harlem. That's hip.
CHRISTINE: So take me.
DORY: I'd love to, but I gotta go to work.
CHRISTINE: Hm. You're gonna be at least an hour early again. No wonder everybody knows about us.
DORY: Well, you wanna catch the best cases...
CHRISTINE: Best cases! Like Mrs. Harrington, best cases?
DORY: Ah, that ones a cinch. It's a grounder, man.
CHRISTINE: So, how come your terrific Homicide Squad can't even prove it's a homicide?
DORY: Haven't we had this argument before? I mean, like, ...during dinner, ...after the movie, ...all the way home.
CHRISTINE: I just happen to think you guys are wrong, that's all.
DORY: It's no defeat, you know, because we were called in on your case just because you couldn't solve it.
CHRISTINE: Defeat! We're talking about a seventy-five year old woman who happened to have fallen down a flight of stairs.
DORY: She was pushed.
CHRISTINE: You have no motives, no evidence and no suspects.
DORY: She was pushed, Chris. Leave it to the pros.
CHRISTINE: I'll look forward to you finding some old geezer you can bust.
DORY: You're learning.
CHRISTINE: So are you.

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Petrie is showing La Guardia a photo of his new daughter)
PETRIE: Isn't she terrific?
LA GUARDIA: Oh, really cute.
PETRIE: Well, here, this one is for you.
LA GUARDIA: For me?! Oh no, I couldn't take your picture of your daughter.
PETRIE: I've got more!
LA GUARDIA: Keeps you up at night, huh?
PETRIE: Claudia's exhausted, ...but I don't seem to mind. Suddenly I've got all this energy. Well, you've got a daughter. You know what it's like.
LA GUARDIA: My daughter's thirty-six years old. Lives with a guy who teaches aerobic dancing. Do you wanna know what that's like?
(Mary Beth comes in)
MARY BETH: Morning.
CHRISTINE: Good morning.
MARY BETH: (looking at what Chris is typing) What? The master DD5s due today?
CHRISTINE: Yeah, it's towards the end of the month.
MARY BETH: Aw, geeze, already.
MARY BETH: We got eleven convictions out of sixteen cases, that's not bad.
CHRISTINE: Yeah, that's real good.
MARY BETH: What, you just come in early to type them up?
CHRISTINE: Oh, I just got a lot of energy this morning.
MARY BETH: Ah ha. (sits down and looks at a file) What is this, case fifty-three seventy-eight?
CHRISTINE: Oh, er, Mrs. Harrington. Yeah, remember the lady who fell down the stairs in a residential hotel.
MARY BETH: Oh, I thought we kicked this over to Homicide Squad.
CHRISTINE: Oh, we called them in to ask their opinion. We certainly didn't kick it over to them.
MARY BETH: It wasn't their opinion, Chris. We were way in over our heads. There's just too many factors here. I still wouldn't swear one way or another it was an accident.
MARY BETH: So, get it outta here. It's not our case.
CHRISTINE: Technically, Mary Beth, we are still working together with the Homicide Squad on this case...
MARY BETH: No, now, wait, see. Now we can truly say it's their case, then we've got one less case. That means we've got eleven convictions out of fifteen. That's even better. ...What's the matter, don't you want a better percentage.
CHRISTINE: No! Sure, I want a better percentage, it's just er, er... ...It's such a fascinating case.
ISBECKI: (to Chris handing her a message) You've got a call from a Sergeant Dorian McKenna.
CHRISTINE: Thanks. When?
ISBECKI: I don't know. Just before you came in.
CHRISTINE: (looking at the message) Sweet. Isbecki, why didn't you tell me he called!
(Chris grabs the phone)
MARY BETH: Fascinating case! One to follow through. What, am I dumb or what?
CHRISTINE: (to Isbecki who is still standing there hoping to listen in) Excuse me, Victor.
ISBECKI: (to Mary Beth who has moved away from her desk) Never liked Dorian McKenna.
CHRISTINE [OC] : (into phone) Give me Homicide.
ISBECKI: Sure, he's a good cop...
MARY BETH: He's a fine detective.
ISBECKI: Yeah, but he's a prima donna. I don't know what she sees in him.
MARY BETH: Nobody expects you to.

[Homicide/Detectives' Squad room]

DETECTIVE: If you don't mind my being crude, the boss is in the Men's room.
CHRISTINE: No, that's not crude.
DETECTIVE: Well, you never know how you're gonna offend some broad these days. Oh, here he is. It's for you. Detective Cagney.
DORY: Hello.
CHRISTINE: Hi ya. What's up?
DORY: I stopped by the coroner's office on the way in. There's this little contusion on the side of Mrs. Harrington's head. It could be from the fall, ...or a blow to the skull. How do you like that?
CHRISTINE: It's worth considering.
DORY: Yeah, I thought so. I'm going back to canvas the building.
CHRISTINE: OK. Do you have any suspects?
DORY: No, I think it's random.
CHRISTINE: Do you want any help?
DORY: No, I've got it.
CHRISTINE: Oh. ...So why did you call?
DORY: Wondered if you were free for a little coffee break. You know, pastry and, er, a roll. Roast Columbian...
(Mary Beth looks up)
CHRISTINE: Coffee? How do you take it?
DORY: Any way you like.
CHRISTINE: Cream. ...Sugar.

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Samuels comes up the duo's desks)
SAMUELS: You got anything you've not nearly finished?
CHRISTINE: (into phone) I'll talk to you later.
MARY BETH: I don't think so, sir.
CHRISTINE: (to Samuels) Hi.
SAMUELS: You've got a suicide over on one-four-nine East 23rd Street. Take Lacey with you.
ISBECKI: What about me?
SAMUELS: Cagney signed in first. Cagney gets the case.
MARY BETH: He's on a roll today!

