Bang, Bang, You're Dead
(with Meg Foster as Cagney)
Original Airdate: March 25, 1982

[Manhattan street at night]

(the duo are on John detail)
CHRISTINE: Any action?
MARY BETH: Only my feet. They're killing me.
CHRISTINE: Oh, you mean your not loving the life and the sweet smell of the streets, mm?
MARY BETH: (into body mike) What do you say fellas, let's go home, huh? Call it a night.
(the surveillance van moves off)
MARY BETH [OC]: There he goes.
CHRISTINE [OC]: Good night, guys.
CHRISTINE: Where's the car?
MARY BETH: In the next block.
MARY BETH: Where we parked it.
CHRISTINE: Oh, I forgot. My mind is going. Jonty's...
MARY BETH: I cannot opt for days, but I haven't had dinner with my family in two weeks. I kinda miss all that life-scene.
(as they continue to walk along and chatter Vinnie shins down a fire escape ladder startling the duo)
VINNIE: Hey! Listen. Hold it there. Listen. How you girls like to make some fast bucks, real easy?
CHRISTINE: Forget it, buster. We're just on our way home to bed. We'll be back tomorrow.
VINNIE: No not that. Listen, listen. Here are the details. Narcotics.
MARY BETH: (whistles) No kidding! Where?
CHRISTINE: What's the deal?
VINNIE: Look, I'm supposed to make this drop tonight at midnight. If I don't show up I'll be out of business, permanently.
VINNIE: All you gotta do is drop this in a trashcan.
(with that they get Vinnie in an arm lock and take him off)
MARY BETH: Police!
MARY BETH: You're under arrest.
CHRISTINE: You have the right to...
MARY BETH: Hold still.
CHRISTINE: Anything you say...
(they cart him off)

[Detectives' Squad room]

(the next day)
ISBECKI: You'll be getting a special commendation from the Ninth.
SAMUELS: Terrific. Last year blacks, this year broads. Can you tell me why guys with families are getting laid off and broads are getting promoted?
(Petrie comes over)
PETRIE: Maybe they have seniority.
(later Samuels is on the phone, presumably to Thelma)
SAMUELS: (into phone) I don't mind. ...I don't know. ...When I'm through!
(the duo comes in still dressed as hookers. Petrie speaks to them)
PETRIE: Hey, hey! Congratulations!
CHRISTINE: Thank you.
SAMUELS: (into phone) In the Springtime!
(he slams the phone down. Petrie and the duo are obviously celebrating yesterday's collar)
SAMUELS: Can we have less backslapping here?! Could we please get back to the daily humdrum?
CHRISTINE: Speaking about daily humdrum, Lieutenant. Don't you think it's about time we rate getting out of these costumes?
SAMUELS: Why, do you think Isbecki looks better than you in a dress?
CHRISTINE: How does it grab you if we solve the Jimmy Holt case?
MARY BETH: What she means is what do we have to do to prove ourselves?
CHRISTINE: Well come on, you said yourselves you got lucky with that knife bust.
MARY BETH: We're still on John detail?
SAMUELS: Well until something else comes up that you're better suited for. End of discussion! Hey, we've got some emergencies here. Take the rest of the day off.

[Locker room]

(Chris slams a locker door)
CHRISTINE: I suppose it could be worse. We could always land up returning lost kids and searching female prisoners.
MARY BETH: We should be so lucky.
CHRISTINE: Wait. Let's take out that guy we busted, you know, Vinnie Manconi. Maybe he knows something, you know. Maybe if we play him right he can get us right to the top guy.
MARY BETH: The top guy! The top guy in drugs is Mafia.
CHRISTINE: You wanna be in these clothes forever?
MARY BETH: No. But I wanna live forever.
CHRISTINE: Aw, be a little creative. Remember when you went to do the paperwork on Manconi and I took him along to the lockup. He was telling me about his kids, showing me pictures. I say this. 'That one kid is gonna to be twenty-four before you'll be paroled, sucker.' The guy started to cry. He was crying right there in lockup. We can get to him. He's crazy about those kids, crazy.
MARY BETH: Chris, I'm going home, my kids.
CHRISTINE: Aren't you gonna change?
MARY BETH: I thought I'd give Harvey a little something to go with the tuna bake tonight.

[Laceys' kitchen]

(he has heard something at the front door and goes to open it. Mary Beth is leaning seductively on the doorpost)
MARY BETH: Hi ya stranger.
HARVEY: Don't ask me what sort of day I've had 'cos I'm gonna tell ya.
MARY BETH: There's only one way to get over a bad day, Harvey, with a good night.
HARVEY: Michael got sent home for fighting. The school phoned to tell me Harvey Jr. skipped class again and he needs glasses. What does he need glasses for if he's never in school?
MARY BETH: Stop Harvey. Harvey, look at me. Harvey, I know I'm a cop, but, Harvey, I'm also a woman, and I'm crazy about you, Harvey.
HARVEY: Then why are we standing out in the hallway?

