Witness to an Incident
Original Airdate: October 25, 1982

[Squad car]

CHRISTINE: We're being invaded.
MARY BETH [OC]: Murray Hill's a little off her beat, don't you think?
CHRISTINE: So we'll give her a slight ear wigging.
(they come alongside a "prostitute")
CHRISTINE: (to Mara) Hello.
MARA: Sorry, no sisters.
CHRISTINE: We've got a comedian. Do you wanna start working back down to the Twenties?
MARA: No. What's it to you, Blondie?
(Mary Beth shows her badge)
MARY BETH: It's worth it to us. Do you want a movement or what?
MARA: I'm just being practical. Any people off the streets can buy a shield for a buck fifty-nine.
MARY BETH: (to Chris) Do you be believe this?
CHRISTINE: Perhaps we should make our position more clear.
(the duo gets out of the car)

[Murray Hill street #1]

MARA: Be cool. I'm just gonna reach into my bag and get my ID. (she shows them a card) Mara Frost, Anti-crime Unit. Just having a little fun guys.
MARY BETH: That's terrific.
CHRISTINE: Terrific.
(the duo laughs and high-fives with Mara and then arm locks her over the bonnet of the car)
CHRISTINE: Now it's our turn.
MARA: Hey, what are you doing?
MARY BETH: That was a sample, right. Any creep can buy a shield, right.

[Building hallway]

(a local sidewalk team with temporary armbands reading MUST has gathered. The team leader, Bob Fisher, is organising their evening patrols)
FISHER: Come on, guys, Murray Hill's waiting for your protection out there. All right. ...Clattery and Ocelli, you got 38th between First and Lexington. Rimmer, Rotello, same blocks as Wednesday.
OCELLI: Hey, Rotello, keep an eye on my shop. I got a new supply of cameras today.
HOUSER: Terrific, I can get a good price for them.
(they continue to banter about their businesses and the area)
OLIVER: Gentlemen, gentlemen, please, we're wasting a lotta time here.
OCELLI: Control your partner, Oliver. This conservative neighbourhood is giving me stomach cramp.
HOUSER: Why don't you take some Magnesia. ...Hey, Bob, what about those permits, huh?
FISHER: We're not cops, Jack.
HOUSER: Well, we might as well be. We're doing the same job. Now I been waiting for these permits for a month. You know I'm tired of the bad guys having all the firepower.
FISHER: M16s we don't have. Use this instead.
(he tosses him a gun)
FISHER: Oliver, you and Houser, are from here to 34th. OK, guys, let's do it. ...And let's stay awake out there. And let 'em remember that the Murray Hill Street Team is on the job.
(the rest of the team leaves)

[Hyken's Pharmacy]

(Oscar Hyken is being held up at gun point by a European man, Gunnar)
GUNNAR: Gentemic. All you have.
HYKEN: I don't know what that is. I'll have to look it up, OK?
GUNNAR: Hurry. Now.
HYKEN: I'm hurrying. ...Gentemic, it's never been approved in this country. You can't get it here.
GUNNAR: Something else then.
(Gunnar sweeps boxes of pills and medicines off the counter in desperation)

[Murray Hill street #2]

OLIVER: ...breakneck every day. Come on, Jack, I love Murray Hill.
HOUSER: So do I but you gotta admit that this is getting crazy.
OLIVER: Yeah, but were winning, we're winning.
HOUSER: We're winning. Stay close to the kerb, man, who knows who's hiding in the doorway.
(Oliver turns and sees Gunnar in the pharmacy)
HOUSER: Come on. What are you doing?
(as Houser turns, Gunnar shoots the pharmacist)
OLIVER: Hold it, I'll go round the side.
HOUSER: You go that way.
(Houser runs off after Gunnar. Oliver gets out a walkie-talkie)
OLIVER: (into walkie-talkie) This is Oliver. Hyken's Pharmacy.

[Murray Hill street #1]

(the duo are leaning on the car talking to Mara amicably)
MARA: So far it's been a pretty quiet night for you guys.
MARY BETH: Tell me about it.
POLICE RADIO: ...Shots fired.
MARY BETH: We gotta ten-thirty, two blocks away.
(the duo jumps in the car and heads off)

[Murray Hill street #2]

(Oliver has joined the chase)
FISHER: (on walkie-talkie) Are you staying in visual contact?
OLIVER: (into walkie-talkie while he runs) What do you think I'm trying to do?
(a patrol car arrives followed by the duo's Squad car. Gunnar has headed up an alleyway. Chris jumps out together with the uniformed officer, Mead, from the patrol car)
MEAD: (to Chris) Chris, back me up!
CHRISTINE: Right, Go! I'm right behind you.
(Mary Beth drives the car round to the other end of the alley and gets out)


