High Steel
Original Airdate: November 15, 198

[High rise construction site]

(a worker falls from a high floor to the ground. Workers on other floors look down in disbelief. At ground level other workers gather round the body shouting for the emergency services)

[Manhattan street]

(Mary Beth meets up with Chris at a crossing on Washington Square Park and they jog to work)

[Locker room]

(on another morning Chris has changed out of her jogging gear and is using a hair dryer. Mary Beth comes in)
MARY BETH: How ya doing?
CHRISTINE: Even stronger!
MARY BETH: That's nice.
CHRISTINE: I tell ya, Mary Beth, this thing really works. Did a mile and a half today. Keep this up I'll be clicking up three in no time.
MARY BETH: How can you run in this city?
CHRISTINE: Oh, it's tough but in this part of town you're really in New York. Besides I put on three pounds last week.
MARY BETH: You've never gained weight.
CHRISTINE: Hey Mary Beth, it really does work. Clears the cobwebs out of my head. My blood's pumping. Look at me, I'm ready for the day.
MARY BETH: Could I get into something like that?
CHRISTINE: Sure. You've gotta start slow and build up.
MARY BETH: (yawning) Uh, huh.
CHRISTINE: Pretty soon you're like a million bucks.

[Detectives' Squad room]

MARY BETH: A million bucks, huh?
CHRISTINE: Watch me, kid. 10K by next Spring.
(the secretary, Shelley, comes up)
SHELLEY: Mary Beth.
SHELLEY: Your husband called. He wants you to call him.
MARY BETH: Thank you.
ISBECKI: A guy fell right off the top. Twenty-fourth floor.
SAMUELS: What, no witnesses?
ISBECKI: Well he was on what they call a soft call. A one-man job. He was all alone on a beam. The rest of the crew turned around and he wasn't there anymore.
MARY BETH: What, a construction worker got killed?
ISBECKI: Yeah. He fell off the new high rise on Fifth.
ISBECKI: Calm down, it was only an accident.
CHRISTINE: All I said was 'Oh yeah.'
MARY BETH: Do you want me to draw up the paperwork for the medical examiner?
SAMUELS: What have you got, time on your hands?
MARY BETH: No sir. I'm just trying to be helpful.
SAMUELS: Uh, huh.
CHRISTINE: That'll teach ya.
MARY BETH: I'll be back in a minute. I gotta call Harve.
CHRISTINE: (to Isbecki) So, what happened?
HARVEY: (on phone) Yeah.
MARY BETH: (into phone) Harve?
HARVEY: (on phone) Yeah.
MARY BETH: (into phone) What's the matter? You don't sound so good.
HARVEY: (on phone) A guy I used to work with, Dan Lucas, he just got killed.

[Crematorium chapel]

(Mary Beth and Harvey arrive for Dan Lucas's funeral. Mourners are paying their respects to Charlene, Dan's wife)
HARVEY: Oh, Dan's wife hasn't changed too much. (looking around) A few new faces.
MARY BETH: I'll go and say something to Charlene. You go ahead.
HARVEY: Well it's just ....It's been kind of a long time.
MARY BETH: Harvey, everybody knows why you don't work the steel.
HARVEY: It's not easy to talk to those guys.
MARY BETH: Honey, they're your friends.
(Harvey joins three of Dan's colleagues)
JIMMY: Harve! I'm glad you could make it.
DAVE: Hey man, thanks for coming.
HARVEY: You know, I hadn't seen Dan in a couple of years. But, you know, for a while we kept winding up on the same job, no matter where. It almost got to be a joke.
JIMMY: You know, Harvey used to work in steel.
SAMMY: Oh yeah, 'til you got smart, huh?
HARVEY: Oh no. Inner ear infection. I lost my balance when I got to the top.
HARVEY: Hey. (he sees Jimmy is making a collection) Oh, oh, oh.
JIMMY: Every little helps.
(Harvey peels off some dollar bills)
JIMMY: Thank you. Thank you. Listen, we're going up to Flannery's to have a little drink. You're welcome to come along.
HARVEY: Thank you, Jim.
JIMMY: Give me a minute, OK?
(Jimmy joins Mary Beth who is talking to Charlene)
CHARLENE: Thank you for coming along.
MARY BETH: Oh, it shouldn't be so long, huh?
CHARLENE: Yeah. ...Yeah.
(Mary Beth and Harvey rejoin one another)
HARVEY: Listen, why don't you take the car? I'll catch a ride home with one of the other guys.
MARY BETH: I'll see you later.
HARVEY: Much later.
MARY BETH: Well, whenever.