[149 East Twenty-third street, Mr. Riceman's apartment]

(the duo arrives)
UNIFORMED OFFICER: (pointing to the open window) He jumped from here.
CHRISTINE: Name of the victim?
UNIFORMED OFFICER: Myer Riceman. White male, aged sixty or seventy. Lives alone. That's about it ...for now.
CHRISTINE: Thank you.
MARY BETH: Why would he keep a overcoat in the bathroom? Found this on the back of the door.
CHRISTINE: Well maybe he forgot where he put it.
MARY BETH: Senile, huh.
CHRISTINE: (pointing outside the window) See now, look at this.
MARY BETH: Oh, that's just old country. My grandmother used to keep cheese and stuff outside to... Wait a minute, he's got a fridge in there with an icemaker and a freezer four times the size of mine.
CHRISTINE: What do you think? He's crazy?
MARY BETH: Or lonely, ...or both.
(an old moustached man on a walker comes in with other neighbours including a Mrs. Skimmins)
POULIANAKIS: This is no surprise to us. That is the damn sin of it.
MARY BETH: Why is it no surprise Mr...
POULIANAKIS: George Poulianakis and I am not afraid.
MARY BETH: Good for you, Mr P... Pou... Sir.
POULIANAKIS: Good for me, yes, so, I live here seventeen years. I've never seen nothing like this now.
CHRISTINE: Like what?
POULIANAKIS: This used to be nice building. Now we got worse than bugs, elevator broke, the heat, electricity, go on and off in the middle of the night.
MARY BETH: Is this a rent-controlled building, sir.
POULIANAKIS: How else could we live?
MARY BETH: Well then, sir, you call the Building Department and you tell 'em...
POULIANAKIS: Oh, sure! Sure. Sure. They're going to stand in the hallways so young people don't write dirty things on the wall? They could stop punks from pounding on my son's car door, and follow him home, and threaten to hit him on the head.
CHRISTINE: Now, who are these punks? Could you describe them to me?
POULIANAKIS: Please lady, I have to sit down.
MARY BETH: Oh, please. Please.

[Precinct front desk office]

COLEMAN: I remember every Monday morning the service would deliver this huge plastic bag of diapers and damn it, if we didn't use every one of them.
PETRIE: Disposable diapers are the answer, I'm telling ya.
PETRIE: We tried cloth too, on account of it being more natural. Paper ones really keep the baby drier.
COLEMAN: You know, the first time our son had diaper rash, I cried. I figured it hurt so much and I didn't know how to take away the pain.
PETRIE: I know what you mean.
COLEMAN: That's just between you and me.
PETRIE: No problem.

[Samuels' office]

SAMUELS: Cagney! Lacey!
(the duo comes in. Dory is there)
SAMUELS: Sergeant McKenna's not so sure you got a suicide there.
CHRISTINE: (to Dory) What are you doing on this case?
DORY: Well, I heard about it and it sounded a lot like Mrs. Harrington. the lady who was killed in the residential hotel.
SAMUELS: Oh, was she killed?
DORY: The ME's office is leaning that way.
MARY BETH: Well, I don't get it. What's similar?
DORY: You have two old people living alone in rundown hotels. Both deaths could have been mistaken for accidents. Both victims were active and in good health.
MARY BETH: Well, we just got a neighbour... Excuse me, sir. (referring to her notebook) Mr. George P... Pou... P, O, U, L, I, A, N, A, K, I, S. He said that two men in their twenties were harassing Mr. Riceman.
CHRISTINE: Do you think they shoved him out the window?
DORY: Well, I sent two guys out this afternoon and they found his daughter living in Queens. The father just bought a little retirement place. They were gonna spend the Summer together.
MARY BETH: So he wasn't lonely.
CHRISTINE: Or crazy.
DORY: He just bought season tickets for The New York City Ballet. Does that sound like a suicide?
SAMUELS: Then what was the motive? Any connection between these two people?
DORY: Well, the best connection that we have so far is that the hotel and the apartment building are but two blocks apart. We can canvas the area.
SAMUELS: All right. I want you two to work with Sergeant McKenna. We got him on a steal from Homicide Squad so, er, make the most use of his time.
DORY: Thanks, Bert.
SAMUELS: You got it.

[Precinct House yard]

DORY: (to Chris) What about dinner?
DORY: How about, er, Peking Chinese?
MARY BETH: Have a good time.
DORY: Oh, I'm sorry. Why don't you come with us?
MARY BETH: No the investigation's gonna be enough without a triple date as it is.
CHRISTINE: No, come on, we'll ask Harvey.
MARY BETH: No, not for Peking Chinese. We'll take a rain check, huh?
DORY: OK, you're on. Now, we're gonna stop by the Lab first, see what they've got.
CHRISTINE: Oh, they're not gonna have anything yet.
DORY: No, but you get things faster when you sit on their heads.
MARY BETH: You're going to the lab in Brooklyn in rush-hour traffic? Is that wise? You must have lots of energy.
CHRISTINE: The man loves his work.
MARY BETH: Well, have a good time my children. I will see you tomorrow.
DORY: Yeah.
(Chris and Dory get into his car and they go into a clinch)

[Dory's car]

(Dory gets something out his pocket and shows it to Chris)
DORY: Wanna a sniff?
CHRISTINE: No. You shouldn't have that cocaine anywhere near a police station! Put it away!
DORY: I'll just say it's evidence.
CHRISTINE: Will you stop kidding around. You're on duty. Please Dory, put it away, you're making me very angry. ...Thank you.