(Gunnar still pursued by Houser stumbles into a pile of rubbish. A shot rings out. Gunnar jumps up onto a fence. Mary Beth sees a shadow in the alley)
MARY BETH: We got you, man! Hold it right there!
CHRISTINE: Freeze! Police!
(Chris and Mead see the same shadow and take aim. A shot rings out and Houser goes down)
HOUSER: Noooooh...
(later at the scene of the shooting a gun is bagged for evidence. The media is there)
DETECTIVE: Right, hold back that crowd. I don't want any of 'em here. Come on, O'Higgins.
PETRIE: Lieutenant, Mead has just made a statement to Marquette. The Inspector's on his way over.
SAMUELS: Good. (to Mary Beth) What happened to the other guy?
MARY BETH: I caught a glimpse of him before he went over the fence. Then Officer Mead followed him, and, er, he got away.
CHRISTINE: It was just... ...two perps and we shouted. Neither of them stopped.
MARY BETH: The other, the MUST guy, Oliver, he was the first one to the victim. Nobody knew that Houser was a member of the sidewalk team until then. My God, we shot a civilian.
SAMUELS: Now take it easy. We're gonna live through this. (suddenly a TV floodlight is on them) Get that light the hell outta my eyes! ...Get it out!
MARQUETTE: Who found the gun?
MARY BETH: I did, sir.
SAMUELS: According to the mark it was two feet from the wounded body. We'll send it over to Ballistics.
MARQUETTE: All right. Let's get away from all of this. I'll have a clerk type up your statement. Then you'll sign a 6A, Witness to an Incident form. OK?
SAMUELS: We understand that.
MARQUETTE: How many shots were fired?
MARY BETH: Two sir, possibly three.
CHRISTINE: I heard two bangs but the MUST on the other hand had a chance to fire so there might have been another one.
MARY BETH: Well, that could have been an echo from the wall.
MARQUETTE: You were with Mead?
MARQUETTE: When did you see the gun in the victim's hand?
CHRISTINE: I saw the first guy up on the fence. The victim, Houser, had fallen down, and as he got up and came around like this. (Chris holds a hand in the air) And that's when Mead and I saw the gun in his hand.
MARQUETTE: (to Mary Beth) Does that jibe?
MARY BETH: Well, sir, I was back there. I don't really know. It's a different angle, sir.
MARQUETTE: Did you see Cagney and Mead approach?
MARY BETH: No sir, but I distinctly heard them identify themselves as police officers.
MARQUETTE: Then the shot came after they identified themselves as police?
MARY BETH: Yes sir. The were yelling and Houser and the perp kept moving, so I yelled too, and then they stopped.
SAMUELS: Well, what do you say? We've got everything we're gonna get here. Let's wrap this up back at the precinct. ...(to the duo) Come on, I'll give you guys a lift.
MARQUETTE: Oh, Bert, let them ride in together. Talk it over. I'm sure you'll find that you both saw exactly the same thing. ...Bert?
(Samuels follows Marquette)

[Detectives' Squad room]

MARY BETH: Samuels says that the report won't be typed up until tomorrow. We're free.
CHRISTINE: Well, Mary Beth, did we see the same thing?
MARY BETH: We saw what we saw.
CHRISTINE: He had a gun.
MARY BETH: Did you see the shadows in those alleys? Like ink, they were so black.
CHRISTINE: Mead saw the gun. It wasn't fired.
MARY BETH: What are you saying to me, Chris?
CHRISTINE: I'm saying that there could be another view.
MARY BETH: It was dark.
CHRISTINE: Yeah it was dark, but he had a gun. I saw it.
MARY BETH: Oh, so what's the big deal. If you saw it, it must have been there. ...Loosen up, will ya. ...Let's go home.

[Precinct front desk office]

COLEMAN: (to Mead) Have a sleep in tomorrow. When you're here they'll put you on clerical. Let ya cool off. (he duo comes through on their way home) You guys did first rate work here tonight. No trouble here.
CHRISTINE: (to Mead) How ya doing kid?
MEAD: I'm hanging out.
MEAD: Yeah.
SAMUELS: I thought I'd just catch ya. I just got word from the hospital. Houser died.