[Laceys' bedroom]

(Mary Beth is asleep. Harvey staggers in and goes over to another door. He wakes Mary Beth up)
MARY BETH: What?! What is it? Harvey! ...What are you doing?
HARVEY: Oh, I'm trying to get into the bathroom, if that's all right with you, huh.
MARY BETH: You don't need a key, Harve. Just turn the knob.
HARVEY: Huh? ...Oh. ...Yeah. ...Oh! ...Oh!
(Mary Beth gets up and goes over to the bathroom door. Michael comes in)
MICHAEL: What's the matter? Daddy all right?
MARY BETH: He'll be fine sweetheart, he just got an upset stomach.
MICHAEL: He's not really, he got drunk.
MARY BETH: Honey, sweetheart, go to bed. Go to bed now, all right?

[Laceys' bathroom]

MARY BETH: Honey, you all right?
HARVEY: Yeah. ...Oh. ...Oh.
(Mary Beth starts to get his jacket off)
MARY BETH: Come on, momma's getting you undressed.
HARVEY: Let me just sit here a second 'til everything settles down. OK?
MARY BETH: I don't know how those guys can do it night after night.
HARVEY: It was a pretty special night. There were two cement workers who knew Dan Lucas was into something. Somebody ought to pay.
MARY BETH: Do want some water?
HARVEY: I mean to throw the crud over the side. ...Oh. ...Oh.
MARY BETH: Honey, shall we get some aspirin, huh.
HARVEY: Will you listen to me. It wasn't an accident. No, Dan didn't just fall from there. ...He was pushed.

[Manhattan street]

(Mary Beth meets up with Chris at the crossing on Washington Square Park again jogging. Mary Beth charges off across the square. Chris starts to follow but gives up)

[Samuels' office]

SAMUELS: Not a lot to go on. Hearsay, rumours, a bunch of ironworkers rumbling in a bar.
MARY BETH: Well sir, I think it's worth checking out. Rumours have to start some place.
SAMUELS: Yeah, OK, but this is Isbecki's case. I'm not gonna pull him off of it.
MARY BETH: Well, we'll help him out. We can handle the load.
SAMUELS: It's all right with me. You've just got to get Isbecki to agree with it.
MARY BETH: Thank you, sir. Christine's taking care of that.

[Detectives' Squad room]

ISBECKI: You've gotta work down to sprints, just like you run up to long distances.
LA GUARDIA: The Mascalero Apaches used to train their children. They'd have them run for miles up and down the side of a mountain with a mouth full of water.
LA GUARDIA: So, that's discipline.
CHRISTINE: Interesting, but what I really wanna do is ask Victor...
PETRIE: You really should wear different shoes.
CHRISTINE: Oh that's a myth, come on.
LA GUARDIA: No, you're right. You're right.
ISBECKI: Women prolapse more than men. You wear those shoes you're inviting trouble.
CHRISTINE: Really? Oh I didn't know that. Thank you. I appreciate you telling me.
SAMUELS: You know I was doing lots of track in high school, ...I had to work in the afternoon.
(the group breaks up on that hint)
MARY BETH: How's it going?
CHRISTINE: Talk to you soon.
CHRISTINE: So Victor, you gonna pace me in the morning?
ISBECKI: If you want me to.
CHRISTINE: Oh, I'd really appreciate it, I would. Why don't you let me help you with something? Um. How about the paperwork on that investigation thing.
ISBECKI: Yeah, I'm working on it. No, it was an accident. Big waste of time.
CHRISTINE: Then I can help you. Come on, I owe you one. I'll get Mary Beth in on it.
ISBECKI: How you gonna convince her of that?
CHRISTINE: I'll con her. You know me.

