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2009 - Revised in light of Star Trek: The Movie (XI).
2013 - Revised again in light of Star Trek: Into Darkness (XII).
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Fact Files to Encyclopedia
2007 - CARD NUMBER EXTENSIONS fff.ccc.a and fff.ccc[A corrected and clarified.
2008 - GALAXY (and other) FACTS (files 1 - 18) added.
2009 - STARSHIP FACTS (files 68 - 80 and 206) added.
2014 - Table formats improved.
2016 - Star Trek Encyclopedia, fully updated, received 20th October, 2016. Cross Index being updated. Episodes A-Z complete. "It's Only a Paper Moon." [DS9] episode summary is missing but entries are there.
2017 - February - Review, update, correction completed and on-line.
2017 - September - Entry Annotation (Mk column) designations changed and entries reviewed and rationalised.
2017- November - Section 0 Part Contents files added to Numeric.
The Animated Series Encyclopedia
2006 - Corrected and added to from DVD subtitles.
2014 - Images restored and enhanced, links checked and minor edit.
2014 - Encyclopedia Gallery added.
Star Charts Index
2009 - Additions, Enhancements and Corrections including the Rigels.
Star Trek DVD Chapter Logs
2006 - The Animated Series AT LAST!
2009 - Star Trek: The Movie (XI) added.
2012 - Thumbnails and Star Trek: The Official Magazine #163 & #164 ratings added to Episodes lists.
2014 - Series table formats improved.
2014 - Episodes thumbnail quality enhanced with AOL My Picture Finder Auto-Enhancer.
2015 - Chapter Log Galleries added to replace the original single image.
2015 - November. Images in Chapter Log Galleries reviewed.
Star Trek and Cagney & Lacey Credits
2006 - Added o,a,m,n,d,v,e links and Multirole corrected and enhanced and linked to series casts listings.
2007 - Cagney & Lacey credits and c links included.
2009 - Star Trek: The Movie (XI) credits added.
2014 - Table formats improved.
Movie, Blake's Seven, Cagney & Lacey and X-Files Scripts
2008 - The first ten movie scripts. Format and style from Chrissie's Transcripts Site.
2009 - Blake's Seven added.
2009/13 - Cagney & Lacey added.
2016 onwards - X-Files added

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