[Manhattan square]

MARY BETH: Christine, Christine, it's transition time, we're all working it out.
CHRISTINE: I'm a cop, made detective, now I wanna make Chief of Detectives.
MARY BETH: Come on, be smart, just get off the warpath, will ya.
CHRISTINE: Look at Petrie. When is Samuels gonna reassign us?
MARY BETH: Next time we'll be under undercover cops.
CHRISTINE: He's driving me crazy.
MARY BETH: Sense of humour first thing to go.
CHRISTINE: Do you know what Samuels said to me yesterday when I was headed downtown?
CHRISTINE: He said to stop at Orchard Street and buy his wife a birthday present ...for him.
MARY BETH: All right. OK. So, he's a pig. But you get involved with the Mafia and we wind up as spare ribs. These detectives have narks. They're trained for that.
CHRISTINE: It's all set up. We can go to Vinnie Manconi tonight, right after we're...
MARY BETH: No. I'm going right home tonight. You go and see Vinnie Man...
MARY BETH: Manconi, whatever his name, I'm not getting into that.
CHRISTINE: He's so ripe. You don't wanna spend another week in those sequins and platform shoes, do you? ...Come on. What do you say?
MARY BETH: How much does Samuels wanna spend on his wife's present?
CHRISTINE: Very funny.

[Hotel bedroom/Detectives' Squad room]

(Petrie is on the phone to Samuels)
PETRIE: I got here within forty-five seconds, a minute, of the scream. ...Lieutenant, it's the worst I've ever seen. ...She's all hacked up, bad. Blood all over the place.
SAMUELS: No witnesses, no description, nothing.
PETRIE: No, no. I got the manager here. He got to the room about the same time I did, and as soon as Forensics shows up I'll take him out and come up with something.
SAMUELS: Do you need anything?
PETRIE: Just some fresh air.

[Detectives' Squad room]

LA GUARDIA: (into phone) And I would appreciate it ma'am if you could come down to the police station, look at some photos. You could identify the perpetrator...
(the duo comes in. Samuels has just picked up a half eaten apple)
CHRISTINE: Can I suggest a toothbrush.
SAMUELS: You coming up with some wise guy remark, Cagney?
CHRISTINE: No, just making an observation. Apples are nature's toothbrushes.
(Isbecki comes up to talk to Samuels)
ISBECKI: The MOs are all the same. Saturday night when the most cash is in the till. Two guys, sawn-off shot gun. The first guy locks the door giving the getaway car time to arrive just when they're coming out.
(Isbecki drops the clipboard he is holding onto Samuels' desk. Mary Beth picks it up and looks at it)
SAMUELS [OC]: No more than five minutes on any case.
(Mary Beth picks up the clipboard and looks at it)
MARY BETH: Well, I hope he didn't assault anyone.
(Samuels grabs the clipboard)
SAMUELS: Didn't you girls have to get back into your work clothes? (to La Guardia) Are you getting any closer?
LA GUARDIA: Drew a blank. Mrs. Black, she won't come down. She's afraid her kid'll get hurt if she cooperates.
CHRISTINE: (to La Guardia) Well what about Lacey? Why not assign her? A mother to a mother.
LA GUARDIA: That's a psychologically sound idea.
SAMUELS: It's a kidnapping, and the Feds are in charge. Let them worry about it.
SAMUELS [OC]: Isbecki, what about that black-tan...
(Chris interrupts)
CHRISTINE: Why let the Feds get all the credit?
SAMUELS: Cagney, will you get on with your job? Let me talk to my men!
ISBECKI: (to Samuels) He said he only got a quick look at the man with his...
(Samuels continues to talk in the background)
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, that was a delicious meal that you made last night.
MARY BETH: Thanks.
CHRISTINE: Could you give me the recipe?
MARY BETH: Oh, sure first you've gotta buy a pig.
CHRISTINE: Where do you buy a pig in this town?
(Samuels looks up. May Beth is looking at him)
MARY BETH: Well you can buy a pig almost anywhere in this town. You don't wanna an old pig or a fat pig. You wanna a nice succulent firm, young pig.
SAMUELS: Now, all right, hold it. Hold it! ...You want out the John detail? There, you're out of the John detail. Get over to the Delancey Hotel. Petrie's there on a homicide. Assist him.
CHRISTINE: Thank you, Lieutenant.
MARY BETH: ...Do you mean it?
SAMUELS: What? You can't take 'Yes.' for an answer? Go on, get outta here.
MARY BETH: Yes sir.
(the duo leaves)
ISBECKI: Cagney and Lacey, homicide?
SAMUELS: When they see what is down there they'll be begging for the John detail.

[Hotel corridor]

(the duo arrives outside the hotel room where two uniformed officers are on duty)
CHRISTINE: Detective Cagney.
OFFICER #1: You don't wanna go in there.
(he rushes off to throw up)

[Hotel bedroom]

CHRISTINE: I'm gonna throw up.
MARY BETH: Don't you dare.
CHRISTINE: I can't believe what's in there.
MARY BETH: What do think Samuels would say?
(a coroner's officer comes out of the from the bathroom where the victim is)
CORONER'S OFFICER: Well, she died with her boots on.
(Chris turns and grabs the officer by the lapels)
MARY BETH: Hey! Hey, let's go and find Petrie, let's go. (to the officer) You get her freezing cold right away.