[Corridor in Records Office]

MARY BETH: Shouldn't we check the relatives and the employment records of the victims first?
DORY: I wanna do it this way.
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth's just saying that there could be a connection between Mr. Riceman and Mrs. Harrington other than their theoretical homicides.
DORY: The connection is heat.
DORY: Both of those buildings have been without heat this Winter. Why did Mr. Riceman wear his overcoat indoors. Why did he put cheese on the windowsill. No electricity.
MARY BETH: But that's a nice building!
CHRISTINE: Yeah, I think so but Dory's saying the buildings being run down.
DORY: According to the tenants things started to deteriorate during the last two years. It happens a lot when you change owners.
MARY BETH: I think we're getting ahead of ourselves, here.
CHRISTINE: No, I think Dory is meaning...
DORY: Chris, why don't you let me speak for myself!
DORY: Excuse me, I'm going to the Men's room.
(Chris hesitates then follows Mary Beth)

[Records Office]

CLERK: The secretary's on her lunch hour. She said come back about three.
CHRISTINE: Three! Where's she having lunch? Connecticut!
CLERK: She has to go to her doctor.
MARY BETH: Can anybody else help?
CLERK: Mm, hm. Nope.
(Dory joins them)
DORY: (to the clerk) Do you know we could charge you with obstruction?
CLERK: Would it get me off work?
(Dory goes through a gate and rips out the sheet of paper the clerk had been setting up in a typewriter)
CLERK: Nobody's allowed in here.
(Dory assists the clerk to his feet by the elbow)
DORY: Let's go, Smallhouse.
CLERK: You can't start going through all that information. I'm on my break in ten minutes.
DORY: Well then, you have ten minutes to find it. Go!

[Samuels' office]

CHRISTINE: The guy's got buildings in everybody's name but his own. His wife. His son. Anyway the bottom line is that the hotel and the apartment building where the two people died are both owned by one man. A Leonard F. Nolan.
MARY BETH: We found over three hundred outstanding housing violations and forty-three thousand dollars in unpaid fines.
SAMUELS: What does the guy do, walk?
CHRISTINE: He hires a PR firm and a good lawyer. He's never made any of his court cases. In the meantime he's just destroying his own buildings.
SAMUELS: For loft conversion.
MARY BETH: Seems to be. He's got a lot of complaints, broken mailboxes, withholding heat, etc., etc.
CHRISTINE: The tenants move. He claims lack of occupancy. He turns them into co-ops. He makes a fortune.
SAMUELS: Where is this crumb?
MARY BETH: The Bahamas, sir. That's what the PR man said.
SAMUELS: Get on a plane. Go down the Bahamas. Bring him back. ...Just kidding.
CHRISTINE: I know it.

[Detectives' Squad room]

PETRIE: Listen Victor, if you don't want it, I'll take it back. It's OK.
PETRIE: The picture I gave you the other day.
ISBECKI: Oh, (giving Petrie a sheet of paper) Oh, Martina Sleski.
PETRIE: Lauren, my Daughter! Lauren!
ISBECKI: Oh, your daughter, Lauren. Yeah, oh... (he finds the crumpled photo, tries to straighten it out) I was gonna have that framed.
PETRIE: You don't have to do that. It's amazing but she's already changed since we took that picture. I've got two more rolls developing right now.
ISBECKI: That's great.
(Petrie goes off. La Guardia frantically finds his copy and sellotapes it to a filing cabinet. His phone goes)
LA GUARDIA: (into phone) La Guardia. Fourteenth Squad. ...Oh yes. I'll get her for you. Just hold on. ...Lacey, it's for you on three.
MARY BETH: (into phone) Detective Lacey. ...Yes, Mrs. Skimmins.

[149 East Twenty-third street, Mrs. Skimmins' apartment]

MRS. SKIMMINS: Thank you so much for coming. I didn't know who else to call. I've kept the oven on. It was forty-nine degrees in here.
MARY BETH: May I use your telephone, please, Mrs. Skimmins.
MRS. SKIMMINS: Certainly. (to Chris) And the electricity went off again last night. Now fortunately I didn't have too much in the freezer but...
CHRISTINE: Does this happen a lot?
MRS. SKIMMINS: Oh, all the time and there's mostly senior citizens living here, like Mr. Poulianakis.
CHRISTINE: Mr. Poulianakis. Is that the gentleman I met the other day in the hall?
MRS. SKIMMINS: Why, yes, and I am really very concerned about him.
CHRISTINE: What's the problem?
MRS. SKIMMINS: Every Tuesday we go to the public library. Yesterday I knocked on his door and he didn't answer it. I called. The phone rings but he doesn't answer that either.
CHRISTINE: Does he have a wife?
MRS. SKIMMINS: No. His wife died.
MARY BETH: (into phone) Mr. Robbins. This is Detective Lacey, Fourteenth Squad. We have some trouble here at one-four-nine East 23rd Street...
(Chris and Mrs. Robbins continue to talk about Mr. Poulianakis)
MARY BETH: (into phone) Well, whatever you can do, sir, I know my Lieutenant would be grateful. ..Thank you. ...Thank you, sir.
MARY BETH: (to Mrs. Skimmins) They're checking in with an emergency crew.
MRS. SKIMMINS: Bless you.
MRS. SKIMMINS: Mr. Poulianakis room is right over here.