[Detectives' Squad room/Renovation site]

(as Chris comes across from Isbecki, Mary Beth picks up the phone an dials)
HARVEY: Yeah, hello.
MARY BETH: Harve, we're on the case.
HARVEY: Well, that's good.
MARY BETH: How's your head?
HARVEY: I'm all right.
MARY BETH: Chris is waiting. we're gonna and check up on what the guys thought about it.
HARVEY: Ha! So the Department thinks there might be something to it, huh?
MARY BETH: Well, er, not yet, but we're working on it.
HARVEY: There's nothing in the papers either. Well, you know he was just another hard-hat, huh.
MARY BETH: Honey, we're gonna give it a shot. I promise. OK? Bye bye.
HARVEY: Bye.      

[High rise construction site]

PAUL HANSEN: (on phone) All right, all right, I'll get to it. (to the duo) Sorry, we're a little nuts around here. We were closed down a few days after the accident.
MARY BETH: That's all right.
PAUL HANSEN: I don't know about any fights. Dan Lucas was a good man.
MARY BETH: Well, we heard that, er, some of the cement workers were giving him a hard time.
PAUL HANSEN: Which ones?
CHRISTINE: We don't know, but we'd like to ask around.
PAUL HANSEN: Sure. Watch yourselves.
MARY BETH: Thank you.
(the duo approaches a group of three workers)
CHRISTINE: Excuse me. ...Hello. ...Hi, can we talk to you a minute?
(the group looks up, interested in the duo coming down a temporary wooden staircase)
TOM: Hi, I must be dreaming. (to the other two workers) It's all right, I can handle them both. I mean you want quality, not quantity, right?
CHRISTINE: Great. Great. Yeah. Can we talk?
TOM: 'Cos I can give you quantity too, if you know what I mean, huh?
MARY BETH: No, you're too subtle.
(the group laughs)
CHRISTINE: I'm Detective Cagney, this Detective Lacey, Fourteenth Squad.
SAMMY: Aren't you Harvey Lacey's wife?
MARY BETH: Yeah. Oh, I saw you at the funeral. Sammy, right?
SAMMY: Right. How are ya?
CHRISTINE: (to Dave) Did you know Dan Lucas?
DAVE: He was an ironworker, worked twenty floors away.
MARY BETH: Well, Sammy's an ironworker.
TOM: Hey, he comes down here slumming on his breaks.
CHRISTINE: We understand that some of the cement mixers had a fight with Dan. Is that right?
DAVE: Cement mixers? ...Maybe. Not us.
MARY BETH: Well, why would anyone wanna a fight with him? I heard he was an all-right guy.
TOM: It gives me the creeps talking about him. You can't think about things like that on site.
CHRISTINE: (to Mary Beth) Excuse me. (to Tom) Dan's children still have to think about it.
TOM: Don't you patronise me , lady.
CHRISTINE: Maybe not. Do you want some more?
DAVE: Hey, maybe I think you should get out of here, huh?
ISBECKI: You girls having a problem?
(he has shouted down from the next level. Dave whistles)
TOM: Who's this?
MARY BETH: Private Isbecki, US Cavalry.
(the duo start to leave the site accompanied by Isbecki)
ISBECKI: I said I was only trying to help.
CHRISTINE: What are you doing here, Isbecki?
ISBECKI: Well I had to get some tickets to wrap up the paperwork that you said you were gonna do for me.
CHRISTINE: Terrific.
ISBECKI: How come you guys are here?
(just at that moment they all duck as a large spanner falls in front of them from the building above. Paul Hansen picks up the spanner)
PAUL HANSEN: Get outside. You shouldn't even be in this area without a hard hat. Accidents happen. You've gotta keep yourself safe.

[Lucas' lounge]

(Charlene welcomes the duo. The two Lucas boys are playing Space Invaders on the television screen)
MARY BETH: (to the boys) Hey guys. (pointing to the television) Oh, gee, would my kids like to get hold of something like that.
CHARLENE: I thought it might keep the boys minds off what happened. Won't you sit down. ...I didn't know you made detective, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: Well, last time we saw each other I was probably still in uniform.
CHARLENE: When was that?
MARY BETH: Must have been Fourth of July barbecue, you were pregnant with Andrew.
CHARLENE: That long ago. ...So, what do you want to talk to me about?
MARY BETH: A few things.
CHARLENE: Hey guys, why don't you go outside for a while? Come on, pack up. ...Get your jackets and button them this time. I don't want you getting sick again.
(Charlene brings the fruit bowl back)
CHRISTINE: Oh, hey, thank you.
(Chris has noticed a newspaper with several classified adverts ringed round)
MARY BETH: Charlene, was Dan in some kind of fight in the last few weeks?
CHARLENE: Guys out there are always getting into scrapes. You know that, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: Harve heard that this was a serious one. Supposedly some guys on the job were giving him a hard time.
CHARLENE: Why would they?
MARY BETH: We don't know.
CHRISTINE: Did he ever mention these men to you?
CHARLENE: Dan never talked about work. We didn't talk a lot, you know?
MARY BETH: Yes, sure.
CHARLENE: Why are you here?
MARY BETH: I asked to be here. Harve and Dan knew each other for years and we wanted to be sure that everything about the accident checked out.
CHARLENE: Are you saying it wasn't an accident?
MARY BETH: No, we're not saying that. We just had to ask you a few questions, all right?