[Manhattan square]

MARY BETH [OC]: Any better?
CHRISTINE: Uh, uh. I still feel...
MARY BETH: I'm not surprised. ...I understand.
CHRISTINE: I used to think I was so tough.
MARY BETH: It's homicide. ...I bet everybody goes through that.
CHRISTINE: I don't know, Mary Beth. Maybe he's right about us.
MARY BETH: What's that?
CHRISTINE: Eight years. Eight years I've wanted to be a homicide detective. Eight! ...I'm sorry.
MARY BETH: That's all right. ...How often do I get a chance to have you lean on me, huh?
CHRISTINE: I don't need nobody.
MARY BETH: Atta girl!

[Detectives' Squad room]

ISBECKI: ...the last six months.
CHRISTINE: But only three like that one too.
SAMUELS: And nobody thought they would make detectives. What else did you read in Petrie's report?
MARY BETH: Pathology report. No recent sexual activities.
SAMUELS: Bull's-eye. So this alleged maniac which we have on our hands. He's not after their bodies, he wants their lives. ...Petrie, any leads?
PETRIE: Negative.
SAMUELS: So, we're gonna have to find a way to get a lead on this weirdo killer.
(he goes over and picks up the two bundles of hooker's gear from the top of a filing cabinet and gives them to the duo)
SAMUELS: Maybe a couple of cops out on the street dressed as prostitutes, huh? The usual backup. We'll be right there in the car.
CHRISTINE: Ah, gee. We're detectives, not decoys.
SAMUELS: Homicide detail. You'll be undercover just like you were on the John detail. Look, I'm not trying to put you down. We've got a maniac on our hands. Remember, he's not after your bodies. So any John who wants you to take your clothes off, avoid them calmly. Now go on guys, get rid of him.
MARY BETH: Lieutenant, if there weren't any women in the precinct you would have your detectives go after him in a regular way.
SAMUELS: Sure, but now we're lucky. This way we have the chance of him go after you.

[Precinct front desk office]

(La Guardia is briefing three young civilians of Chinese origin)
LA GUARDIA: Now you guys are gonna be in the line-up. There's something to remember. The Silver Dragon. The thing is, we need a positive identification of the kid that executed the other kid. Also this may take quite a while, but you guys all look alike so we gotta be patient. OK?
(they begin to speak in their own lingo)
LA GUARDIA: Ho, ho. Wait! Did that mean something you were asking? Did you guys say... If he said what I think he said, we don't need that! I'm just doing a job.

[Detectives' Squad room]

(they are gathered round a plan of Delancey Street)
MARY BETH: I'll take the room tonight.
SAMUELS: OK Petrie, you'll be parking with the cab just up the street here and Isbecki'll be doing his famous wino imitation across the road, Cagney, Cagney'll be staked out in two-seventeen. Lacey, you'll be using two-sixteen and take the Johns upstairs. You've already used the mike set-up on John detail, right?
MARY BETH: Yes sir.
PETRIE: If your intuition tells you there's something screwy about the joker you've got up there, don't be a hero, huh? That's what that mike is for. We'll be right downstairs.
MARY BETH: Yeah, we're gonna catch that bastard.
ISBECKI: That's the thing you've gotta worry about. Every guy that follows you up those steps has got one thing on his mind. It's down to how good you talk your way out of it. You're gonna be in trouble with every one of them. So if something gets kinda hairy. you get in touch with me, quick.
MARY BETH: I got it.
SAMUELS: OK. So you've gotta a break and we hit the neighbourhood at ten.

[Precinct staircase]

PETRIE: Come, Isbecki, I'll give you a ride uptown. Gonna let my wife look at me for a few hours. Remember who I am.
MARY BETH: That's a good idea.
PETRIE: See you later. (to Chris) Do you wanna come with me for dinner?
CHRISTINE: Or you can come with me to see Vinnie Manconi.

[Squad car]

MARY BETH: Will you forget it? We're already on a case. What do you want?
CHRISTINE: I want you to open up your eyes to new opportunities.
MARY BETH: As far as I'm concerned there's plenty of opportunities. I just wanna find that creep that knocked off that poor hooker or have you forgotten about her? Wake up. Have a bubble bath.
CHRISTINE: Stop it! You know me better than that.
MARY BETH: I do? Sometimes I'm not so sure.
CHRISTINE: Look, we could be stuck on that miserable stakeout forever. We have an inside track on drugs and this man, Manconi, is a loser. His wife's sick. He's trying to just raise his kids. He runs errands, drugs one day, numbers the next. Now he's not a pusher. He's a delivery boy.
MARY BETH: So, if he's such a loser, what... what could he know?
CHRISTINE: Something. We gotta find that something. You go to the very top or you go to the very bottom. ... What do you say, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: I say 'Forget it.'.
CHRISTINE: More people die on these streets from drugs than anything else, especially the hookers. You can't tell me that one's more important than the other.
MARY BETH: Look, I am going home dinner! ...You're invited! Leave the rest to the narks. Besides I talked it over with Harvey.
CHRISTINE: You what?!
MARY BETH: That's right, I talked it over ...with my husband.
CHRISTINE: You're a cop!
MARY BETH: I know what I am. I'm a mother/wife/cop, emphasis on the mother/wife. I'm not going out looking for trouble, there's enough of that doing our job. You wanna be a... a super hero person, emphasis on the super hero, you're on your own. ...So, ...OK, what do you think of murder, huh? One thing at a time.