[149 East Twenty-third street, corridor outside Mr. Poulianakis' apartment]

(Chris knocks)
CHRISTINE: Mr. Poulianakis, we're the police. We'd like to help you. Are you inside?
MRS. SKIMMINS: It's not like him at all.
MARY BETH: (listening at the door) He's in there.
CHRISTINE: (to Mrs. Skimmins) Where's the fire hose?
MARY BETH: Sir! We're coming. Just hang on! It's Detective Lacey from the other day. We're coming, all right.
(she tries her shoulder against the door to no avail. Chris arrives back with the fire axe)
CHRISTINE: Back up. Back up.
MARY BETH: Mrs. Skimmins, (handing her her handbag) will you just hold this and stand clear.
MARY BETH: Sir! We're gonna break the door in so...
(Chris pushes her away and gives the door a couple of blows)
MARY BETH: Just one more hit.
(the third blow allows Mary Beth to get her hand in and open the door)
MARY BETH: Oh my God!
(Mr. Poulianakis is stretched out on the bed. The window is open with icicles hanging from it. Chris breaks them off and closes the window)
POULIANAKIS: Please, I need drink.
(there is an icicle hanging from the tap. Mary Beth gets a glass of water)
POULIANAKIS: I could not go no place. I could not call. He took my walker.
MARY BETH: He took his walker.
CHRISTINE: (into phone) Get an ambulance over here. One-four-nine East 23rd Street. Apartment Five-oh-four.

[Chris's loft/Phone booth on a street]

(Chris is in bed, the phone goes, she switches on the bedside light and answers it)
CHRISTINE: Hello. ...
DORY: Did I wake you up?
CHRISTINE: Hi. I like you to wake me up. ...Why do I say that when people call me in the middle of the night. Of course you woke me up!
DORY: Well, I just wanted to ask you a question. ...Are you alone?
CHRISTINE: Hold on a minute, I'll put him on. Harry! Come here sweetheart.
DORY: You're really cooking for two in the morning.
CHRISTINE: Yeah, so are you. Just don't get carried away.
DORY: No, no, I just, er, don't want you to forget about me.
CHRISTINE: Dory,... you've got nothing to worry about, OK? ...Right!
DORY: I'm in a corner. I'm in a phone booth on the corner of Twenty-third and Lex. (looking at the phone meter) I'm using my funds up by the way.
DORY: I couldn't sleep and it's the first time that I've had a chance that Nolan's thugs may come round and collect the rent and maybe bust up the boiler again.
CHRISTINE: Oh, you're really on to this guy, aren't you?
DORY: No, it's no big deal.
CHRISTINE: Why do I feel you want to do it all by yourself?
DORY: Yeah, that's what my ex-wife used to say.
CHRISTINE: Ha, ha. You don't even know the half of it. You all right? I love you. Why don't you come over here and be with me, huh?
DORY: I'm all right, sweetheart, really. Why don't you go back to sleep. I, er, ...act a little crazy sometimes.
CHRISTINE: I love you, Dory, I'll talk to you later. Good night.
DORY: Good night.
CHRISTINE: Harry! Come here!

[Nolan's office]

MRS. NOLAN: Mr. Nolan's on vacation in Honolulu.
MARY BETH: We heard The Bahamas.
MRS. NOLAN: I should know where he is. I'm his mother.
CHRISTINE: Ah! Well, then you know about his buildings.
MRS. NOLAN: He talks to me sometimes. Here, I just answer the phone.
MARY BETH: Did you know two of your son's tenants died in the last ten days and the third is in the hospital in a grave condition?
MRS. NOLAN: Lots of people drop dead every day in this city.
MARY BETH: A Mr. Myer Riceman, a Mrs. Jane Harrington. Did they give you any particular problem?
MRS. NOLAN: I could look up and see if they've been paying their rent.
CHRISTINE: Please do.
MRS. NOLAN: Ah, these tenants today. It's not like years ago. They bring cockroaches, let their kids make noise in the hall.
CHRISTINE: Both of these people were elderly and lived alone.
MRS. NOLAN: Ah, those I feel sorry for. They're the victims. I've got nothing out of the ordinary on those names. ...Isn't this a dangerous job for you girls?

[Landing outside Nolan's office]

CHRISTINE: Let's get on the wire to Nolan.
CHRISTINE: I'd love to, but for what, a chat?
MARY BETH: We'll have to come up with something better than that. How about criminal rottenness?
CHRISTINE: Look, I'm not gonna go back. I've gotta go home and change.
MARY BETH: For what?
CHRISTINE: I've gotta date.
MARY BETH: Somebody nice?
CHRISTINE: He's gonna take me out to dinner.
MARY BETH: Lucky you.

[Dory's car]

(Chris is eating a Chinese take-away as they watch outside the apartment building)
CHRISTINE: I love this job.
DORY: Oh, you really do, don't you.
CHRISTINE: Mm, hm. I just like finding the bad guys.
DORY: Mm. That's what it's all about.
CHRISTINE: Yes, that and getting promoted.
DORY: Oh, don't worry about that. You guys just call the right stuff, just like I do.
CHRISTINE: Ha, ha. I'm so glad you think so.
DORY: Samuels especially would. So do I.
CHRISTINE: Thank you. You got a tissue or something?
DORY: Yeah. My coat in the back.
(Chris gets the coat and finds a sniffing tube in the pocket. She holds it up to Dory)
DORY: Do you know how long I've been in this car? Just going on sixty-five hours.
CHRISTINE: This keeps you awake?
DORY: Yeah, it's a lot like caffeine.
CHRISTINE: It's a lot more fun than coffee.
DORY: Hey, frankly I think that cocaine's overrated. I mean, the way that I use it, it's something very subtle. Hey, do I look like a raving maniac or a record producer to you?
CHRISTINE: It's turning you into a record producer?! ...Now I'm really worried.
DORY: It's not a big deal unless you abuse it.
CHRISTINE: Which you don't.
DORY: What, do think I'm a doofus, huh? It just makes you concentrate. I mean, it makes your mind more alert, huh.
CHRISTINE: At least you think so, huh?
(just after three o'clock in the morning Chris is asleep with Dory's arm around her. A car backs up to outside the building)
DORY: Come on, baby, this is it.
(they follow two men into the building)