[Manhattan street]

(the duo are walking back to the car)
CHRISTINE: She's hiding something.
CHRISTINE: She's afraid.
MARY BETH: Course she's afraid. She's got two kids, she's alone.
CHRISTINE: No, she's afraid of us. That video equipment cost a bundle. She was circling ads for houses in Riverdale. Did you see anything?
MARY BETH: I was looking at the new jackets the kids were wearing. She didn't get those on 14th Street.
CHRISTINE: We'll get the search warrant and check the bank account.
MARY BETH: Yeah, we can do that.
CHRISTINE: Look, I know she's a friend of yours...
MARY BETH: Look, I met the woman once six years ago.
CHRISTINE: So, what's the problem?
(they arrive back at the car)

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Isbecki carries in a sports bike with a buckled front wheel and plonks it across two chairs)
SAMUELS: Oh a Paco, huh?
ISBECKI: How did you know?
SAMUELS: I'm a detective. Why didn't you get a man's bike?
ISBECKI: What do you mean 'A man's bike'? It's these lousy streets.
(Chris comes in her jogging gear)
CHRISTINE: I tried to warn you off that hole. It's been there for months.
ISBECKI: You know what it is? Pay off, and she's got the bucks to fix it.
PETRIE: (to Chris) Looks like that court order came through for you. Authorisation to see and inspect the Lucas bank account and safe deposit box.
ISBECKI: Great! Why don't you get dressed while I get started?
SAMUELS: Hold it, Isbecki, you're off of this one.
ISBECKI: What do you mean? You're kidding, it's my case.
SAMUELS: Was. Cagney got the court order. She and Lacey can handle it. We don't need three people on this one.
(Samuels puts some papers on Isbecki's desk)
SAMUELS: There's this case that needs immediate attention.
ISBECKI: (looking at the papers) Yeah, a purse snatching on a Number Five bus. Can't wait.
CHRISTINE: Excuse me, I'm gonna call Mary Beth.
LA GUARDIA: You're gonna have to replace that wheel, Isbecki.
ISBECKI: What do you think it will cost?
PETRIE: Oh, not much, fifty to sixty bucks.
ISBECKI: I'm gonna call City Hall.

[Safety deposit room]

MARY BETH: We're not gonna find anything. She's probably got pictures of her kids, and flowers from her prom, and birth certificates.
CHRISTINE: Is that what you keep in your safety deposit box?
MARY BETH: I haven't got one, but if I did that's what I'd keep there.
CHRISTINE: Boy, oh boy.
(they follow a man who then opens the safe deposit box)
CHRISTINE: Would you look at that!
MARY BETH: There must be twenty, thirty thousand dollars there.
CHRISTINE: That's a lotta overtime.
MARY BETH: Why would they keep blueprints in their safe deposit box? (to the man indicating the blueprints) We'll sign for this. We'd like to take this.

[Lucas' kitchen]

CHARLENE: You had no right to open that box.
CHRISTINE: Well, we see it a little differently.
MARY BETH: Charlene, we think that Dan may have been murdered.
CHARLENE: You don't know that!
MARY BETH: We have good reason to believe it and so do you.
CHRISTINE: I think that you've known all along.
CHARLENE: That's my money! Dan left it to take care of me and the kids.
MARY BETH: Where did he get it?
CHARLENE: He worked for it!
CHRISTINE: (opening the blueprints) Charlene, have you ever seen these? Why would your husband have the blueprints from the construction site he's working on in his safety deposit box?
CHARLENE: I have no idea.
CHRISTINE: There are red and yellow markings on these prints. Do you know what they mean?
CHARLENE: No. I don't know. I sometimes overheard Dan talk about blueprints. That was technical.
MARY BETH: Who'd he talk to?
CHARLENE: Sammy McCasson, on the phone.
MARY BETH: Sammy McCasson worked for Dan. we saw him at the construction site.
CHRISTINE: It never occurred to you to ask your husband what was going on?
CHARLENE: I knew that Dan was bringing home more money, and I was glad, but he never talked about work, and he never talked about where the money came from. I didn't know anything was wrong.