[Laceys' kitchen]

(Mary Beth is scrubbing the floor in the dark. Harvey comes in and puts the light on)
MARY BETH: Oh geeze, I had the light off so I wouldn't wake you up.
HARVEY: No, you didn't wake me up.
MARY BETH: Careful there, that's wet.
HARVEY: Oh, right. I just thought I'd grab a little milk, that's all. (she hands him the milk out of the fridge) Thank you. ...This shooting thing's got ya, huh?
MARY BETH: Yeah, it got me.
HARVEY: Gotta be tough with that guy,... what's his name, dying?
MARY BETH: Houser.
HARVEY: Back away from it, babe, just ...back away.
MARY BETH: The man is dead, Harve. He's a civilian and he's dead. And now Jerry Mead's whole life is on the line. He's a young guy, he's not yet thirty.
HARVEY: Well, you and Chris were there. You saw what happened. Right?
MARY BETH: Mead could lose the whole thing, the job and the benefits. They could bring him up on criminal charges.
HARVEY: So you told them what you saw. That's all you can do. What's the problem?
MARY BETH: Yeah, I told 'em what I saw. I saw Houser. I did not see any gun.
HARVEY: Oh babe.

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Petrie escorts a detainee in)
DETAINEE: "Les Miserables."
PETRIE: Required at the Academy.
DETAINEE: So you have the thousands a year.
PETRIE: And you were gong to rip off two thousand dollars of video equipment.
DETAINEE: It's an analogy. We all got needs.
(Petrie locks him in the holding cell)
PETRIE: Sorry.
DETAINEE: No vision.
(Chris comes in. Isbecki hands her a newspaper)
ISBECKI: Did you read this?
CHRISTINE: Jerks! (she tosses the paper back) How's Jerry Mead?
ISBECKI: I don't know.
CHRISTINE: It's OK. Mary Beth and I were on the scene. He'll be fine.
LA GUARDIA: (to Chris) Did you ever shoot anybody?
SAMUELS [OC]: Cagney!
(he beckons her into his office)

[Samuels' office]

MARQUETTE: Good morning.
CHRISTINE: Good morning.
MARQUETTE: Where is Detective Lacey?
CHRISTINE: Oh, she should be here any minute. I'm a little early.
SAMUELS: Did you straighten everything out?
CHRISTINE: Absolutely. We had to consider the vantage point, the angles of vision and all of that. It should be a matter of reconstructing the details of the moment before we could reach a conclusion. That's how we work.
MARQUETTE: I've been aware of your work for some time.
CHRISTINE: Have you?
MARY BETH: Morning.
SAMUELS: You're late.
MARQUETTE: Ah. ...Forget it. These are the 6A forms. Read them to determine to see they reflect what you saw and sign them.
(he hands the duo each a copy of the report)
CHRISTINE: And then what happens?
MARQUETTE: They go to the Firearms Review Board. The Review Board will question Officer Mead and make a finding.
CHRISTINE: Does that mean he can go back on patrol?
MARQUETTE: Whenever he's ready.
(Chris signs her form and hands the pen to Mary Beth)
SAMUELS: (to Mary Beth) Problem?
MARY BETH: I can't sign it. This is not what I saw.
MARQUETTE: No? I thought that was your statement last night.
MARY BETH: I'm changing my statement, sir. I've tried to reconstruct the incident allowing for the shadows and the confusion and all. When I saw Mr. Houser, he was not holding a gun.
MARQUETTE: If this form does not represent an accurate account of the event as you witnessed it then you shouldn't sign.
MARY BETH: I know that, sir, thank you.
MARQUETTE: Detective Cagney, do you stand by your statement?
MARQUETTE: We'll be in contact with you both. Thank you, Lieutenant.
SAMUELS: Right sir.
(Marquette leaves)
SAMUELS: OK, so it's back to work. Cagney, I want you two talk to that doctor, ...Oliver. He seemed very angry about the perp. And when you get back here I want you to check out with Narcotics and find out if they know anything about that stuff the perp was trying to steal. Gentemic, You got it?

[Detectives' Squad room]

MARY BETH: I'm sorry, Chris.
(Isbecki comes across with an open box)
MARY BETH: What is that?
ISBECKI: Doughnuts. You eat 'em.
(Mary Beth walks away but Isbecki follows her)
ISBECKI: I went out to buy one but I figured it was just as easy to buy a dozen, huh.
MARY BETH: Maybe later, huh?
ISBECKI: I'm trying to tell ya, I'm a nice guy.


(Mary Beth follows Chris out)
MARY BETH: Hold on for me, will you please, honey?
CHRISTINE: We've things to do.
MARY BETH: Will you just wait? Can we talk about this before we go out?
MARY BETH: What are you so mad about?
MARY BETH: Don't do that to me. If you have something to say just say it.
CHRISTINE: Look, I would just like to get to work. You apologised.
MARY BETH: That wasn't an apology,
CHRISTINE: Oh well, good, because there's no reason to. So what are we wasting our time for?