[Apartment building boiler room]

(the two men are attacking the boiler with sledgehammers. Chris and Dory rush in on an upper level)
CHRISTINE/DORY: Hold it! Police!
(the two men make a break for it. Chris and Dory chase them outside)

[Street outside the apartment building]

DORY: Get to the car and call for backup!
CHRISTINE: All right! ...(into radio) Detective car eight-seven-two.
(Dory chases the car in which the two men are making their escape, jumps on the back and smashes the back window with his gun. Chris gives chase)
DORY: Stop, or I'll blow your heads off!
(just then a backup car pulls across in front of the escaping car. Dory jumps off and puts his gun through the driver's window)
DORY: Freeze! Out!
(Chris gets the other man out and both men are spread-eagled across the car)
DORY: Who paid you to bust up that place?!
MAN: We gotta call our lawyer.
(Dory is pounding one of the men)
BACKUP OFFICER: Hey man, take it easy.
(Dory moves away)
CHRISTINE: (to the backup) Keep them covered.
(she joins Dory who is leaning on a wall)
CHRISTINE: Dory, you don't look so good.
DORY: I'm fine.
(she gives him a thump)
CHRISTINE: But it's what you did.
DORY: We got 'em.
(he moves off gingerly)
DORY: (to the backup) Hey...
(Chris has a worried look on her face)

[Precinct front desk office]

(the duo and Dory are standing there with the two men sitting on a bench)
DORY: We know that Nolan paid you to do it.
MICKEY: No one paid us a cent.
CHRISTINE: It's your own natural creativity, Right?
MARY BETH: You must think a lot of Mr. Nolan to protect him like this.
DORY: Oh, they don't think at all.
MICKEY: We ain't as stupid as you!
(Dory grabs Mickey by the lapels)
DORY: You got two seconds...
CHRISTINE: Dory, come on
DORY: apologise! Hey! Apologise! Punk! Apologise!
CHRISTINE: Dory! Come on!
NUNZIO: He apologises.
SAMUELS: This is Mr. Russell. He represents Leonard Nolan.
CHRISTINE: (to Russell) How is Mr. Nolan? Still enjoying the sun in The Bahamas? Or is it Hawaii?
RUSSELL: My client called me this morning and asked me to intercede.
CHRISTINE: Fine. These two were caught trespassing and damaging a boiler.
RUSSELL: Yes, but Mr. Nolan has decided not to press charges.
DORY: One smart cookie.
RUSSELL: Mr. Nolan feels this act of vandalism was performed by two unfortunate victims of society who, due to underemployment or lack of education, had no alternative but to vent their anger on other people's property. He wants to give them another chance.
DORY: He also doesn't want them testifying against him.
MICKEY: Can we go or what?
SAMUELS: Well, er, Mr. Nolan isn't complaining, right? And if he doesn't wanna press charges what have we got to hold them on?
DORY: Resisting arrest!
SAMUELS: That'll do! ...Good-bye, Mr. Russell.

[Ladies' room]

(Chris comes in)
CHRISTINE: Dory's got a great idea! We haul Nolan up in front of the Grand Jury. Force him to explain why he's not pressed charges against those punks and hopefully he will perjure himself. Isn't that a sassy move?
MARY BETH: Yeah, how you gonna get him in?
CHRISTINE: Petrie and Isbecki are gonna do a 'nail and serve'.
MARY BETH: Dory seems to be in kind of a bad mood. You two still wanna come to dinner?
CHRISTINE: Well, yeah. Oh, come on we're looking forward to it. ...Well he's a little hung over. He did a little coke last night.
MARY BETH: Cocaine?
MARY BETH: Just a minute.
(she goes over to the door, makes sure it is properly closed and stays there with her hand on it)
CHRISTINE: Well he spent seventy-two hours on that stakeout.
MARY BETH: Are you telling me that he was using cocaine?!
CHRISTINE: If it helps him, yeah.
MARY BETH: I didn't hear any of this, Chris, and you'd better not tell anybody else either.
CHRISTINE: Hey, I didn't say I was using it! (as Mary Beth goes to walk out) Mary Beth, look he's...
MARY BETH: Christine, don't play dumb with me! There's a reason that man's on drugs.
CHRISTINE: On drugs? Come on, we're not talking heroin.
MARY BETH: He's a sergeant. You know the Department's attitude. He will be outta here in a hot New York minute.
CHRISTINE: Yeah, well I'm not so sure there isn't more drug abuse going on in the Department than we know about, frankly.
MARY BETH: Aren't you the one who was ready to write off her father because he took payoffs on his beat thirty years ago and all of a sudden it's all OK with you that cops who are supposed to uphold the law are taking illegal drugs?
CHRISTINE: I didn't say that!
MARY BETH: Oh, I see. Dory's the exception.
CHRISTINE: I think you're being too hard on me.
CHRISTINE: If you are ever caught in harness with that stuff they can have you for consumer protection. You know that. I hope you use your head about this.
CHRISTINE: I'm sorry I ever mentioned it at all.