[Laceys' dining room]

(Mary Beth joins Chris and Harvey at the table. He feels out of the conversation)
CHRISTINE: Do you know who I just thought of?
CHRISTINE: That creep in the multiple store. Some of the things he said to me.
MARY BETH: Oh yeah, I know the one you mean.
CHRISTINE [OC]: Do you know what's else crossed my mind? Remember when Isbecki mentioned what some joker wore. I thought of that theatrical costume place on Mulberry Street. The man who runs that is really weird.
MARY BETH [OC]: But not a killer.
CHRISTINE [OC]: Maybe we're on the wrong line. ...Maybe it's not a man, maybe it's a woman.
MARY BETH [OC]: Can't be woman.
CHRISTINE [OC]: Why not?
MARY BETH [OC]: Well, you know what?
MARY BETH [OC]: We only go for love.
CHRISTINE [OC]: Now this...
(Harvey has had enough)
HARVEY: Do you mind?! Huh! (to Chris) Why don't you just leave that stuff for the locker room, huh? I just like to have a little dinner with my wife and a friend. That's enough of the police stuff, huh?
(after a pregnant pause)
CHRISTINE: Great dinner, Harvey.
HARVEY: Thank you.
(the phone rings)
CHRISTINE: I'll get that. It's probably for me.
HARVEY: I'll get it.
HARVEY: (to Chris) It's for you.
(Chris goes to the phone)
HARVEY: (quietly) All she thinks about is cops and robbers.
MARY BETH: Harvey.
HARVEY: I know, you don't like to hear it.
MARY BETH: But Harvey, she's my partner.
HARVEY: You know what sort of partner you need? A married guy that wants to be home at night, who's not out all the time looking for trouble.
(Chris comes back and puts her coat on)
CHRISTINE: Why don't you put it in the freezer. I got lucky. See you at ...ten.
(Chris leaves)
MARY BETH: I guess that not all she thinks about.
HARVEY: She got lucky. I got lucky.
(Mary Beth laughs)

[Delancey Street]

(at ten o'clock the duo in their hooker gear come up to Cleo who is swigging a drink)
CHRISTINE: (to Cleo) Kinda freaky out tonight, isn't it?
CLEO: Yeah, you heard what's been happening around here?
MARY BETH: We heard.
CLEO: (looking at her bottle) A little Starbucks courage. I'd offer you some but I gotta a bad cold.
CHRISTINE: Thanks anyway.
CLEO: That's OK. I was so scared to go out without a little help.
CHRISTINE: I thought you paid for protection.
CLEO: Are you kidding! We can't get protection for murder. That's the cops' job.
MARY BETH: The cops! That's a laugh. They can't protect us.
(Mary Beth moves off)
CHRISTINE: She's right. They're never around when you need 'em.
CLEO: (calls out to Mary Beth) Hey! I like your shoes.
MARY BETH: Yeah. Like everything else, they're for sale.
(Mary Beth moves into her position. Father Kavanaugh comes out of his church)
CLEO: Evening, Father.
FATHER KAVANAUGH: Good evening Cleo.
CLEO: Listen. Thanks for the good words you said about our friend. It was nice.
FATHER KAVANAUGH: Oh, you're welcome. (pointing to Chris) You're... you're new here, aren't you?
CHRISTINE: Yes Father.
FATHER KAVANAUGH: Well, I hope you'll visit our church. Good evening ladies.
(as Chris and Cleo stroll off they pass a man leaning on a lamppost who watches them as he lights a cigar. A bit later Cleo comes up to Petrie who is sitting in a cab posing as driver)
CLEO: (to Petrie) Hi, 158th and the Concourse.
PETRIE: What, can't you see I'm off duty.
CLEO: Oh, you don't wanna go to the Bronx, eh? I never thought I'd be glad to see a cop around here.
(Petrie calls out after her)
PETRIE: Hey! How'd ya know?
CLEO: You kidding?
(the cigar smoking man approaches Mary Beth and they go into the hotel. Petrie and Isbecki take notice)

[Hotel bedroom]