[Renovation site]

HARVEY: What are the red and yellow markings in certain areas? Maybe the materials are substandard. Now if you multiply that by every room in the place, you gotta few hundred thousand dollars in side kicks.
CHRISTINE: And nobody would ever know?
HARVEY: Well they might know about it in a couple of years when the building collapses.
MARY BETH: That bad?
HARVEY: Maybe sooner. Dan had these blueprints. How could he do that? ...You guys wanna go for coffee?
CHRISTINE: Yeah, could it be...
MARY BETH: We gotta go. (gathering up the blueprints) Thanks.

[Samuels' office]

CHRISTINE: All parts in yellow, here, and all the red markings, Harvey says could be faulty materials.
MARY BETH: Could mean kickbacks, could mean pay-offs.
SAMUELS: Dan Lucas was getting paid to keep quiet?
CHRISTINE: Well, until he got a little too ambitious.
SAMUELS: OK. I'll buy it. They're not gonna let us walk in and look around. We'll have to get a search warrant. Leave that to me.
CHRISTINE: Thanks. We'll bring Sammy McCasson in for questioning, OK?
SAMUELS: Yeah. Good.

[Detectives' Squad room]

LA GUARDIA: You know Isbecki feels really bad about losing this case.
CHRISTINE: Well, La Guardia, what do you want us to say?
LA GUARDIA: I don't know but he feels real bad.
MARY BETH: Well, we're sorry but it wasn't our fault.
LA GUARDIA: This kind of thing happens to people all of the time.
LA GUARDIA: I know, I know, but he's still feels terrible!
LA GUARDIA: OK. He just wanted me to tell ya.

[High rise construction site]

(the duo arrives to whooping and whistling from the workers. They knock at the site office door)
MARY BETH: Morning.
PAUL HANSEN: What can I do for you?
CHRISTINE: We'd like to talk to one of your men.
MARY BETH: Sammy McCasson.
PAUL HANSEN: I'd like to talk to him too. He didn't come in today.
CHRISTINE: Do you have an address for him.
PAUL HANSEN: Hold on. ...Here. In Rego Park off Queens Boulevard. Middle of nowhere. Do you want me to find a map?
MARY BETH: I'm in Jackson Height, fifteen years, thanks.

[Sammy McCasson's apartment]

(outside the door)
CHRISTINE: Mr. McCasson. ...Mr. McCasson, police!
(Mary Beth tries the door. It's open. They back away each side of the door and draw their guns)
MARY BETH: Well? I guess we have to go in there and look now.
(Mary Beth kicks open the door. They see furniture laying all knocked over. Chris sees the blind on the window to the fire escape is still down. Mary Beth checks the bathroom and then spots some blood on the carpet)
MARY BETH: Christine!
(Chris checks the blood and Mary Beth picks up the phone using her cardigan sleeve)
MARY BETH: (into phone) Petrie, is Samuels there?

[Street outside Sammy McCasson's apartment block]

(the police are there in force. Bystanders are watching)
PETRIE: (into walkie-talkie) Check up on the roof. One of the neighbours reported seeing some action up there. ...OK.
(in the alley at the side, one of the team has discovered something in a large trash bin. A uniformed officer alerts the duo who goes over. Sammy McCasson's body, his throat cut, is in the bin partly covered by a plastic sheet)
MARY BETH: Dear God. (to Samuels) That's our guy.