[Outside Nolan's house]

(Isbecki has just taped a notice on the door. There is snow on the ground)
ISBECKI: Do you think Mr. Nolan'll miss this one. ...Very nice haven for a scum ball.
PETRIE: Yeah, great place for children.
PETRIE: Claudia says that when you give Lauren a rattle now she looks up and smiles. ...Sorry if I'm boring you.
ISBECKI: No, I love kids. I told you that. I might not love hearing about them all the time, that's all.
PETRIE: It's lousy working all day. Not being there while your child's growing up. Lauren does all these terrific things and I hear them second-hand from Claudia.
PETRIE: I get up at five in the morning just to play with my baby. I never knew that fathers could feel that way. I'll shut up.
ISBECKI: That's OK. You must get tired of hearing me talking about whatever I talk about.
PETRIE: Yourself.
ISBECKI: Yeah, but who can blame me?

[Laceys' kitchen]

(Mary Beth hands Chris two desserts from the fridge)
MARY BETH: The kids made desserts.
CHRISTINE: Aw, (looking at one of the desserts) That one's got a bite missing.
HARVEY: (to Dory looking bored) There were two guys from my side of the neighbourhood and I know there was one from yours...
(the duo continues to chatter. Mary Beth opens the oven)
HARVEY: Oh, the chicken smells great, honey.
MARY BETH: Well, I hope so. Are you guys hungry?
DORY: Yeah, I'm ready for starting.
MARY BETH: Oh well then, we'll speed it up here.
DORY: Say, Mary Beth, please take it easy. I mean it's only a slop.
MARY BETH: I beg your pardon?
DORY: Why don't you relax? You've been on your feet all day. Have a drink. The meal'll look after itself.
MARY BETH: (pointing to some ingredients on the work surface) This? How?
DORY: I'll do it.
HARVEY: Hear, hear. We'll do it. You girls, sit down! Right.
(Dory sits Mary Beth down and puts her feet up on another chair)
MARY BETH: (to Chris) Is that the way he treats you?
CHRISTINE: This is the way that I treat him.
DORY: (to Harvey) Be with you in a minute. Where's the john.
HARVEY: Er, through there on the right.
DORY: All right. Excuse me, huh?
(Chris has been decorating the desserts with cream)
CHRISTINE: Isn't that beautiful?
HARVEY: Hey, I think you've got the real pro fella there, Christine.
CHRISTINE: (looking after Dory) Yeah, he's real sweet, isn't he?
HARVEY: Oh yeah, what's his 'sweet'?
CHRISTINE: 'Sweet' is going to the corner store for tampons when you've got a cramp.
MARY BETH: Oh what a thing to say.
HARVEY: Whoa, whoa, wait a minute, I do that.
CHRISTINE: (giving him a peck) You're sweet too.
MARY BETH: You should see. The three of us working together. It's embarrassing trying to pick up a bag or write when the two of them are holding hands.
CHRISTINE: This is not true. The woman opens her face and lies poured out. This is not true.
(Dory comes back)
HARVEY: (offering Dory some bites) Hey, it's gonna be a while, Dory, do you wanna have some of this..
DORY: Oh, no thanks, not for me.
(they chatter a bit while Dory takes his coat off)
DORY: Let me get to this dressing, huh, I do great things with garlic. Got any fresh?
(Mary Beth points to the ingredients on the work surface. He grabs several jars of spices as well)
DORY: You are going to love this.
(Harvey makes way at the kitchen table for him. Dory is chattering away to himself. Chris is watching apprehensively)
MARY BETH: (to Harvey) Honey, do wanna help me set the table?
HARVEY: Yeah, excuse us.
(Mary Beth and Harvey go to the dining room)
DORY: Now! (giving Chris a peck) How you doing, babe?
(she continues to sit there with a worried look on her face)
DORY: (rather childishly) Now the whole trick of this is to try and just get the little garlics out without wounding them. In the meantime...

[Laceys' bedroom]

(they are in their nightclothes. Mary Beth is in bed)
MARY BETH: Honey, I can't...
HARVEY: Hey, I know what that guy was doing in this bathroom and so do you. So, what's the story, huh?
MARY BETH: Honey, I didn't know he was gonna do it here.
HARVEY: You mean he takes that stuff while he works?
MARY BETH: I don't know for sure.
HARVEY: Oh, you don't know for sure. You mean he only does it here, our house, with the kids asleep in the next room!.

[Dory's apartment]

DORY: I took coke before I met you, Chris, long before, So don't take it so damn personally.
CHRISTINE: Well, how can you toot up just like that in Mary Beth's house?! I told you how she felt about it!
DORY: It's like peanuts, if it's there it's hard to resist.
CHRISTINE: Well can't you stop?
DORY: I never thought about it!
CHRISTINE: How much do you take anyway?
DORY: Maybe a quarter, maybe a half. It's nothing I can't handle.
CHRISTINE: Oh sure! It's nothing like a guy on Valium, to come down from it! Why do you need it!
DORY: I don't need it. I just don't like to be without it! That's all!
CHRISTINE: I thought you were so much in control.
DORY: That's because you're so much in control. I know the pressure you feel when you first promoted from cop. You've gotta perform. Right?
CHRISTINE: Pretty close.
DORY: Yeah, well, when I'm feeling cokey I've got your number, don't I.
CHRISTINE: So, what? Coke makes you numb? I mean your mind works faster but emotionally you feel nothing?
DORY: Yeah, it's an anaesthetic, it cools you down.
CHRISTINE: You really want it to feel like that, don't you? You want to be numb.
DORY: Like what?
CHRISTINE: Cold. Clean as ice.

[Laceys' bedroom]

MARY BETH: I can't tell her what to do. She cares very much for him.
HARVEY: I care very much for you. I do not want you working with this guy whose judgement is obviously off and makes me wonder about Chris too.
MARY BETH: Honey, I can't...
HARVEY: Hey, this is not a discussion! Get your priorities straight, huh?
MARY BETH: Honey...
HARVEY: End of subject.
(Harvey puts the light out and gets his head down on the pillow)
MARY BETH: I'm sorry, Harve.