MARRIED JOHN: OK, sister, just get your damn clothes off. ...Quit stalling!
MARY BETH: I'm not stalling. I can't even take my coat off until I take all my jewellery off.
(the John grabs her bracelet)
MARY BETH: Ow! You're hurting me.
(outside the room Chris is ready with her gun)
MARY BETH: Have a little appreciation. I've had a very bad day and besides I've got a terrible headache.
MARRIED JOHN: Headache! My wife has headaches! That's why I'm here!
(the John storms out of the room as Chris comes up to the door)
CHRISTINE: A headache?
(Mary Beth shrugs. Chris laughs)

[Detectives' Squad room]

(the duo along with Petrie and Isbecki are reviewing the case files)
SAMUELS: Let's go over it one more time. The MOs are similar. First, at the Delancey Hotel on Delancey, Ellen Malowski, prostitute, aged twenty-four. The second at the Paradise Manor, a flea bag over on Hesketh Street, Mary Riley, prostitute, aged twenty-three. And the third, at the Delancey, Ellen Sue McGuire, prostitute, aged twenty-three. Is that all the pathology reports and photographs of all the victims?
SAMUELS: All right, any suggestions.
MARY BETH: They're all Caucasian.
MARY BETH: So there's a lot of Asian and black prostitutes in the area. It could be racial.
SAMUELS: Well obviously it's somebody who hates ...prostitutes. Wives ...maybe. ...Women ...certainly.
CHRISTINE: According to our psychiatrist the suggestion of a syndrome of the love/hate complex about women tied up with mother... It all ties in with their sexual activity.
SAMUELS: Look, spare me the psychiatric jargon, will you, Cagney? I'm not interested in a lot of theories about why it's happening. I just want it stopped!
CHRISTINE: I just figured that every little...
ISBECKI: Look, the girls haven't had much success on the John detail, why don't we try a different approach?
SAMUELS: All right, any suggestions.
ISBECKI: Yeah, why don't we turn over to our snitches?
PETRIE: It's out of the ballpark for them.
MARY BETH: Two of them are friends. Mary Riley, Ellen Sue McGuire.
ISBECKI: Hey, they were both Irish. What does that mean?
PETRIE: Well, it might mean something if the third one was Irish too, but she was ...Polish.
CHRISTINE: Wait a while. What about the two friends, Ellen Sue and Mary Riley? Have we talked to their friends, family?
PETRIE: Yeah, they all had the same friends. I talked to them all. Er, blank.
SAMUELS: There's none of them have any family except Ellen Sue McGuire. The mother's coming in tomorrow from Minnesota to claim the body.
(a phone goes)
ISBECKI: (into phone) Detective Isbecki. ...Yeah, just a minute. (to Chris) It's your Uncle Shamus.
CHRISTINE: (into phone) Hello. ...Hi, Uncle Shamus, hold on a minute. (to Mary Beth knowingly) It's my Uncle Shamus.
(Samuels phone goes)
SAMUELS: (into phone) Yeah.
CHRISTINE: (into phone) Ya. OK. What 's new?
SAMUELS: (into phone ) Well, why are they doing this to me? I hate doing this kinda stuff in my lunch hour.
CHRISTINE: (into phone) That's terrific, Uncle Shamus. Vinnie's gotta a new job. ...Ya, thanks for letting me know.
(Samuels makes a note and comes off the phone)
ISBECKI: What's up?
SAMUELS: Aw, the Ninth are showing off their favourite method. Dogs!
CHRISTINE: The dogs are terrific. You know I've heard it recommended, they can sniff out narcotics from anywhere.
SAMUELS: Hey, Cagney, where do you think you're going?
CHRISTINE: Lunch. We eat sometimes, remember. (to Mary Beth) Lunch, with my Uncle Shamus.
SAMUELS: Hold it Lacey. Nobody else leaves here until we draw lots for this lousy detail. ....Hey, La Guardia, draw up some numbers will ya?
MARY BETH: You've gotta volunteer, Lieutenant. I love dogs.
(Mary Beth grabs her coat and runs after Chris)
SAMUELS: Can't even get used to broads, now they're sending us dogs.
(Mary Beth bumps into an officer as she runs round a corner where Chris is waiting)
MARY BETH: Oh, pardon me.
CHRISTINE: What does he want?
MARY BETH: What is this, about (looking round) ...about your Uncle Shamus? Come on Chris, what's going on? You don't have an Uncle Shamus.
CHRISTINE: Ha! Interested, huh?
MARY BETH: Ha! Interested? No. Worried. Yeah.
CHRISTINE: My Uncle Shamus, Vinnie, just got out on bail.
MARY BETH: You've been working on this behind my back.
CHRISTINE: Not anymore.