[Oliver's clinic]

OLIVER: (to a little girl) You'll be fine. Just don't let any more puppies scratch you in the eye. OK, bye bye.
(he has seen the duo waiting for him)
OLIVER: (to other waiting patients) I'll be right with you.
(he escorts the duo into his consulting room)
OLIVER: Look, I've been through this a thousand times.
CHRISTINE: Ah, just once more.
OLIVER: He was a little taller than me, blonde hair, wearing a blue P jacket. That's all I can tell you.
CHRISTINE: What about Houser? What do you remember before it happened?
OLIVER: He was chasing a man. I'd come up a different alley but I was looking right at him when he turned and saw the officer. The next thing I knew he was down.
CHRISTINE: And he never fired a gun at the officer in pursuit?
OLIVER: I've told this to everybody, he didn't have a gun. We don't carry guns on patrol and I don't know where that one came from. And it's like they say, some cops carry guns for just that reason. What do they call it, a throw away.
CHRISTINE: No, no, it was not a throw away. I know I saw Houser with a pistol in his hand.
OLIVER: Is that the official version?
(he looks at Mary Beth for a confirmation)
OLIVER: Listen, ladies, ...we in medicine know that under stress different people perceive events in different ways. It has to do with hormones produced by the body to cope with danger.
MARY BETH: We know all about those hormones, thanks.
OLIVER: All right, all I'm trying to tell you is that what you saw, or remember of what you saw, could be the result of a physiological event. It seemed real to you but it wasn't.
CHRISTINE: We appreciate your time, Doctor.

[Outside the Fourteenth Precinct]

(as the duo gets out of the car)
BURNS: Detective Lacey?
BURNS: My name is Milton Burns. I represent the widow and children of Jack Houser.
CHRISTINE: That was fast.
BURNS: I've been legal counsel to the Murray Hill Sidewalk Team since its inception. ...Detective Lacey, is there somewhere that we can talk?
MARY BETH: What for?
BURNS: The family is planning on filing a wrongful death petition against the Department and the City of New York and Officer Mead, and your testimony will be vital to the case.
(Chris turns away)
MARY BETH: This is not the right time.
(Mary Beth walks away)
BURNS: Eventually you'll have to face it.
MARY BETH: Send me a subpoena.

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Mary Beth is on the phone)
MARY BETH: (to Chris) I've got Narcotics.
ISBECKI: How nice.
CHRISTINE: I heard you.
(Chris comes back to her desk with a coffee)
MARY BETH: (into phone) Yes. (to Chris) On two. Gentemic. G ...E ...N ...T ...E ...M ...I ...C.
CHRISTINE: (into phone) It's a morphine drug, analgesic. ...Yeah, that's what I got . ...What time? ...All right, thanks, bye bye.
MEAD: (picking up some files from Chris's desk) This stuff going upstairs?
CHRISTINE: Yes. Er, what is that exactly?
MEAD: Murray Hill Sidewalk Team. ...Go ahead, want it or not.
CHRISTINE: No, I'm through with it.
MEAD: Thanks for trying to protect him.
CHRISTINE: I wasn't. ...Jerry, it's gonna be OK.
MEAD: Sure, no problem. After all it could have happened to anybody. We were both standing there. We both saw the gun, you and me. It's just chance that I was the one who killed him.
(Mead leaves with the files)
MARY BETH: That wasn't fair.
CHRISTINE: Why not? He was right. I was ready to shoot. He just happened to fire first.
MARY BETH: Come on, Chris.
CHRISTINE: Hey Mary Beth, it could happen to anybody. ...Even you. Except you didn't happen to see a gun.
MARY BETH: No I did not.
CHRISTINE: You sure you didn't?
MARY BETH: Are we finally gonna do this?
CHRISTINE: What? I'm just asking the question.
MARY BETH: What did you want me to do this morning? Sign the form anyhow. Tell them I saw a gun I did not see.
CHRISTINE: So, what a... Oh why don't you just forget it?!
MARY BETH: Why don't we just finish it!
(Chris gets up and Mary Beth confronts her)
CHRISTINE: You made me look like an idiot in there this morning. I was filling in Marquette and saying 'Everything's fine. Lacey and I have talked and of course we saw the same thing.' Isn't that OK?
MARY BETH: Is that a problem? I made you look bad in front of an Inspector.
CHRISTINE: That's part of it.
MARY BETH: So give me all of it!
CHRISTINE: I didn't to go after this job because I couldn't find anything else. All right, I did not come here because I needed some kind of work to help pay the orthodontist. This means something to me.
MARY BETH: What the hell are we talking about here?
CHRISTINE: What we're talking about here is that our butts are on the line every time we go out that door! Now that gun was there and you didn't see it! ...You missed it this time. You're gonna miss it next time too.
SAMUELS: What's going on here?
CHRISTINE: (as she stalks away) Nothing.
SAMUELS: (to Chris) Hold it! They've just sent over the ballistics on that shooting.
SAMUELS: So the bullet that they took out of the pharmacist's wrist matched the pistol you guys found by Houser's body. It means the perp dropped it getting away. Houser never had a gun.
CHRISTINE: You're wrong.
SAMUELS: Sorry. The man was unarmed. Looks like a bad shoot to me.
CHRISTINE: I saw that gun!
(he hands her the ballistics report. Later Chris picks up her coat to leave)
MARY BETH: See you tomorrow.
(Chris leaves. Mary Beth's phone goes)
MARY BETH: (into phone) Yes sir.