[Dory's apartment]

(Chris and Dory are now sitting on the bed, Dory has his arm around her and she is staring blankly into space)

[Detectives' Squad room]

SAMUELS: Where's Sergeant McKenna?
CHRISTINE: His line's been busy all morning.
SAMUELS: Well, try him at home.
CHRISTINE: That's what I have been trying!
SAMUELS: So, well OK, let's go without him.
(Mickey and Nunzio are sitting with la Guardia. Samuels comes up)
MICKEY: My lawyer says I should be out of here by tomorrow.
LA GUARDIA: I wouldn't pack my bags.
SAMUELS: Both of you have priors.
MICKEY: Well? So?
(Samuels grabs him by the jaw)
SAMUELS: Hey, punk, you ever heard of the assistant felon program? I'm sorry, but you qualify and the current sentence is a minimum of twenty-five years to life!
NUNZIO: I only have one felony conviction. You can look that up on my record.
SAMUELS: We already have done that, Mr. Nunzio, and you're quite right but you did break that boiler over at one-forty-nine East 23rd Street.
MICKEY: We didn't hurt...
SAMUELS: You did at least two hundred and fifty dollars of damage, wouldn't you say Detective Cagney.
CHRISTINE: Oh, at least!
SAMUELS: (grabbing Mickey by the jaw again) So that's at least a class E felony!
CHRISTINE: Don't you guys ever call your lawyer again.
SAMUELS: Either that, or you've got another choice. ...You tell us about Nolan.
MICKEY: What about him?
SAMUELS: Does he pay you to vandalise his property? ...Terrorise his tenants? (grabbing Nunzio by the shoulder) Or would you rather take the fall for murder?
NUNZIO: Nolan paid us fifty bucks.
CHRISTINE: For what?! To hurt the old man? ...Take his walker!
NUNZIO: What old man? We never hurt nobody. If it wanted doing, Nolan did that himself. Said he was better with people. So we did some little jobs and that's it.
CHRISTINE: I'm gonna go and pick up Dory, er, Sergeant McKenna. If Mary Beth calls tell her we'll be at the Nolan house.
SAMUELS: Well take backup. Wasn't Isbecki and Petrie out there?
LA GUARDIA: They're round the sweater factory. Arson.
CHRISTINE: Well, there are three of us. It's OK. La Guardia, can I use the car?

[Outside Mrs. Skimmins' apartment]

MRS. SKIMMINS: I've never met Mr. Nolan. I've never even seen him. Now you tell me he's carrying a shotgun.
MARY BETH: That's the way Mr. ...Poulianakis has described him.
MRS. SKIMMINS: I'm alone here. I really can't get involved.
MARY BETH: Mrs. Skimmins, we can protect you.
MRS. SKIMMINS: I've never seen anything out of the ordinary! I really must be going. Mr. Poulianakis is getting out of the hospital today.
MARY BETH: That's good. Thank you. The heat still on?
MRS. SKIMMINS: Yes, thank you. It is.

[Detectives' Squad room/Phone booth on a street]

LA GUARDIA: La Guardia. Detectives. Fourteenth Squad. ...No, she's just left.
MARY BETH: She went to Nolan's. ...Yeah. ...Give me the address. ...Don't tell me we finally got something on him.

[Manhattan street]

(Dory is sitting in his car. A man in the back seat has a gun on him. Chris pulls up and goes towards Dory's car then realises something is wrong. She draws her gun and comes up to the back window)
CHRISTINE: I suggest you drop the gun, sir.
(as she turns and says something to Dory the man opens the door, knocks her over and makes a run for it)
DORY: Chris!
CHRISTINE: I got him! Go round the other way!
DORY: Chris! ...Chris!
(Dory chases after her. When they get up an alleyway he tackles her to the ground)


CHRISTINE: What are you doing?!
DORY: Will you hang on.
CHRISTINE: Why? Who was he? Didn't I do the right thing?
DORY: No, no, you did the right thing.
CHRISTINE: He was holding a gun on you.
DORY: It was all right.
CHRISTINE: I thought you'd found Nolan.
DORY: No, it's er, somebody I owe money to.
CHRISTINE: (quietly) No. ...No....Somebody's gonna get hurt out there, Dory! An innocent bystander. Anybody!
DORY: Will you take it easy. It was just bad luck you came along when you did.
CHRISTINE: Damn it. I can't...
(with that she takes a swing at him. They struggle until he able to stop her)
DORY: Do you know what would happen if he was found with a cop?
(Dory walks away. She grabs him by the shoulder)
CHRISTINE: Damn you!
(he lifts her up and dumps her on the ground. He falls on top of her and they roll over and over until exhausted on their knees, she takes one final swing at him. He grabs her from the back under the shoulders and he lets her go when she relaxes. Still kneeling she lowers her head to the ground)

[Outside Nolan's house]

(Mary Beth pulls up outside. She sees a car she doesn't recognise)

[Squad car]

MARY BETH: (into radio) Detective car twelve. Have you got a message for me from Detectives Cagney or McKenna? ...Are they on their way?
POLICE RADIO: No messages, car twelve. Do you require backup?
(she sees a man in an overcoat, carrying a briefcase, coming out of Nolan's house. She gets out)
MARY BETH: Negative. ...I think.