[Manhattan street]

(Chris arrives at the crossing on Washington Square Park. Mary Beth goes charging past. Chris can't catch her)

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Chris signs in disconsolately. Isbecki comes in)
CHRISTINE: Say coach, when am I gonna see some improvement?
ISBECKI: Maybe it's a matter of concentration.
CHRISTINE: I am concentrating!
ISBECKI: Well, it maybe the double-harness of this case.
CHRISTINE: You know, Isbecki, I didn't ask for you to be taken off this case.
ISBECKI: But you asked me...
CHRISTINE: What do you want me to do?!
ISBECKI: You owe me fifty-three dollars for my bicycle.
(Isbecki goes to his desk. Mary Beth is talking to Samuels)
SAMUELS: McCasson was not killed by a professional.
MARY BETH: Isbecki said it had to be a big guy. Somebody strong enough to carry him out into the alley but the murder was not exactly premeditated.
SAMUELS: Well, what's your thinking?
MARY BETH: McCasson and Dan Lucas talked a lot ...about blueprints ...and maybe blackmail. Lucas gets into a fight with some cement mixers, probably warning him to back off. He does not. So McCasson pushes him off the building because he got too greedy. Now McCasson's dead. It's gotta be somebody important. Maybe in the city, maybe not.
SAMUELS: It all comes back to a cover up, doesn't it?
MARY BETH: What's the status on that search warrant?
SAMUELS: No word yet.
MARY BETH: Sir, can we go down to Headquarters?
SAMUELS: Yeah, sure, why not? Yeah, you and Cagney give it a try. It might help.

[Police Headquarters corridor]

MARY BETH: Big help!
CHRISTINE: What if we got to the Building Inspector ourselves?
MARY BETH: No, maybe they're a part of all this. We don't know who's involved.
CHRISTINE: I was beginning to think I was the only one who was paranoid. Anyway even if we had the warrant we still need a guy who could look at the building and tell us what that blueprints mean.
MARY BETH: Ah, you don't know how close you need to get to do that. If somebody calls the cops he may not work again.
CHRISTINE: So, we get a guy who doesn't depend on the construction industry for his livelihood.
MARY BETH: Got any suggestions?
CHRISTINE: You're not thinking clearly.
CHRISTINE: Well... You know who. I'm talking about Harvey.
MARY BETH: Harvey's busy. He has a lot of obligations. Besides that, it wouldn't be professional.
CHRISTINE: You said he was having a rough time. Maybe he would like to help us.
MARY BETH: Maybe you'd like to recommend somebody else!

[Renovation site]

HARVEY: You don't need anybody else. I'll go in.
MARY BETH: Harve, we already talked about you and the answer is 'No'.
CHRISTINE: Why don't we talk about it again because I think...
MARY BETH: Christine!
HARVEY: Hey, hold on a minute. Let's see what the lady has to say. I mean I would like to help, I really would.
CHRISTINE: Thank you. Harvey knows what we're talking about. I happen to respect his judgement. No, wait a minute, Mary Beth. By the time we get around to getting a consultant on this thing, the building's gonna be finished, people would have already moved in, we can forget the whole thing. ...Just think about it, all right? I gotta go and call the court. (to Harvey) You gotta telephone?
HARVEY: In the other room.
CHRISTINE: Oh, good.
MARY BETH: I've got a bad feeling about it, Harve.
HARVEY: Hey, if Dan really knew something and he wasn't telling, I wanna see it with my own eyes. Right?
MARY BETH: Honey, let the Department handle this.
HARVEY: Mary Beth, out of respect for the dead I don't wanna hate the man's memory if it isn't true.
CHRISTINE: Forget it! We're out of business.
CHRISTINE: Somebody's making noises. I can't even get search warrants now.
MARY BETH: Well, we'll find another judge.
CHRISTINE: Samuels said that word has come down that the whole thing is off limits. Interesting, isn't it?
MARY BETH: Does that mean we drop the investigation?
CHRISTINE: Unofficially!
HARVEY: Let the Department handle it, huh. They're trying to pull the plug on the whole investigation.
MARY BETH: What else is new? You cannot hate the man for that.
HARVEY: Mary Beth! If the materials are substandard, those guys could be in danger up there.
CHRISTINE: Not to mention the people who rent one of those places.
HARVEY: I am not gonna lose another friend like that. No way!
MARY BETH: What if you lose your balance up there?
HARVEY: What I need to check I can do on the first and second floors!
MARY BETH: Do you know what we are talking about here?! Entering without a search warrant is not a parking ticket!
CHRISTINE: Come on, Mary Beth, you don't always have to play by the rules.
MARY BETH: Pardon me, that's easy for you to say.
CHRISTINE: Hey, wait a minute, I'm willing to take a risk here, so's Harvey. What is your problem?
HARVEY: Hey, no risk, huh. This is a piece of cake. People get on construction sites all the time. They feel 'em blind. We go in in the night. We're out of there in fifteen minutes, huh. Tops!
MARY BETH: Oh, my Lord.