[Samuels' office]

SAMUELS: (into phone) Like to come in here a minute, please?
MARY BETH: (on phone) Sure.
SAMUELS: Er, you and Cagney have a problem?
MARY BETH: No sir. Course not. She's working, I'm working.
SAMUELS: But you ain't working together?
MARY BETH: Well, we don't always work together, sir. We do handle different cases, you know.
SAMUELS: Air it. Ventilate it.
MARY BETH: Why, you want me to open a window? What?
SAMUELS: Ventilate. Let it all out. ...Let me be your sounding board.
MARY BETH: Oh, I don't think so, Lieutenant.
SAMUELS: Don't worry. It's part of my job.
MARY BETH: Well, sir, er, what's going on between Chris and me is really just, er, a matter of a difference of opinion. It's really nothing that needs to be discussed with you. Really.
SAMUELS: Feel better?
SAMUELS: Let me know when you want to talk to me again.

[Precinct front desk office]

(a crowd is milling around with the MUST team leader at it's forefront)
FISHER: I'll have the Press here! I'll have TV! I'll have every damn politician in this city asking why the Police Department are covering this up!
COLEMAN: Yeah, we know why...

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Mary Beth has heard the commotion. She joins Chris, Petrie and La Guardia who are watching through the door)
MARY BETH: What's going on? Did they arrest the Mayor?

[Precinct front desk office]

FISHER: ...a unarmed man was killed out there.
(Jerry Mead is looking on)
COLEMAN: You can air your grievances tomorrow but the Captain is not going to listen to a mob.
FISHER: We've got a eyewitness...
COLEMAN: We're not talking to nobody tonight. Get 'em out of hear.
(Samuels comes up putting on his coat)
SAMUELS: (to the duo) Why don't you two leave through the garage?
(next day)
ISBECKI: It's just a question of breaking the ice, that's all.
LA GUARDIA: If you're pros you'll work together.
ISBECKI: Oh, they'll work it out.
LA GUARDIA: I had a partner on patrol once. We had a disagreement on procedure. We settled in a very professional manner.
ISBECKI: Yeah. How?
LA GUARDIA: Well like everyone else we put on the gloves and we stepped into the ring and I clinked his clock for him.
MARY BETH: (into phone) You don't where though? I mean the dock number. Whatever they call it. ...The berth. Yeah. ...No. It's terrific Willie. Thanks a lot. (she rings off) Hey, Petrie, you seen Chris?
PETRIE: Mm, she called in early. Said she wanted to check out that pharmacy again.
MARY BETH: Oh. (pointing to her notepad) Look at this.
PETRIE: You got a break?
MARY BETH: This stuff, gentemic. Narcotics know all about it. They call it DP on the streets.
PETRIE: I've never heard of it.
MARY BETH: That because it comes from Sweden. Only available there.
PETRIE: Really.

[Detectives' Squad room/Phone booth]

(the phone goes)
MARY BETH: Detective Lacey.
CHRISTINE: Just checking in.
MARY BETH: Oh. hey, we gotta a big break from Willie Cahn in Narcotics. Two OD's reported from gentemic in the last ten days.
CHRISTINE: Gentemic, what the stuff the perp was after?
MARY BETH: Yeah, they found the DOAs down in West Side Docks. Pretty good, huh?
CHRISTINE: Did you determine what's in at the Docks? Phone the Port Authority. Check the ship registry. Find out if any of the crew...
MARY BETH: No, listen. It's easy. We're out of it.
CHRISTINE: What do you mean, we're out of it?
MARY BETH: It's a drug thing. We turn it over to Narcotics. They'll be happy to take it.
CHRISTINE: Oh yeah. Right. Er, OK. Er, Stay put. I'll talk to you later.

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Mary Beth rings off)
PETRIE: How are you doing?
MARY BETH: Oh, I'll be OK.
PETRIE: What's wrong? It's been kinda chilly around here recently.
MARY BETH: Well, as soon as we slide this over to Narcotics, then it'll be out of our hands.