[Outside Nolan's house]

MARY BETH: Leonard F. Nolan.
NOLAN: Who wants to know?
MARY BETH: Detective Lacey, Fourteenth. How are you sir?
NOLAN: I've been better. How are you?
MARY BETH: Fine. We posted a warrant on your door the other day. Did you see that?
NOLAN: I tore it up.
MARY BETH: Did ya? Oh, that's disrespectful, sir. That cost the taxpayers money. We had two detectives down here...
NOLAN: I get so many warrants and fines and who knows what. I could plaster a room. It's harassment, that's what it is!
MARY BETH: Oh, no sir.
NOLAN: I've been dealing with the City of New York twelve years.
MARY BETH: No this warrant isn't about you property, sir. It concerns a homicide investigation.
NOLAN: Oh, then you've definitely got the wrong guy.
MARY BETH: I'm not here to pass judgement. I don't know if I've got the right guy or not. I'm just doing my job.
MARY BETH: Can I give you some advice? Come down the precinct. Straighten the whole thing out. You got a lawyer?
NOLAN: Course I got a lawyer.
MARY BETH: Well then, no problem. No sweat. You call him. He'll take care of it, I'm sure. That's what lawyers get paid for, isn't it?
NOLAN: I've gotta be somewhere.
MARY BETH: Oh, Mr. Nolan, you know how these things drag on and on. Let's get it over with, huh. You've got to, sooner or later. Come on. I'll drive. Isn't this a nice house? We live in an apartment.
(they begin to walk to the Squad car)
MARY BETH: It's so nice having all this room, isn't it? It's better to commute into the city except in bad and sloppy weather. You could take the train. (indicating some ice) Watch your step here. We would have a private home if we could afford it. But the interest rates have been so crazy recently, I mean, er, we would never have the price for a down payment. I've lived in an apartment all my life. Al my life. To tell you the truth I wouldn't know what I'd do with all this room.
(she puts Nolan into the Squad car)
MARY BETH: Sit down. I gotta a girl friend, believe it or not, she won't go fifteen miles outside the city because she says she can't stand the silence, would you believe that? Listen, could you help me going out of here, because I got a little confused on the roads. (referring to his briefcase) Put that on the back seat and put on your seat belt. I don't wanna lose myself again.

[Interview room]

RUSSELL: There's no evidence against my client.
SAMUELS: This statement's signed by two young men who were hired by Mr. Nolan to wilfully damage his property.
NOLAN: Who? Two lousy punks. Street hounds. What are you gonna do, believe them?
SAMUELS: Punks. Hounds. Last time you called them victims of society.

[Viewing gallery]

(the duo are listening and watching through the one-way window. Mr. Poulianakis is sitting there with them. Mrs. Skimmins and Dory are also there)
SAMUELS: (on intercom) Isn't that right?
CHRISTINE: Mr. Poulianakis, seeing...
(Mary Beth gives Chris a withering look)
MARY BETH: Mr. Poulianakis, do you know who that man is? (Chris goes to interrupt) Would you mind? ...Is he the one that you described to us?
POULIANAKIS: Yes. He is the one who took my walker.
MARY BETH: (to Chris who is about to interrupt) Don't push.
DORY: And you're willing to testify.
POULIANAKIS: Mrs. Lacey already explain-ed that to me.
DORY: Well, I just want you to understand...
MARY BETH: He understands.
POULIANAKIS: I hope you lock him away good.
DORY: Murder. Attempted murder. Reckless endangerment. Don't worry, he's in a lot of trouble.
MARY BETH: Thank you for your help, Mrs. Skimmins.
MRS. SKIMMINS: Now he's gonna say something perfectly awful in Greek.
(and he does)
MARY BETH: Good for you.
(Chris follows Dory out)

[Precinct House yard]

CHRISTINE: Dory! (she comes running up to him) Be serious with me. She's right. We blew the cover. We wouldn't take the backup.
DORY: Sure she's right. We were acting like a couple of jerks.
DORY: Sweetheart, you walked into a situation with me in the car that you did not understand. ...And you blew it entirely out of proportion. Really. I had it under control.
CHRISTINE: Control? Who are you kidding? Dory, you just gotta stop.
DORY: It'll change my life.
CHRISTINE: But you're hooked, ...dependent or whatever you call it.
DORY: Chris, without cocaine I couldn't do what I do, OK. I couldn't work as long. I couldn't work as hard. It makes me a better cop.
CHRISTINE: Do you really believe that, Dory? That it helps.
DORY: For me it just gives me a little push, OK?
CHRISTINE: If you don't get help I'm gonna turn you in.
DORY: Wait. Wait a minute, wait a minute. Think about what you're saying. And who you're saying it to. ...It's like holding a loaded gun at my belly.
CHRISTINE: I don't wanna be the one holding the gun, I don't!
DORY: Then don't! Leave it alone!
CHRISTINE: I'm gonna turn you in.
DORY: I'm not worth it. I couldn't bear not seeing you.
CHRISTINE: I was working out what to do with the rest of our lives. I've tried to convince you to be really who you are. ...But as it turns out ...I can't stand the pain.
(she turns away and walks back into the Precinct House. Dory puts his head in his hand and sobs)

[Ladies' room]

(Mary Beth comes in)
MARY BETH: Christine! ...I... I... I was wondering (realising Chris is distraught) ...if we got the new towels in.
MARY BETH: Yeah, we were out earlier on. I've been meaning to bring some hand lotion from home.
CHRISTINE: Yes, er, the towels are rather hard on your hands.
MARY BETH: Yes, I know.
(after an awkward silence)
MARY BETH: They should really break their heart and paint this place.
CHRISTINE: Oh maybe one week we'll come in and we'll find it painted.
MARY BETH: Maybe not.
(they look at one another. Realising that Chris is close to tears, Mary Beth approaches her and they hug one another)

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