[Car park]

(Vinnie is playing with two children amongst the cars using toy ray guns. The duo arrives and finds him laying on the ground having simulated being shot. They pick him up)
VINNIE: Hey, how did you find me.
CHRISTINE: You can play with them afterwards.
VINNIE: Sh, come on, I gotta live here. I don't wanna be seen talking to cops. (shouts out to the children) Hey guys, give me a second. (to the duo) Well, just leave me alone, will ya, leave me alone!
CHRISTINE: We just want to talk to you. Do you know what you're facing?
VINNIE: Do I know what I'm facing? Sure I know what I'm facing. Then all of a sudden there's this big time dope deal. Maybe I'll get life. If it's up to you, if I talk to you I get death.
CHRISTINE: We're gonna take care of you, Vinnie.
VINNIE: Oh sure, sure.
(Mary Beth starts thumping Vinnie on the chest)
MARY BETH: Don't be a sucker, Vinnie. ...The DA's gonna put you away forever. Now if you put on a...
CHRISTINE: Leave him alone Mary Beth. Vinnie's got his wife and his kids.
VINNIE: Wait a minute, I get this. (looking at Chris) Good cop. (looking at Mary Beth) Bad cop. Well if you don't mind my saying so I think it would be better if you did it the other way. (indicating Mary Beth) She' only gotta mouth on her.
MARY BETH: (to Chris) See, I told you... Didn't I tell you we shouldn't come. I'm.. I'm just no good at this stuff.
VINNIE: Hey, don't put yourself down like that.
MARY BETH: No, no. It's all right, I just know what I can do and what I can't do and I just can't play this kinda scene. It's not me. (to Chris) You know, it wasn't a good idea...
VINNIE: I... I thought you were really good. It's just the...
MARY BETH: Gee, thank you.
CHRISTINE: Do you mind? ... (to Vinnie) Are you gonna turn or not?
VINNIE: No. I'm not going to put my head on any chopping block just so you can make a collar.
MARY BETH: We should'na come. We should give this up. I know that this is... is dealing with big stuff. This is too big for us.
VINNIE: (to Mary Beth) Sweetie, you don't know nothing. I just try to make a living here.
MARY BETH: I know... know enough to be scared.
VINNIE: (to Chris) See, she's got a head on her.
(Chris nods assent)
MARY BETH: And I know I got two kids in the public school system. Every statistic I read tells me that at least one of them's gonna be into dope before Junior High and I... I can't handle that. ..Something's gotta be done about that. (to Chris) I'm sorry.
(Mary Beth moves off. Chris approaches Vinnie)
VINNIE: I don't know anything.
(Chris slots her card into Vinnie's cap)
CHRISTINE: Call me the first time your kid's are in trouble, huh? ...If you're around.
(as they move off the duo clasps hands at their success)

[Coroner's Office]

MRS. McGUIRE: She wrote every week. Sent money home in every letter. She said she was a... a secretary ...and I didn't let her know what I knew, how she made her living. It was a little game we played with each other. (looking at Ellen Sue's belongings) This is all I've got left. Her possessions the police called it.
CHRISTINE: I wonder if we could have a look at them. ...Thank you.
MRS. McGUIRE: Not much to show for twenty-three years of life.
(Mary Beth comforts Mrs. McGuire who breaks down)
MARY BETH: All right. ...Just let it go now. ...Let it go now.
(Chris holds up one of the possessions)
CHRISTINE: Crucifix.

[Detectives' Squad room]

SAMUELS: (to Isbecki) We've had that hotel area staked out for a week now. We're no closer to killer John than when we started.
ISBECKI: Well, maybe we oughta try a new tack.
SAMUELS: You said that... Oh, that's great. Come on, I'm open...
(Chris and Mary Beth have been studying some papers in the background. They realise something. Mary Beth goes to tell Samuels but Chris drags her away)
CHRISTINE: We've got a definite connection.
MARY BETH: We can't use that. He's a crook.
CHRISTINE: Are you kidding? Not yet. We're hugging this to our little female bosoms.
MARY BETH: Chris, you can't do that. He's the boss.
CHRISTINE: I know but he's very busy right now. Let's leave him alone. Tell him later on.
(a phone goes)
ISBECKI: (into phone) Detective Isbecki.
MARY BETH: Chris, we don't really have to be twice as good to be equal.
CHRISTINE: Says who?
ISBECKI: (to Chris) It's your Uncle Vinnie. ...(to Mary Beth) How many uncles she got?

[Delancey Street]

(the duo is back in hooker gear walking along chatting about nothing. Mary Beth laughs. They stop outside a 24-hour cinema)
MARY BETH: Maybe we got our signals crossed. Maybe he's inside.
CHRISTINE: No. no. I told him to wait out here.
(Vinnie comes up)
VINNIE: Come on, over here.
(he leads them to a staircase entrance)
VINNIE: You don't mind my I saying so but you're dressed a little flashy for cops.
CHRISTINE: We don't wanna be seen with anyone we shouldn't.
VINNIE: I gotta call today ...and er, they ...they want me on another errand. There's a shipment. I'm supposed to meet the boat when it docks.
MARY BETH: Who are 'they'?
VINNIE: I don't know. They... They are at the other end of the line.
(Chris and Mary Beth ask questions together)
VINNIE: Easy! Easy! One at a time, OK? The boat's called the Palermo. It's a Spanish registry that's out of er, Pakistan or Iran. It's one of those -ans and it's due in three days.
MARY BETH: That's it?
VINNIE: Yeah, that's it. ...OK? ...You got it all now. All right? ...Now listen, I never wanna see you two broads again. You got that!
CHRISTINE: Perfect ending.
CHRISTINE: Hey, you wouldn't mind if we put a good word for you at the DA's Office, would you?
MARY BETH: Strictly on the quiet.
CHRISTINE: He's got two kids.
MARY BETH: It's kinda nice doing business with you, Vinnie. I don't think you're cut out for this.