[Chris's loft/Laceys' kitchen]

(Chris is working out on an exercise mat. The phone goes)
CHRISTINE: Hold on. ...eight, nine, ten. OK. (into phone) Yeah.
MARY BETH: Ten o'clock.
CHRISTINE: I'll be there.
MARY BETH: On the dot, Chris. We got thirty minutes to get in and out of the site.
CHRISTINE: Yeah, OK, that's it.
MARY BETH: Sometimes when I think a case is not working out, it's not right to push.
CHRISTINE: Harvey's pushing too.
MARY BETH: Who's to say he's always right.
(Harvey comes in. He and Mary Beth are dressed in black. He has his toolbox ready)
CHRISTINE: All right! You'll see we're right. OK.
HARVEY: (to Mary Beth) OK. Mrs. Barbero'll watch the kids until we get back. Hey, babe, we get in, we get out.
MARY BETH: Piece of cake.

[Laceys' car]

(Harvey and Mary Beth draw up in their car)
MARY BETH: She should be here.
(Chris in the Squad car is stuck in grid locked traffic. A guard is on duty in a security office)
HARVEY: Maybe she's got car trouble , eh? We'll give it another five minutes.
(Chris puts the red light on the car roof and starts the siren)
MARY BETH: Quarter past.
HARVEY: Well, we gotta do it now, huh? Let's go.

[High rise construction site]