(Chris is there. Willie Cahn is saucing a pizza)
WILLIE CAHN: ...snorters, shooters, poppers, whatever.
CHRISTINE: Does it have anything in common with heroin?
WILLIE CAHN: Yeah, it's a barbiturate. (offering Chris a piece of pizza) You sure you don't want some? (she shakes her head) Mostly the kid's get off on pills. DPs they call 'em. Little pink capsules.
CHRISTINE: I thought it wasn't available in this country.
WILLIE CAHN: You can get it on the sidewalk. It comes from somewhere.
WILLIE CAHN: Possibly.
CHRISTINE: Willie, do you have anybody working on this?
WILLIE CAHN: We got undercover guys down at the Docks all the time. That's how we con what the gigolos use.
CHRISTINE: Who are they?
WILLIE CAHN: Junkies who hang out at the bars down there. Probably didn't know what they were dealing with. ...This is... out your jurisdiction, isn't it?
CHRISTINE: Did you hear about Officer Mead, the one involved in the unusual shoot.
WILLIE CAHN: Over at Murray Hill. Yeah. Friend of yours.
CHRISTINE: He's gonna get crucified. What we want is the perp. The original hold-up guy. He was the one who was looking for the gentemic.
WILLIE CAHN: Tell you what. Check out the Queen Mary Bar. We got a bartender down there, Officer Leon Wilson, black guy. He should be on to it. Contact him.
CHRISTINE: Thanks very much.

[Laceys' lounge/Detectives' Squad room]

(Harvey is stretched out on the settee. The phone rings)
HARVEY: Hello.
MARY BETH: Hi, babe. Did I wake you up?
HARVEY: No, I was just resting my eyes.
MARY BETH: You had an early day, huh?
HARVEY: I'm glad you called. The kids'll be home, so what's up?
MARY BETH: I just wanted to hear a friendly voice.
HARVEY: Yeah, what did you want that friendly voice to say?
MARY BETH: I don't know. Anything. I love you. You're terrific. The Department's lucky to have you. Anything of those.
HARVEY: Chris still giving you a tough time, huh.
MARY BETH: She pretends she never said anything. I pretend I never heard her.
HARVEY: It'll blow over. Wait a second, I think that's Michael. Hang on.
MARY BETH: No, no. You go ahead. Give him a big hug for me, huh.
HARVEY: Hey. I love you. You're terrific. The Department's lucky to have you.

[Chris's loft]

(Chris rushes in and starts frantically searching through her wardrobe)

[Detectives' Squad room/Narcotics]

(Mary Beth's phone rings)
MARY BETH: Detective Lacey, Fourteenth Squad. ...
WILLIE CAHN: Hi babe, Willie here. I was looking for Chris Cagney.
MARY BETH: She's not here, Willie, can I take a message?
WILLIE CAHN: Oh, I thought she might check back first. ...She said she might go down to the Docks but I wanted to tell her that this undercover guy, Leon Wilson, isn't on duty today.
MARY BETH: Hang on a minute, let me check her at home.

[Chris's loft]

(Chris has changed into less feminine attire and pockets her gun and goes out. The phone rings. The answer-phone kicks in)
CHRISTINE: (on answer-phone) I can't answer the phone right now but if you'll leave a message...

[Detectives' Squad room]

MARY BETH: (into phone) Willie where are you now?


(in the Docks area near the Brooklyn Bridge Chris asks a passer-by for directions)

[Queen Mary Bar]

(Chris comes in. A drug dealer is talking to someone across the bar)
DRUG DEALER: Yeah, yeah, you got the right idea. I want some of that. You meet me down on Greenwich Street and we'll talk about this whole thing. I don't wanna be talking around here like that. You understand me. Sure you do? Yeah,... ...It's no big deal. ...You come and go kinda thing. ...All right. You're the right man for the job, I'll tell ya that.
(Chris goes to the other end of the bar and takes gets on a bar stool next to a drug pusher}
CHRISTINE: (to the drug pusher) Difficult to get a drink around here, huh.
DRUG PUSHER: Yeah, he'll be back in a minute.
CHRISTINE: Good. That's great.
DRUG PUSHER: Hey, you're er, not from around here, are ya? Right?
CHRISTINE: No, not usually.
DRUG PUSHER: Looking for a little ...fix, huh? A high.
CHRISTINE: It's not my thing.
DRUG PUSHER: But what is your thing?
CHRISTINE: Whatever moves. Cold biscuit. Tea. Juice. ...White wine. Ha. ...Do you hold any?
DRUG PUSHER: Yeah, well, we get some of that stuff down here. Why, you interested?
CHRISTINE: Well, I want to get some for my old man. Depends if we can get together on the price.
DRUG PUSHER: Baby, we can get together on anything.

[Squad car]

(Willie is in the car with Mary Beth)
WILLIE CAHN: Normally I wouldn't get so concerned. I mean I'm sure that Chris can take care of herself. But after what happened to Leon..
WILLIE CAHN: Some guy beat him up last night. That's how come he's off.
MARY BETH: How did that happen?
WILLIE CAHN: It gets a little dusty down there.