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Chris is being miked up by a technician)
SAMUELS: (into phone) What's it gonna achieve, huh? ...OK. ...OK. ...Well, we of the Fourteenth are proud to be of service.
TECHNICIAN: Going down the hall so we can check these out.
PETRIE: (to Samuels) Pretty good police work, huh? Going for inspector of police.
SAMUELS: Hell, no, I give it to the Coastguard. They'll wrap them up. You'll see it's better that way. (to the duo) Detective's source.
CHRISTINE/MARY BETH: Thank you, Lieutenant.
CHRISTINE: The technician's checking the mike in my cleavage.
MARY BETH: Testing. ..One. ...Two.
CHRISTINE [OC]: Can you be more specific?
ISBECKI: Nobody knows nothing! Nobody sees nothing! (to Samuels) A whole... (to the duo realising he's interrupted) Pardon me. (looking around at their disguises) A whole room full of mutts.
SAMUELS: Well, stay in touch with us Isbecki.
CHRISTINE: Thanks Cross.
MARY BETH: Thank you.
TECHNICIAN: My pleasure.
PETRIE: (to the duo) Don't forget. Any problems, just let us know. We'll be right there.
MARY BETH: I'll sing something.
ISBECKI: That'll do it.

[Delancey Street]

(the duo is on the stakeout. Mary Beth lights a cigarette)
CHRISTINE: Gives me a drag.
(she throws the proffered cigarette away)
CHRISTINE: You smoke too much.
MARY BETH: Who gets the jerk?
CHRISTINE: I'll beat you for it. Odds.
(they play scissors-paper-stone to select who goes looking for the John first)
(The duo checks out their mikes. Mary Beth goes out onto the street. Chris goes into the hotel. As she goes through the door at the top of the stairs a swarthy looking man comes out and they pause and look at one another)


(Chris comes in and stops a priest)
CHRISTINE: Excuse me, can you tell me where I can find Father Kavanaugh.
(the priest indicates a confessional box)

[Confessional box]

CHRISTINE: Father, I know I'm not in the best position to... The cops won't help us. So why does it seem that God's forsaken us.
"FATHER": Oh, no, no. To blaspheme is not the answer.
CHRISTINE: Oh, I know, I know. I'm sorry Father. Well we've all been talking amongst ourselves, the girls and I, Father. All those girls that got murdered are Catholics.
"FATHER": What are you saying?
CHRISTINE: Somebody seems to blaspheme us for being what we are. They want to kill us for what we are. We need your help, Father.
"FATHER": Our doors are never closed.
CHRISTINE: You could warn us that they hated us, if they confess.
"FATHER": If a person like that appears in my confessional I would convince them that they are on the path of evil. I would turn them from their purpose. Now I will hear your confession. The Lord be with you. In nomine Patris et fillii et Spiritis Sancti. Amen.
(it is not Father Kavanaugh in the confessional. It is a dark swarthy man)

[Hotel bedroom]

(a bespectacled John with a pipe in his mouth is adjusting his collar while Cleo fastens her robe)
BESPECTACLED JOHN: Excuse me miss but would you mind if I asked you if...
CLEO: Dynamite, you were dynamite.
(the bespectacled John leaves and as she goes through to the bathroom a figure is seen climbing through the window in the dressing table mirror. When she comes back into the bedroom she hears a sound behind her. The man has a knife. As she tries to scream the figure puts his gloved hand over her mouth)

[Delancey Street]

(the duo meet up at the hotel entrance)
CHRISTINE: Show the cross.
(Mary Beth opens her coat to show the cross broach in her cleavage as a sign to Petrie and Isbecki. Chris goes into the hotel)
MARY BETH: (into body mike) You guys get Cagney plugged in again. Right.
(the lights on Petrie's 'taxi' flash. Isbecki is across the road from the hotel stretched out as a 'drunk' beside the genuine article)
(a tall John approaches Mary Beth and will not take 'No' for a answer and grabs her arm and moves her into the hotel)
PETRIE: (into walkie-talkie) I don't like the look of that guy, Isbecki, stay sharp.
DRUNK: (to Isbecki) Tell your folk to shut up. I'm trying to sleep.

