Babel Conference.* Orion neutrality was in doubt after the Babel Conference. Resolution A-12 from this conference stated that after acts of piracy Federation ships must search the first alien ship encountered. (The Pirates of Orion. [TAS]).

Babel.* The retirement ceremony for Federation ambassador Robert April was to be held on Babel. (The Counter-Clock Incident. [TAS]).

Bates, Ensign. (James Doohan) Reported on the viewer in the conference room that Spock was unknown to Starfleet and gave details of Spock's family and his death. (Yesteryear. [TAS]).

Bell. (James Doohan) Crewmember on duty with Gabler when the two Klingons were discovered at the dilithium vault. (The Time Trap. [TAS]).

Bem, Commander Ari bn. (James Doohan) He was a Pandronian independent observer to the Federation with the rank of honorary Starfleet commander. He joined the contact team to the planet Delta Theta III, going on his first away mission having spent the previous six missions in his quarters. He substituted non-working phasers and communicators on Kirk and Spock when they landed. He allowed himself to be captured by the pre-industrial aborigines as a way of observing them. (Bem. [TAS]).

"Bem"Animated Series episode #18. Written by David Gerrold. Directed by Hal Sutherland. Stardate 7403.6. First aired in 1974. On a series of exploratory missions with Commander Ari bn Bem, a representative from the newly contacted planet Pandro, the U.S.S. Enterprise encounters a planet of primitive natives under the guardianship of a noncorporeal being. GUEST CAST: James Doohan as Arex, Lieutenant and Bem, Commander Ari bn; Nichelle Nichols as voice of Delta Theta III entity. SEE: Bem, Commander Ari bn; Brownian movement; communicator; Delta Theta III entity; Delta Theta III; eggling; Garo VII system; Loch Ness Monster; Kirk, James T.; monitoring device; Pandro; Pandronians; phaser type-1; phaser type-2; pre-industrial aborigine; Scott, Montgomery; Spock; Sulu, Hikaru; Uhura.

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Beta Canopus. Planet that was the nearest source of strobolin needed to cure Spock of choriocytosis. (The Pirates of Orion. [TAS]).

Beta Lyrae. A second stasis box was detected near this star on an icebound satellite. The crew of the Copernicus landed on the satellite to locate it. (The Slaver Weapon. [TAS]).

Beta Niobe* Nova passed by the Enterprise on its way to Babel. It was in the same space as Amphion in the reverse universe. The Enterprise was dragged into it by Karla Five's ship and into the reverse universe. (The Counter-Clock Incident. [TAS]). The Enterprise had been present when it went nova, All Our Yesterdays. [TOS].

"Beyond the Farthest Star." Animated Series episode #4. Written by Samuel A. Peeples. Directed by Hal Sutherland. Stardate 5221.3. First aired in 1973. Kirk and crew beam aboard a huge derelict starship from an alien race, and learn that the ship's crew self-destructed rather than carry a still-living malevolent entity to other worlds. This was the first episode of Star Trek: The Animated Series to be aired during the original network run of the show. It premiered on September 8, 1973, seven years to the day after the Star Trek: The Original Series, “The Man Trap.” premiered. It was however not transmitted in Los Angeles until December 22, 1973 because George Takei was running for mayor in early September. GUEST CAST: James Doohan as Kyle, Mr., Science technician, Pod ship commander and voice of malignant alien. SEE: Arex, Lieutenant; auxiliary control; bridge defence system, automatic; cutter beams; Enterprise, U.S.S.; hyper-gravity; Kirk, James T.; Kyle, Mr.; life support belt; low frequency shield; malignant alien; Milky Way Galaxy; Pod ship commander; Pod ship; Questar M-17; Scott, Montgomery; slingshot effect; Spock; Sulu, Hikaru;

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Bonaventure, S.S. This Starfleet ship, registry number NCC-S1200, was found by the Enterprise in Elysia in 2269. It was the first warp drive ship in Starfleet and disappeared on its third voyage. (The Time Trap. [TAS]).

bracelet. Made by a titaniumsmith on Libra. When Nurse Chapel found it was not shrinking along with herself and her clothes it gave the first clue in understanding the problem affecting the crew. (The Terratin Incident. [TAS]).

bridge defence system, automatic. Suspended from the ceiling of the bridge, it provided multiway surveillance and protection of the bridge. It was able to precisely target and nullify threats to the control of the starship. Taken over by the malignant alien and used to target both Kirk and Spock and, when fooled by Kirk, the main warp drive controls. (Beyond the Farthest Star. [TAS]) In 2269 after Turnabout Intruder. [TOS] the Enterprise has a minor refit, possibly at Starbase 2, where this system was fitted.

Brownian movement. Lt. Arex reports that has been tracking a "non-network sensory stasis" on Delta Theta III. He then informs the captain that it is Brownian movement only. This is thermal motion of molecules independent of external factors and named after botanist Richard Brown who discovered it in 1827. (Bem. [TAS]).

Briel. (Nichelle Nichols) Mess officer who reported that all furniture, crockery and cutlery in the dining room were shrinking. (The Terratin Incident. [TAS]).

Bryce, Randi. (Majel Barrett) Female human biologist on the Ariel. (The Eye of the Beholder. [TAS]).

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