(unable to force the site-gate padlock Harvey finds an insecure part of the security fence. Chris is still stuck in traffic. Harvey and Mary Beth keeping out of sight of the guard creep up to the building)
HARVEY: All right. Come on.
(they get into the building and consult a blueprint using a torch. They go up a temporary staircase to the next floor and Harvey begins to look around using the torch. Paul Hansen is also in the site office. He looks out the window and sees the torch beam. He sees the guard is still in his security office, picks up a gun and goes out. Harvey re-consults the blueprint and they move on)
HARVEY: Woah, woah, woah. Wait! I've got it. Well, the weld seems to be OK. Shine a light over on the bolt. Eight-three-two-five. Yeah, that's what they're supposed to be. Now let's see about this.
(Harvey sprays some liquid on the bolt head. Chris manages to pull over and park. She runs off through the grid locked traffic. Harvey inspects the bolt head)
HARVEY: Gotta wait for it to dry.
(Paul Hansen approaches the building. The guard is snoozing in his office)
MARY BETH: Come on.
HARVEY: This cannot be rushed.
(Paul Hansen hears metallic tapping and starts up the temporary staircase. Chris is running through the traffic. Harvey sprays another bolt)
HARVEY: If it bleeds through, we'll know.
(Chris is still running. Paul Hansen gets to the top of the staircase)
HARVEY: (to Mary Beth) Come here. There it is. (the bolt head is showing a fracture) What a piece of garbage. ...Dan, you stinker.
(they hear a click behind them. Paul Hansen is levelling the gun at them}
PAUL HANSEN: Too bad. Empty your pockets.
(Chris is still running)
MARY BETH: In the State of New York the murder of a police officer carries the death penalty.
PAUL HANSEN: Let's go. Come on. Let's go! Come on! Move!
(Chris is still running. Paul Hansen escorts Mary Beth and Harvey onto a builder's elevator)
MARY BETH: I told you we shouldn't come here, Harve. (to Paul Hansen) I told him we shouldn't come here.
PAUL HANSEN: Hit the button.
MARY BETH: Which one?
PAUL HANSEN: Hit the button.
HARVEY: Hit the button.
MARY BETH: Hit the button.
(the elevator starts to ascend)
PAUL HANSEN: All right. Out. Out!
(they get off the elevator at a high level)
MARY BETH: Listen, Hansen, let me tell you something. It's really a wrong move. I mean, er, I'll tell you about a lawyer who... Lawyers get people out of everything. You don't need to do this. So what do you say, huh?
MARY BETH: Oh, hey, how high up are we here? I hate heights. I never could stand heights. You know me, Harve.
PAUL HANSEN: Stop whining.
MARY BETH: I'd rather not go up here. Remember how you used to tease me I could never go past the third floor.
MARY BETH: I was always like that, wasn't I, Harve?
(Chris arrives at the site and finds the Laceys' car. Chris gets into to the site while Paul Hansen escorts the Laceys up more temporary staircases)
PAUL HANSEN: Over there.
MARY BETH: Over there? Yeah. You gotta be kidding.
MARY BETH: No. See, I can only go to a certain point. You wouldn't believe...
PAUL HANSEN: You got a big mouth, lady.
MARY BETH: Yeah, I know. A lot of people tell me that.
(Mary Beth attempts to kick the gun out of Paul Hansen's hand. There is a shot and a female scream. Chris hears them at ground level. Mary Beth is hanging from a beam. Chris rushes over to the security office and grabs the phone)
GUARD: What are you doing there!
CHRISTINE: (into phone) Detective Cagney, Fourteenth Squad. We've got a ten-thirteen. Also I need assistance at a construction site on Fifth and...
GUARD: 35th.
CHRISTINE: Thirty-five.
(Mary Beth is still hanging from the beam and screaming. Harvey is in a fistfight with Paul Hansen. Harvey is knocked down a temporary staircase)
CHRISTINE: How do I get up there?
GUARD: Elevator at the back.
(Paul Hansen picks up a wooden beam and starts to poke at Mary Beth who screams even more. Mary Beth loses her grip with one hand but manages to grab onto a vertical beam with it and then with the other hand and slide down to a lower level. Harvey has recovered and comes up behind Paul Hansen and knocks him down. A uniformed officer arrives at ground level)
CHRISTINE: Cagney, Fourteenth Squad. Follow me.
(Harvey chases Paul Hansen off down the temporary staircases)
HARVEY: Hold on, Mary Beth, hold on. I'm coming to get ya.
(Paul Hansen gets on to the elevator and goes down. He emerges at ground level and makes a run for it)
CHRISTINE: Hansen! Hansen! Hold it! (to the uniformed officer) Corral that man!
(Chris gets on to the elevator and goes up. Mary Beth is still clinging to the vertical beam)
HARVEY: Baby. Please. I don't think I can get out there to help you.
(Chris arrives. Harvey stops her running towards Mary Beth and grabs hold of her)
CHRISTINE: Harvey! Oh! Mary Beth!
HARVEY: No. She's frozen out there. I've seen it before. You're not gonna be able to move her. She's got a death grip.
CHRISTINE: Well, I've gotta go out there!
HARVEY: No, I've gotta go. ...Mary Beth. ...Take it easy, honey. ...I'm coming. ...Just hold on. Hold on, babe. Hold on.
(Harvey walks out along the beam to where Mary Beth is and puts his arm round her)
HARVEY: Mary Beth. You OK? You gotta listen. Just listen. You're gonna have to let go...
(Mary Beth screams out)
HARVEY: Mary Beth, you're gonna have to let go of the beam. Mary Beth, please, you're gonna have to let go. Come on. Ready!
(Harvey pulls Mary Beth off the vertical beam and she screams again)
CHRISTINE: For God's sake, Harvey, what are you doing?
HARVEY: (to Chris) Watch my feet! Keep your eyes on my feet!
HARVEY: Keep your eyes on my feet!
CHRISTINE: Keep coming! Keep coming back. ...Keep coming back. ...Keep coming.
(Harvey inches Mary Beth along the horizontal beam while holding on to the one above with one hand)
HARVEY: Can you grab her? OK, honey.
(Chris grabs Mary Beth and lays her down prostrate)
CHRISTINE: I've got her!
(Harvey makes it back as Mary Beth begins to sob)
HARVEY: It's OK, Mary Beth. It's OK.
MARY BETH: (sobbing) I'm OK.
HARVEY: It's OK. Stop that. It's OK. It's OK.
CHRISTINE: (to Mary Beth) I'm sorry, babe.

[Manhattan street]

(Mary Beth meets up with Chris at the same crossing on Washington Square Park, they acknowledge one another and jog to work. Chris is now really in training and seems to lose Mary Beth until she looks back to see Mary Beth is just doing up her running shoe)

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