[Hotel bedroom]

(the tall John is getting undressed quickly)
MARY BETH: It's warm in here, huh? Look, I wanted to talk to you about the price. My pimp told me that I... Huh?! What's your hurry, fella. ...Don't take that off! Did anybody tell ya, guy, you've got a real mean look. (sings) 'Be my love, for no one else can end...' ...I sing a lot because I get nervous.
(he approaches her and grabs her by the throat)
MARY BETH: Hey, hey, hey! I'm a cop.
(the door bursts open and Chris comes in, gun drawn)
CHRISTINE: Right! Freeze! Don't move. Don't move.
(Petrie and Isbecki charge in the door, guns drawn)
ISBECKI: You think this is him?
MARY BETH: There's only one way to find out, Isbecki. Take him down and book him.
PETRIE: (to the tall John) You should never have tried it out with a cop.
TALL JOHN: Or with a whore.
MARY BETH: He was a big guy.
CHRISTINE: You all right?
MARY BETH: Mm, hm.
CHRISTINE: Do you think it was him?
MARY BETH: If it was him he's not bothering us anymore. He's after our lives, remember, not our bodies.
CHRISTINE: Maybe he's branching out.
MARY BETH: I'm gonna wash my face.
(she opens the bathroom door and screams. Chris looks in. Cleo is in the bath covered in blood with a towel over her)

[Delancey Street]

(later back on stakeout)
MARY BETH: I screamed. Now that's a great thing for a cop.
CHRISTINE: She didn't let out a scream, for God's sake. Come on. I'll take you home.
MARY BETH: I'm on duty.
CHRISTINE: I've had enough of duty for tonight. I'll call in and think of something, huh?
MARY BETH: You don't have to drive me home.
(Petrie and Isbecki come back)
ISBECKI: Nice collar girls.
PETRIE: We were all almost back in uniform.
ISBECKI: You know, the next time you try to bust a John, why don't you make sure he don't work in the mayor's office.
MARY BETH: That's it. Night everybody. ...I've had it for tonight. (to Chris) You too. OK, Chris.
CHRISTINE: Drive carefully.
(Mary Beth drives off)
CHRISTINE: How are you feeling? The night's still young. Shall we go back to work?
ISBECKI: It's OK by me. Forensics are gonna be up there for another hour. (to Chris) Hey, why don't you and I go off for a little ... coffee and Danish?
(she takes Petries arm and moves off with him)
CHRISTINE: Come on, Petrie.

[Laceys' bedroom]

(Harvey comes in cleaning his teeth. Mary Beth is laying in bed)
HARVEY: I never said you shouldn't work but this night stuff's been a burden.
MARY BETH: I agree with you Harve. Come to bed, huh?
HARVEY [OC]: I'm just asking you to remember you're a married woman.
MARY BETH: Remind me.
HARVEY: Hey, I don't mean to be critical. You know I think you're terrific.
MARY BETH: New York's Finest.
HARVEY: Yeah, Chris. She's one thing. Maybe she doesn't mind this night stuff.
(she's gone to sleep)
HARVEY: Mary Beth? Oh, Mary Beth. Sweet dreams, partner.

[Delancey Street]

(Isbecki is back on stakeout next to the drunk who offers him a swig)
ISBECKI: Thanks fella.

[Hotel bedroom]

CHRISTINE: (into body mike) Petrie, I'm just checking in for the night, I'm beat. OK?

[Delancey Street]

(Petrie is back in his taxi)
PETRIE: (into walkie-talkie) Car to Isbecki, call it a night.
ISBECKI: (to the drunk as he pushes him away) Excuse me, sir.

[Hotel bedroom]

(Chris is confronted by the dark swarthy man who has come in through the window. He has his knife drawn)
"FATHER": Dangerous neighbourhood. Maybe your type of girl like you should be more careful.
(they circle round. Chris pushes him off, avoids a couple of slashes with the knife, eventually gets a kick in between his legs, chops him the back of the neck as he goes down and gets a second kick in, knocking him out. She puts the cuffs on him)

[Hotel staircase]

(later Mary Beth, Isbecki and other officers arrive)
ISBECKI: (to Mary Beth) She's in there.

[Detectives' Squad room]

(the next day. Chris is already at her desk typing her report. Mary Beth arrives in a hurry and slams her handbag on the desk)
MARY BETH: You don't know a damn thing about teamwork, do ya ...or friendship, do ya.
CHRISTINE: Hey, Mary Beth...
MARY BETH: No, no. You'd a got yourself killed last night. I'd a had to have lived the rest of my life feeling like it was my fault. Like I let you down...
CHRISTINE: Listen, if I wasn't there another woman would have been killed.
MARY BETH: Not good enough!
CHRISTINE: Anyway I was upset about Cleo. I had to find something to do with myself.
MARY BETH: You never had any trouble finding something to do before. Don't give me that crap, Chris! Somewhere in the back of that head you wanted to make that collar alone. Now maybe we have two different kinda hearts. I wanna do my job. I wanna do it well, but to me it's a job. To you it's some kinda...
CHRISTINE: I've really been coming on hard on you, haven't I?
MARY BETH: You wanna be a star.
CHRISTINE: Maybe I saw too many films when I was a kid. You're right. Deep down what I've been pushing for is to be a star.
CHRISTINE: ...Do you want my autograph?
(Mary Beth laughs and they touch foreheads. Samuels shakes his head. Petrie and Isbecki smile at one another. The duo leaves arm in arm)

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