[Queen Mary Bar]

DRUG PUSHER: Oh, come on, let's go.
CHRISTINE: I'm dying for a drink. Who's he? (about the bartender) That's not the regular guy is it.
DRUG PUSHER: How the hell do I know? Come on, do you want these DPs or what? Come on.
(he pulls Chris by the arm and she goes out with him. A customer in an orange vest watches)
DRUG PUSHER: Come on. Lets go!


(Chris is walking between the drug pusher and an accomplice. The drug pusher is holding her by the shoulder, the accomplice by the arm)
DRUG PUSHER: Yeah. This cook down there, works on a West Street boat.
CHRISTINE: And you buy it from him?
DRUG PUSHER: Hey! Listen! My stuff is pure. That's all you gotta worry about. OK?

[Queen Mary Bar]

(Willie and Mary Beth come in. Willie talks to a contact, Panther, in the orange vest)
WILLIE CAHN: Wanna talk.
PANTHER: What about? (to Mary Beth) I know you're a cop. I knew as soon as you walked in. Like your friend, the blonde.
MARY BETH: Where is she?
PANTHER: I don't know but I could guess.
PANTHER: Look I gotta friend on Rikers Island right now for soliciting. If you could get him out I could tell you something.
MARY BETH: What's his name?
MARY BETH: We will talk to the DA, now where is she?


(Chris is being roughed up by the drug pusher. He gets her against a wall by her throat)
CHRISTINE: Look, I don't want any trouble.
DRUG PUSHER: I don't want any trouble either, just give me the bread. Come on! Give me the bread!
(Chris gets some money out her belt and gives it to him. He grabs her arm and twists it behind her back. She manages to elbow him in the midriff knocks him down. In making a break for it she slips on his hat that has come off and falls over. As she about to be overwhelmed, Mary Beth and Willie come round the corner)
WILLIE: Police!
MARY BETH: Hold it right there! Hey!
WILLIE: Police!
DRUG PUSHER: What the hell is...
(the drug pusher and the accomplice make a break for it and run into a garage)


(the accomplice runs up to the next floor but Willie has come up another way and nails him. Mary Beth has followed the accomplice up the stairs and cuffs him)
MARY BETH: Frisk him. Nice.
(on the ground floor Chris is looking for the drug pusher among the cars. She climbs onto a car and discovers the drug pusher hiding behind it)


(the duo are walking back with Willie escorting the two felons)
CHRISTINE: We know who's bringing in the stuff.
MARY BETH: Wonderful. You nearly got yourself wasted finding out.
CHRISTINE: I can handle myself.
MARY BETH: Like hell!
CHRISTINE: What are you so mad about!
MARY BETH: Who's mad? Don't say thank you.
CHRISTINE: (reluctantly) Thank you.

[West Side Docks]

(the duo arrives and goes on board a ship)

[Ship's deck]

CHRISTINE: (looking around the ship) Not bad. Not bad at all.
DECK OFFICER: No visitors.
CHRISTINE: NYPD, Detective Cagney. This is Detective Lacey.
MARY BETH: We're looking for one of your crewmen.
DECK OFFICER: Most of the crew have shore leave. The ship doesn't sail for three days. We only have a skeleton crew aboard.
MARY BETH: That figures.
CHRISTINE: We're looking a man named Gunnar.
DECK OFFICER: A common name. Are you sure you have the right ship?
MARY BETH: W e'll sure enough to come back with a search warrant.
CHRISTINE: It makes it a lot easier if we see the crew list.

[Ship's bridge]

DECK OFFICER: This is the entire crew list.
CHRISTINE: Here. Arthur Gunnar. When does he get back from leave?
DECK OFFICER: He's here now. Works in the engine room.
CHRISTINE: Where's the engine room?
DECK OFFICER: I'll take you there.

[Ship's engine room]

(he leads them down into the engine room. At one stage they have to climb over equipment)
DECK OFFICER: (to an engine room officer) Where's Gunnar?
(the engine room officer points)
DECK OFFICER: He's working on the catwalk, ...on an engine.
CHRISTINE: Thanks. We'll find him.
(they climb up onto the catwalk and go along a dark stretch. Chris points up to a blue-overalled engineer working at a higher level)
CHRISTINE: There he is. That's our guy. (shouts) Gunnar, we're the police!
MARY BETH: We're police!
(Gunnar throws a box down at them and makes a run for it)
CHRISTINE: Gunnar, we're gonna get you man!
(they chase up and down ladders and along catwalks. Gunnar stumbles over a barrel and carries on. The duo gets to the barrel and Chris points to the barrel)
CHRISTINE: (to Mary Beth) Watch your step here.
MARY BETH: (shouts) The game is up, Gunnar!
(the chase continues and Gunnar eventually comes out on deck and climbs onto the ship's superstructure and up to the next deck. When the duo arrives on deck Gunnar can't be seen. Chris goes one way and Mary Beth the other. They come upon a blue-overalled crewmember)
MARY BETH: Freeze!
(when he turns they realise it is not Gunnar. They go up to the next deck)
(Gunnar climbs over the ship's railings. The duo spots him)
MARY BETH: Wait there! Don't move!
CHRISTINE: If you try to jump, Gunnar, We'll have to stop you!
MARY BETH: Besides it's a long drop!
(Gunnar hesitates and decides not to jump into the harbour)
(Mary Beth grabs him)
MARY BETH: All right, get over here!
CHRISTINE: Over here.
(they bundle him over the railings)
MARY BETH: Do you speak English.
GUNNAR: Not very good.
MARY BETH: That's good enough. You are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. If you give up this right anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney the court will appoint you one.

[Interview room]

MARY BETH: And this is the gun you shot the druggist with?
GUNNAR: It was an accident.
MARY BETH: Yeah, but is this the gun?
GUNNAR: It is zee gun, yes.
CHRISTINE: Why did you throw it down?
GUNNAR: When he shot at me I had to climb zee fence.
MARY BETH: When who shot at you?!
GUNNAR: This man with zee armband. Could I... Could I have a cigarette?
CHRISTINE: The man with the armband shot at you?
CHRISTINE: The man with the armband had a gun?
GUNNAR: Please could I have a cigarette?

[Locker room]

MARY BETH: You were right.
MARY BETH: OK. When I saw Jack Houser he was not holding a gun. Maybe... Maybe he already dropped it. Maybe it was still in his pocket. ...I am a good police officer.
CHRISTINE: I know you are.
MARY BETH: Don't ever talk to me like that again, ...and don't you ever question my motives ...for doing my job.
CHRISTINE: OK. Is this over now.
MARY BETH: It's not that easy, Chris.
CHRISTINE: I know. ...Yeah, er, so there was another gun in that alley and it disappeared.
MARY BETH: Not by itself, it didn't.

[Oliver's clinic]

CHRISTINE: We know Houser had a gun.
OLIVER: Why are you talking to me?
MARY BETH: Because you removed it from his being.
OLIVER: That's not true. If it were true you'd arrest me.
CHRISTINE: We arrested the man that robbed Hyken's pharmacy. He made a statement that Jack Houser not only had a gun but Houser fired it at him.
MARY BETH: Right now there are six officers from Crime Scene Investigation looking for that bullet. When they find it...
CHRISTINE: ...and they'll find it.
MARY BETH: Then we'll arrest you.
OLIVER: Someone... Let's say someone did remove the gun from the alley. They could be prosecuted. Correct? ...It's a felony, I looked it up.
CHRISTINE: He could also be charged for possession of a weapon in the third degree involved in a killing, and all this stuff is negotiable with us.
MARY BETH: Jerry Mead's a good policeman. Right now his life is going down the sewer.
OLIVER: I got to him first ...in the alley. The gun was next to him. I slipped it under my jacket.
(he goes over and unlocks a cupboard and removes a box. There is the gun)
OLIVER: Would you take it out, ...please?
(Chris picks up the gun on a pencil)
OLIVER: If you'd have found the gun in the alley, everything that we'd tried to put together in the neighbourhood would have been destroyed.
CHRISTINE: One round fired.
OLIVER: I've a child at home. I didn't want to keep it in the house.
CHRISTINE: Oh, I don't blame you.
MARY BETH: We're gonna need you to come down to the station, make a statement.
OLIVER: If you people were doing your job, none of this would have ever happened.

[Precinct front desk office]

(the duo comes in)
MARY BETH: Hey, Mead, I heard about the Board's decision. Congratulations.
MEAD: Hey, thanks a lot.
CHRISTINE: When you going back on patrol?
MEAD: I'm not sure.
CHRISTINE: Are you gonna take some more time off?
MEAD: Well, I'm not sure I'm going back on patrol. You can't know what it's like.
MEAD: You shot someone?
MEAD: It could be a change...
(Jerry Mead leaves)
CHRISTINE: How ya doing?
MARY BETH: I'm a little tired. I think I'm gonna pack it in.
CHRISTINE: Can I buy you a drink?
MARY BETH: Oh well, they're probably waiting dinner for me.
CHRISTINE: It's just to buy you a drink.
MARY BETH: Do you think one is gonna do it?
CHRISTINE: It's a start.
(Mary Beth opens the door for Chris)

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